Best Places To Stay In Nazare Portugal

Best Places To Stay In Nazare Portugal – Obidos – Nazaré – Ericeira – Batalha – Tomar – Peniche – Alcobaça – Mafra – Berlenga Islands

The town is located on a wide sandy bay in the shadow of the massive Sitio promontory. Historically, this promontory sheltered Nazare’s fishing fleet, as the boats moored on the high shore, protected from the wild animals of the Atlantic.

Best Places To Stay In Nazare Portugal

Nazare has grown responsibly from a small fishing town to a popular tourist destination, while maintaining its unique character and proud heritage. Cobbled streets still line the beach, traditional fishermen’s houses have been converted into elegant hotels and old women still wear folk costumes.

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During the summer months, Nazaré is a lively and bustling holiday destination, with tourists drawn to its beautiful beaches and pleasant relaxing atmosphere. And winter attracts a completely different type of tourist – the intrepid surfers who come to break the Praia do Norte beach and ride the big waves.

If you’re planning a vacation in Nazareth, there’s a lot to love about the city and its surroundings. There are exciting activities, fantastic nature and exciting day trips. Nazare is equally popular for day trips, where visitors can relax on the beautiful beach or explore the city’s many historic sites.

Nazare is a great tourist destination and this guide will help you get the most out of the city.

Praia da Nazare – This huge sandy beach is one of the best beaches on the Silver Coast. Protected from the strong winds and currents of the Atlantic, it is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday or family fun. Behind the beach you will find a beautiful promenade that leads to the fishing port.

NazarÉ Portugal Tourism Guide

The Sitio district is a historic and charming district of Nazare, located on the tip of the Sitio promontory. The area has historically been an important place of pilgrimage, and the Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré is home to a unique holy icon. This small, dark wooden and painted statue, known as Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, is one of the earliest carved figures of Mary and depicts her nursing the baby Jesus.

Nazare Waves and Surfers – Nazare is home to some of the world’s biggest waves, which can reach over 30 meters (100 feet) in winter.

The powerful Atlantic waves pass through Europe’s largest underwater canyon (Nazaré Canyon) and are thrown over the top, creating waves higher than most houses. In winter, intrepid surfers come to surf these huge waves, which attract over 100,000 spectators.

Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo – This 17th century fort is located at the end of the Sitio promontory and now houses a museum dedicated to extreme surfing in Nazaré. Inside the fort you’ll find an impressive collection of surfboards, while the towers offer stunning views of Praia do Norte.

Things To Do In Nazaré Portugal

Nazare is one of the best holiday destinations on the Silver Coast and an excellent base for exploring the area.

As a modern resort, it offers a wide range of restaurants, bars and hotels, but still retains its traditional Portuguese character.

In the summer, the city has a lively atmosphere that attracts people of all nationalities and ages. There is a beautiful beach to relax during the day, and delicious food and lively bars at night.

Overview: The Sitio headland protects Praia da Nazaré from the strong sea winds and currents that protect many other beaches in the Costa de Prata region. This makes the city ideal for family and beach holidays.

Nazare Beach Vacation Rentals: House Rentals & More

Nazare offers much more than just a beach holiday and there are plenty of activities to choose from in the area. Praia do Norte has surfing from the harbour, as well as boat tours and dolphin watching. The Grotto do Forno de Orca is well worth a visit, and hikers have a scenic route that leads to the Chapel of Ermida de San Bartolomeo.

You can also take day trips from Nazaré to the monasteries of Batalha and Alcobaça, the unique natural port of São Martinho do Porto and the pilgrimage site of Fatima. A little further away is the fishing port of Peniche, the beautiful walled town of Óbidos and the crystal clear lagoon of Foz do Areillo.

There are many things to see and do in the Nazare area and you will spend time here.

Most day-trippers visit Nazare Beach, but there are many unique attractions that can easily fill a day of sightseeing. A day trip to Nazaré takes about four hours, which time is usually split equally between the town and Sitio Cape.

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The town has beautiful cobbled streets, traditional beach shops and a promenade that leads to the fishing port. A cable car connects the city to the Sitio district, and from here you can enjoy a scenic walk up to the fortress of San Miguel Arcanjo.

Overview: Nazare has good public transport, but the 100km distance between Lisbon and Nazare means it’s a bit far to go as a day trip by public transport.

Below is an interactive map for a recommended day trip to Nazareth. (Note: Zoom in or out to see all items)

Highlights of the day trip: 1) Barça Salva Vidas (Fishing Boat Fair) 2) Mercado de Peixe Seco 3) Igreja de Santo António 4) Ascensor de Nazare (cable) 5) Miradouro do Suberco (Lookout) 6) Igreja Nossa Senhora da Nazaré 7 ) Ermida da Memória 8) Forte de San Miguel 9) Gruta do Forno de Orca (Cave) 10) Praia do Norte (Beach) 11) Balocho da Ladeira Swing 12) Mercado Nazaré (Market) 13) Porto da Nazare (Fishing da Nazare) ) Port ) 14) Monte de San Bartolomeo

Camping In Nazaré, Portugal

Overview: This Baloicho da Ladeira (11) via Mt. Access to the cable car can be faster.

If you are in Lisbon, organized tours are a great way to explore Nazaré. The long journey from Lisbon to Nazaré by public transport makes it impossible to visit the city in one day, so an organized tour is the only realistic option.

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Nazaré has three large beaches; Praia do Sul, Praia da Nazare and Praia do Norte.

Nazare Gallery: Photos Of Food, Funiculars And Fun In Nazare, Portugal

Praia da Nazare is Nazare’s main beach, stretching 1.5 km south of Sitio headland to the fishing port. This beautiful sandy beach is within walking distance of the town’s shops, restaurants and bars. In the summer, the beach is guarded by lifeguards. Praia da Nazaré is an ideal choice for families as there are fewer waves, currents and winds.

Praia do Norte beach is located on the northern side of Sitio headland. This beach is associated with extreme surfing in Nazare, as surfers take off from here. Praia do Norte is another fantastic beach, surrounded by pristine pine forests, but exposed to the area’s strong sea winds.

Overview: These large pine forests were originally planted in the 13th century to reinforce the coastal dunes.

South of Nazare is the less visited Praia do Sul (South Beach). This beach is located between the port and the mouth of Rio Alcobaça and is always much quieter than Praia da Nazare. South of the Río Alcobaça is Praia de San Giao, a secluded beach, but you’ll need a car to travel here.

Why Visit Nazaré? Portugal’s Unique Little Beach Village

The map below shows where hotels and rooms to rent in Nazareth. If you change the date of your vacation, current prices will be displayed on the map (Note: zoom in or out to see additional options)

Monte de San Bartolomeo is a rocky mountain located 1.5 km inland from Nazare. From the top (156 m) you can see a fantastic panoramic view of the entire region.

The route and steps lead through a peaceful pine forest, a visit that offers a pleasant escape from the summer crowds. There is a small church on top of the mountain and an interactive view can be seen below:

From June to September the weather is perfect for the beach, but on either side of the hot summer months on the Atlantic coast there can always be strong winds, fog or rain.

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From October to March, the wind direction changes from the summer northwest to the west, blowing moist air from the sea. These Atlantic winter winds create strong waves that flow into Nazare Canyon, creating surf waves over 30 m wide.

The village of Sitio da Nazare and the promontory of Sitio include some of Nazare’s top tourist attractions and are areas to explore on a day trip. Sitio da Nazaré is located at the top of Monte Sitio and has beautiful views of the beautiful historic center of the village and the coastline.

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