Best Places To Stay In Hopkins Belize

Best Places To Stay In Hopkins Belize – Surrounded by the Maya and Coxcomb Mountains to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, the friendly Garifuna village of Hopkins is a unique eco-cultural destination on the banks of Stein Creek in southern Belize.

The village attracts tourists looking for a quiet coastal base where they can learn about the fascinating Griffona culture, explore the Southern Barrier Reef and access the jungle highlands. This should be on your must-see list in Belize.

Best Places To Stay In Hopkins Belize

How long should I attend Hopkins? By the way, the week at Hopkins was great! But recently I stayed for the weekend and had a blast. Using Hamanasi Resort as your base, there are beaches, wildlife and cultural trails to help you spend your three days in Hopkins.

Belizean Dreams Resort, Hopkins

Start your vacation in Hopkins by exploring the Southern Barrier Reef. Belize’s reefs, reefs and reefs offer many exciting experiences.

About 30-40 minutes by boat from Hopkins you can find Southwater Cay Marine Reserve, which has some of the best diving and snorkeling in Belize. Divers can enjoy amazing wall diving along the coral reef and snorkelers can swim in the calm and shallow reef areas.

At the end of the day, you will be tired from spending the day at sea, I suggest you relax on the beach, maybe lay on a hammock before enjoying a relaxing meal at the resort. At Sungaga Restaurant in Hamanasi, my favorite dish is black fish, and the seafood for dinner is amazing.

Surrounded by the rainforests of the Maya Mountains and the Coxcomb Ranges, Hopkins is an excellent base for jungle trekking.

Hopkins, Bz Vacation Rentals: House Rentals & More

For early risers, consider birding. The Hopkins and Setty River areas are teeming with birds. Or drive 45 minutes to Red Bank Village, home to the endangered Red Macaw flock. For a more active adventure, hike to nearby nature reserves: Mayflower Bucavina Wildlife Sanctuary and Coxcomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, ideal for wildlife and waterfall viewing. Alternatively, choose to visit the impressive Mayan ruins.

At the end of the day, if you choose hiking, you can also go bird watching in Hamansi. And if you’re an early bird, go on a Coxcomb night hike. Night time is when the forest comes alive. Finally, cool off by the pool with plenty of bar snacks.

The third day brought us to explore the culture. Learn about Garifuna and other Belizean cultures through food and traditions.

Fishing with a fishing guide is a lot of fun. You head to the biggest fishing spot before heading to the smaller one to catch fish a la Belizean style: BBQ fish, conch ceviche, and baked beans with flour tortillas. Then, learn about Hopkins’ rich culture and history with a bike tour of the village. Alternatively, learn about the Maya of Belize by visiting their traditional village or experiencing a chocolate making tour.

Guide To Hopkins, Belize

To end your day, visit one of Hopkins’ best restaurants. I can recommend the chicken at Ellis Cole Place, and if you’re looking for something better, try the surf and turf at Chef Rob’s Gourmet Cafe. Finally, end your night at the Big Dock Ceviche Bar, which is more of a bar than a cocktail bar.

Hamanasi Nestled in the middle of a coastal forest surrounded by native flora and fauna, Hamanasi is an eco-luxury beach resort that is the perfect base for your visit to Hopkins. Guests may be attracted by the beautiful guest rooms and library but in my opinion, the tree house is the winner. It feels like you are deep in a tropical forest while only 1-2 minutes from the beach.

I stayed in a luxury tree house surrounded by bushes overlooking the ocean. The residence has a large bedroom, a spacious living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a large veranda with a jacuzzi, chairs and swings! Everything is beautifully decorated with handcrafted Belizean furniture and local art. Overall, the experience was very enjoyable, including my interactions with the lovely and friendly resort staff.

During my stay, guests were a good mix of families and couples. Some people prefer a relaxing vacation, sitting by the pool or the beach, while others are more active, with a full schedule of diving or snorkeling and hiking in the jungle. If you want to explore Hopkins, use the free bikes provided or walk along the beach for 15 minutes to the village center or at least the nearby restaurants and bars.

The Low Key Life Of Hopkins, Belize

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The quiet Garifuna fishing village of Hopkins along Belize’s central coast has what many consider Belize’s best beaches that gently stretch along miles of pristine yellow sand along the Caribbean Sea. It also has beautiful beach resorts that offer the perfect place to enjoy marine activities on the southern reef, experience exciting jungle tours in the Mayan jungles, learn about the Garifuna culture of Belize. A wonderful beach party.

Hopkins Beach, south of Dangriga, stretches for miles along the Caribbean Sea while the village of Hopkins is a small Garifuna fishing community of about 2,000 people in the middle of Hopkins Beach. There are a few small guesthouses in the village, but most of the resorts are located on the south side of the beach, which allows the village to preserve its original nature. The “hotel zone” in Hopkins is probably one of the lowest of Belize’s beach or island resorts – so it’s not the best place for those looking for a lot of action. But what Hopkins lacks in, it more than makes up for in quality and its ideal location. The resorts here are upscale and provide everything you need for a beautiful beach vacation, as well as options for snorkeling, diving, fishing, sea kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and island hopping. Its central location on the mainland allows easy access to jungle tours, including some Mayan sites. Hopkins is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax in a beautiful beach setting or enjoy one of the many amazing tours.

Although Jaguar Reef Lodge and Almond Beach are technically considered separate, these neighboring resorts are both part of the Viva Belize Hotel Group and share many amenities in the best part of Hopkins Beach. Overall, these properties offer a variety of rooms, from standard beachfront apartments to large multi-room suites that can accommodate large families and offer full luxury villa amenities. Accommodation at Jaguar Reef Lodge has a traditional Belizean feel – spacious airy rooms under windows with vibrant local art and verandas overlooking the sea in sandy beach gardens. Meanwhile, some of the larger rooms at Almond Beach have a modern colonial aesthetic with wood and stone construction, tiled floors, contemporary furniture and artwork, and luxurious touches. Some rooms face the sea, while others are set back from the beach and overlook the beautiful tropical garden, but all are well-appointed, comfortable and air-conditioned. The charming seaside restaurant at Jaguar Reef serves delicious local cuisine with an inspired fire all day, while Butterflies Cafe, in the lobby, offers coffee drinks, sandwiches and ice cream. Other on-site amenities include Butterflies Spa, which offers a variety of massages and spa treatments, two beach suites with a fresh swim-up tiki bar, a lounge bar at Jaguar Reef Restaurant, a marina with rooftop cabanas, and tour services. . . A series of sea and inland voyages. The beach is lined with chairs, hammocks and loungers, providing plenty of places to relax and enjoy the weather, and kayaks and bicycles are provided free of charge to explore the area.

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Belizean Dreams is an intimate and exclusive beach resort of a few units spread among lush green lawns and beautiful tropical gardens overlooking a stunning swimming beach. Each unit consists of a two-storey three-bedroom villa. It is a fully furnished house with a large living room, gourmet kitchen and a veranda overlooking the beautiful garden to the Caribbean Sea. The villa has three bedrooms, each with a bed and a private bathroom. The two downstairs bedrooms also have a futon sofa that can be converted into a second bed. Villa amenities include private bathroom, AC, king size bed and ceiling fan in each room, refrigerator, coffee maker, water dispenser in each room, daily housekeeping, and free Wi-Fi in common areas. are included. The 3-bedroom villa can be booked as an entire house, with two bedrooms on the ground floor (sleeps up to 5.

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