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Best Plastic Surgeon In Santa Clarita – “Why do you like plastic surgery?” When this question was asked to Dr. Justin Heller simply replied, “I always knew I wanted to help people, but I love the way art, science, and compassion come together in plastic surgery.”

Dr. Heller has always been a pioneer in plastic surgery. He has authored more than 40 articles, book chapters, countless abstracts, developed innovative medical devices, presented and worked at the national and international level.

Best Plastic Surgeon In Santa Clarita

I love innovation and am honored to be a part of the incredible advancement of my field. I like to always stay at the forefront of medicine. Over the past 20 years I have experimented with releasing gummy bear implants, protocols, adipose tissue derived stem cell research, and countless lasers/minimally invasive machines. Now I’m excited to be the first to use the TrueSculpt 3D machine for skin tightening and fat reduction without any incisions.

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The Hellers first came to the Santa Clarita Valley at the request of several major hospitals to treat surgical cases. the doctor. Heller and his team have since treated thousands of patients. Today he is still called upon to handle the most serious cases and was part of the team that performed the first full face transplant in the United States.

In recent years he has served the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas in various aspects of restorative medicine and aesthetics. the doctor. Heller’s practice ensures that all patients are treated like family. He believes that patients can come to him and his staff at any time. He is known in the community as a surgical artist and family member rather than their doctor.

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It has set the bar for excellence in advertising for over 32 years. A family business, Dr. Ho is committed to meeting the cosmetic plastic surgery needs of his patients. From beauty procedures and facials to breast augmentation and body contouring, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations.

As a native of Los Angeles, Dr. Ho is committed to providing exceptional care at his practice – Valencia Plastic Surgery located in Valencia, Santa Clarita and surrounding California areas.

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Responding to the aesthetic needs of women and men, Dr. Ho and the entire staff at Valencia Plastic Surgery are proud to offer patients excellent skin care products and other non-surgical treatment options.

To help fill the void of high quality cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in our community. the doctor. Check out our plastic surgery before and after photos to see Ho’s talented work.

Our gallery of before and after photos of Dr. A better understanding of Ho will help you anticipate significant changes in the future.

Among the beauty procedures that are highly sought after and affordable, breast augmentation can provide the best results if performed by a specialist.

Valencia Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgeon Santa Clarita, Ca

Pregnancy, diet and aging can affect the breasts and cause them to lose their fullness and shape. the doctor. Ho tries.

The doctor. Ho’s mission is to help patients choose methods and procedures that fit their lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you’ve done everything to get a toned stomach, tummy tuck surgery might be the solution you’ve been looking for. A tummy tuck, also known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat and skin around or around the center of the abdomen.

People who suffer from sagging abdominal skin are ideal candidates for this procedure. Childbirth, weight gain, and heredity can all be to blame for unwanted fat and skin around your belly.

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There is no magic pill and sometimes exercise is not enough, so locals go to the doctor. Approaching Ho. For many people, if you eat a well-balanced diet and exercise every day, liposuction can be the solution. This minimally invasive procedure usually produces significant results.

By removing unwanted fat deposits from the abdomen, thighs, back, or buttocks, many liposuction patients can appreciate the results immediately.

Arm Lift An arm lift beautifully slims, tones, and reshapes a sagging upper body for a more youthful appearance. Thigh lift The thigh lift procedure treats the inner and outer thighs, reduces excess fat and improves appearance. Cellulase Cellulase is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that is FDA approved to help reduce stubborn cellulite. SmartLipo Get rid of unwanted body fat with the help of SmartLipo laser and get the slim and shapely body you want. Vaginal Rejuvenation Learn more about our non-invasive method of vaginal rejuvenation.

The doctor. Provides surgical and non-surgical body sculpting solutions to clients suffering from unwanted bulges and fat deposits. Ho is excited.

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According to the doctor, stubborn body fat rarely responds to diet and exercise, but it usually does. Surgery by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Ho is essential.

, the doctor. Ho’s patients enjoy the results of reversing the visible signs of aging from a cherectomy, commonly known as a facelift. A favorite cosmetic procedure, the facelift is used to lift wrinkled and loose skin from the neck and cheeks, giving it a much younger and younger appearance.

Face lift can be done alone or in combination with other cosmetic surgery methods such as eyebrow lift, blepharoplasty and microdermabrasion.

Microneedling with PRP Microneedling with PRP reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. IPL Photofacial IPL Photofacial repairs sun-damaged skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and increases collagen production. Laser Skin Resurfacing Icon Laser and CO2 lasers treat many skin problems to restore smooth and even skin. Aqua Gold Peeling is a microneedling procedure that corrects fine lines while delivering nutrients and fillers. Exilis Skin Tightening Exilis Skin Tightens the skin to reduce unwanted stubborn fat and cellulite that commonly affects the neck, chin, abdomen and thighs.

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Our skin is often responsible for the first impression on others and if our skin is smooth, youthful and glowing, we feel confident and happy. When skin begins to sag and sag, lose volume and take on a dull, tired appearance, a cosmetic treatment may be the answer to reversing these unwanted age-related changes. the doctor. Ho can.

The doctor. Ho and the members of the professional medical staff at Valencia Plastic Surgery are proud. Our goal is to provide the necessary advice and guidance to fully understand all the stages and timing of recovery.

Our patients are used to putting them first, so we are proud of our reputation. Serving Valencia, Santa Clarita and surrounding areas, Dr. Ho and the staff here at Valencia Plastic Surgery are pleased with us and you can be sure that your privacy and care is our top priority.

Contact us at Valencia Plastic Surgery to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a consultation

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Valencia Plastic Surgery is conveniently located for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients in Valencia, Santa Clarita and surrounding areas of California.

Dr. having the privilege of treating patients from different states and countries. Ho is proud.

We are now open and have resumed office services. The safety of our staff and patients is our number one priority, and with this in mind, we have taken new measures to provide the highest level of protection possible to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy. Howard Ho founded Valencia Plastic Surgery in 2005 in the community he lives and loves. All procedures, including fillers and injections, are performed by Dr. However, as the practice flourished, Dr. Ho had to wait months to get an injection and noticed that some of his patients were going elsewhere to get their shots. After all, if anyone

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