Best Places To Stay In Greenport Ny

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Paying tribute to a former waterfront inn, the Harbourfront Inn is located in the heart of historic Greenport Village. Surrounded by water and nature, this quaint town has a lot to explore. With us, you become part of the community and have exclusive access to the private beach, pool and restaurant of our sister hotel Sound View Greenport.

Best Places To Stay In Greenport Ny

They say the hundreds of years old fishing village of North Fork, Greenport, is back. But we like to think that the rest of the world is finally catching up with the realistic spirit of the city where everyone and everything inhabits. It has a local taste. Every moment here is infinite.

A Guide To North Fork, The Un Hamptons Weekend Getaway

Leave this fall and fall in love with the North. Because we live on weekdays. When the leaves start to change, the grapes are ripe and suitable for picking, and the apples are ready to go to China, it’s a magical experience! Avoid traffic jams and crowds. Find shelter with us this fall. Get 35% off Sunday through Thursday.

Get rewarded for planning ahead with savings of up to 25%! Book your stay at the Harbourfront Inn at least two weeks in advance, take advantage of advance orders and reservations, and start booking wine tastings, farm visits and dinners today. Greenport, NY has been on our weekend bucket list for a while. During. We went into the summer with high expectations and they were definitely met! Greenport can now unofficially become one of our favorite summer destinations.

Greenport is located on the northern tip of Long Island. Much quieter and more of a small town compared to the southern Hamptons. But don’t think it’s boring because the main strip comes to life in the evenings.

Greenport is about 100 miles east of Manhattan, New York. Accessible by train, bus and car, this weekend getaway is easily accessible for almost everyone.

Waterfront North Fork Hotel

It takes about 2 hours by car. This means that traffic can significantly change this period. We took a Friday off so we could go on a Thursday night. Our main goal was to avoid it as we heard the traffic on Friday night was bad. There was very little traffic when we left on Thursday night and got on the road around 7pm. After we leave the city, traffic lights can also be referred to as “traffic lights”.

As we drove home on Sunday, we were also concerned about the traffic jams. We left at 1pm and had no problems. Based on feedback from colleagues and Google, it’s a good idea to get home early or late on Sundays to avoid traffic as much as possible.

Overall, the ride was very comfortable as the traffic was unbearable. Once we got to Greenport we didn’t use the car much so the train could take another possible route.

Public transport options are great for getting out to Long Island. You can take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) from Penn Station. You don’t need to know the way when traveling during peak seasons and peak seasons. All you have to do is follow the crowds of beachgoers. But seriously, getting to Greenport by train is pretty easy.

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From Penn Station, take the LIRR to Greenport. The train will be a purple Ronkonkoma train and will take you directly to Greenport station. The journey takes approximately 1 hour 22 minutes and costs approximately $16 per person. We took this train to Hamptons the other day when going to Greenport. The trains are clean, air-conditioned and have comfortable seats, so this is a great choice. Bonus, if you have the time, we recommend stopping by Shack Shakes to soak up the weekend vibes! A word of advice: once the platform is in place, the train will run like crazy. If that’s not your style, be prepared. However, you can stop at the first few stops if you are not in a hurry to join the crowd.

There is also a bus service to Greenport during peak season. The bus is called Hampton Jitney. There are several branches in Manhattan. The schedule changes depending on the season and day of the week, so we recommend checking their website for accurate information. The total bus takes about 3 hours and costs $22 per person. More information can be found here.

Greenport is not a big city, so accommodation is limited and fills up quickly. That said, the two main options are AirBnB and hotels. We were looking for a place to stay for about a month on our trip and found limited options. We opted for the hotel as there were only a few AirBnBs left at this point.

The Greenporter Inn is a place we stayed and loved. This is a remodeled motel with basic rooms, but the outdoor space stands out. This hotel has an amazing outdoor pool and it was one of the few hotels we saw that had a pool. The outdoor pool has plenty of chairs and umbrellas so we didn’t have to wait. An added benefit of limited rooms is those limited to outdoor pools! Breakfast at the pool was free and great. They had indoor/outdoor dining options and we were very impressed. There is also free parking. Finally, it is centrally located. The hotel itself is a 2-minute drive from the city center and Shelter Island Ferry.

The 5 Best Last Minute Hotels In Greenport 2022

Soundview Hotel is another popular hotel in the area with access to the beach. We were hoping to stay here but found out that this room is booked up quickly! This hotel is more than a resort. This means you can enjoy your entire vacation here and never leave. It offers beach access, an outdoor swimming pool and bicycle rentals. The only downside, or perhaps an advantage, is the distance from the city center. Since you’re driving from the city center, you’ll need a car approach to get to the big streets for dinner.

Another good option is the Harbourfront Hotel, located in the heart of Greenport. This is another quick order. It’s also the last option for a Greenport hotel with an outdoor pool. A complimentary breakfast is also provided and the hotel itself is located in downtown Greenport.

There are usually few lodging options, but they book up quickly. If you’re looking for an outdoor pool, check out these three hotels: The Greenporter, Soundview, and Harbourfront Inn.

Greenport may be small geographically, but it’s full of fun. The main things to do are the wineries, the beaches and the delicious food. What are you going to love?

Greenport New York Vacation

When not by the pool we explored one of the many wineries in the North Fork area. We arrived at the Croteaux vineyards we loved. That being said, it was difficult to decide which winery to go to. We also visited during the pandemic, so they didn’t offer tastings while some wineries were open. We know all wine websites are up to date, so it’s always a good idea to check before you go!

We finally decided to visit this winery as it is a winery specializing in rosé, which is unfamiliar to us. There is a large area overlooking the vineyards. Seating includes reclining or Adirondack chairs, small tables and picnic tables that can accommodate larger groups. This area is well decorated with several “Instagram Walls” where you can take pictures. They have a fairly large menu with flat, bubbly rosé options along with flying options. They also provide small bites to share. All in all we liked it, and it was hard to put it down after we sat outside and ate the roses under the willows.

Bedell Wines is another great place for wine tasting. A family owned winery with beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces. In the photos it reminded us of Wolfer Winery, so we imagine it’s a great place! They host weddings or private events that close the tasting room. We update guest hours accordingly, so please check the website before visiting.

We’ve also heard good things about Contocosta Wines, which offers both a beautiful location and delicious wines. However, they did not offer wine tasting due to the epidemic. You can still go ahead and buy a bottle of wine to drink at the hotel. We imagine the sunset would be great.

Sound View Greenport In Greenport, The United States From $147: Deals, Reviews, Photos

There are a few beaches in the area, but nothing compares to South Fork Beach in the Hamptons. That’s why we recommend hotels with swimming pools.

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