Best Places To Take Pictures In Austin

Best Places To Take Pictures In Austin – Although Austin Texas is the capital of Texas, it is also home to some great scenic spots. Full of trendy bars, unique murals, and glamorous hotels, Austin is well worth the trip. Whether you’re a photographer or just coming to the city for a BBQ and want to see some hot spots, Austin has plenty on Instagram.

You need a car to get to the 360-degree views on the bridge, but the view is worth it. Located a short distance from the Austin 360 Bridge, the bridge sits next to a cliff offering great views of the area. I especially like to come here at sunset because you can see the sunset behind the bridge.

Best Places To Take Pictures In Austin

Since Austin is the capital of Texas, it will of course be home to the Texas State Capitol. The Texas Capitol was built in 1885 and was the 7th largest building in the world when it was built. The architecture offers unique perspectives to anyone entering the space and you can go inside and take photos of the unique ceiling.

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The Austin Motel sign is just Texas cool. You can hardly miss the bright red neon sign as you walk down South Congress Avenue.

If you want to see Austin’s skyline, stop by the boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake. Boardwalk 7 is 250 feet away and is open daily from 05:00 to midnight. There are many points to access the board, so just explore the map to see where you want to visit.

The Tav Jeti Wall in downtown Austin has an amazing slope leading up to a tall building. Perfect for portraits or wall hunting, if you have an iPhone with a wide-angle lens, you can capture entire walls. I love how the gradient on the wall looks on camera.

It’s hard to compete with historic 6th Wall Street in downtown Austin. Located at E 6th St and SI-35 Frontage Road, this mural is hard to miss.

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You’ll find Austin’s iconic “You Are My Fat Half” mural at the United Way for Greater Austin building. Of course, it’s a popular spot to snap photos of couples, and there’s even a phone holder to time your shots if you’re alone there.

The classic red “I love you” inscription on the green wall is a popular spot for selfies and portraits. Located on South Congress, there’s plenty more to see when you’re close to the wall.

No visit to Austin is complete without a pre-Austin wallpaper. Located on S 1st St and W Annie St, this colorful mural is quite popular.

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a great recreation area west of Austin. Hamilton Pool, with its spectacular waterfall, is a popular swimming spot in the summer, just check the water warnings.

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I hope my list of photo locations in Austin helps you plan your trip to Texas! If there’s anything I’ve missed, let me know in the comments section below. As a local, one of my favorite things to do in Austin is find the best photo spots. Not only do I enjoy discovering the best Instagrammable places around this city, but I also really enjoy coming across an underrated great photo opportunity.

Austin, the capital of Texas, is one of the most scenic cities we’ve ever visited, and that’s one of the main things that drew us to this city. We love living in a place that brings out a lot of beauty as soon as you walk out the door. Whether you like stunning cityscapes or the beauty of nature, Austin has a place for you to take pictures!

We’ll start our photo tour with some of Austin’s iconic famous murals. The upper “Half Butter” wall faces Bennu Coffee, a great local coffee shop. So you can snap fun pictures of yourself and then enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at a local hot spot. Take your other half alone, this is a colorful backdrop to take pictures with whoever you want!

Another mural that will help you have a good cup of coffee is the “I love you so much” mural next to Jo’s Coffee on South Congress Avenue.

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This street is the southern part of the street that starts from the Parliament building in the center. You’ll find some great restaurants and bars along this street as well as shops, so you can easily spend a few hours walking around the area. You’ll find other places along the way to get the perfect shot (we’ll show you more below).

How can you visit Austin without stepping in front of the “obvious” wall? Taking a picture with this mural will give you the opportunity to send a virtual postcard to all your friends and family back home. By the way, where this mural was painted, there is a small shop that is worth a visit!

As we mentioned above, South Congress Avenue is a popular tourist and local area in Austin. There is a great view of the Parliament Building from the top of the road. Plus, you’re sure to find plenty of other places to take an authentic Austin photo.

Right in the city center you will find the Parliament Building. A great place to check out on your trip to Austin. Be sure to walk around the garden and find your perfect photo opportunity, but don’t forget to go inside! The interior of this 1800s structure houses the chambers of the legislature and governor and is well worth admiring. You will definitely want to take pictures of the rotunda from the first floor!

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Austin is also known as “Bat City” for a reason. About one and a half million bats fly under the Congress Avenue bridge at dusk each year, usually from March to October. It was a spectacular event to see, let alone take some pictures. We recommend visiting around April or September to get the sky a little brighter so your photos look better!

Another trick is to go to different places under and over the bridge to get different angles. Alternatively, walking east on the trail for about 20 minutes from the bridge will give you the opportunity to photograph a flock of bats moving in unison across Ladybird Lake.

Speaking of Ladybird Lake (AKA Colorado River), the hiking and biking trail offers some phenomenal views of downtown Austin from various vantage points. One of the best places to take a great photo is Cape Lou Neff, located on the south bank of the river between Lamar Avenue Bridge and MOPAC.

The Pennybacker Bridge is another Austin icon and should definitely be on your list of great photo spots. Although you can’t stand on the bridge, you can walk to the observatory on the north side of the bridge. It’s a bit of a walk to get up, but won’t take more than 15 minutes to get there. I was able to do the trip when I was seven months pregnant, so you know, it’s not too bad! There are so many different views from the observatory that you’ll love taking photos there, so walk around and explore a bit to find your best shot!

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Another vantage point that offers plenty of Instagrammable opportunities is the summit of Mount Bonnell. This is another place that requires walking, but again, it’s not that hard. The beauty of this place is that even on a busy day, you can easily find a place to take pictures without other people. You can even see the Pennybacker Bridge in the distance from here!

One way to make sure you get a variety of photos of Austin is to go on a river cruise. There are several river cruise options where you can buy tickets and spend time on the river. Sunset cruises often go around the lake and back, and also tell you if it’s a good time of year to see bats. If you order one of these, you really get a lot of money. Some offer snacks and drinks, while others serve dinner. Whichever way you choose to go (we chose the bat boat), you’ll be able to take some great photos with the benefit of changing lighting!

Now, I have to say this with a word of caution: the Hyatt garage is not a public place, so you may not want to go unless you are a guest or have a permit. That said, we live across the street, so one day I took the elevator and bought some.

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