Best Places To Stay In Coimbra

Best Places To Stay In Coimbra – Coimbra is known as a student city – it has one of the oldest universities in the world – but it is also a great tourist destination. A short train ride from Lisbon and Porto, the city of Coimbra is relatively easy to get to.

If you are planning a trip there, the main question is where to stay in Coombe. There are many interesting neighborhoods and areas and many hotels to choose from. To really enjoy the city and see all the sights properly, you should stay in Coimbra for 3 days – or maybe a little more if you want to explore other cities in the Coimbra region. Good accommodation is essential if you want to have the best trip.

Best Places To Stay In Coimbra

Below we recommend some of the best hotels in Coimbra, followed by descriptions of the main parts of the city. This should allow you to choose beautiful accommodation in Coimbra with complete confidence.

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After staying in Coimbra and thoroughly researching the city, we ended up with four hotel recommendations. Three central hotels – one modern, one traditional and one very affordable – and a luxury hotel along the river.

Villa Gall has long been one of the most popular hotels in Coimbra. Unlike many other hotels in the city center, this hotel is a modern building with great comfort and extensive extra facilities.

You will find all types of rooms, from single rooms to superior and family suites. What all rooms have in common is comfort – Villa Galli Coimbra has ensured that all rooms are spacious and comfortably furnished. This is one of the main reasons why the hotel gets such good reviews.

Another major reason for this hotel’s popularity is its location. Villa Gale is located in the northern part of Baixa (city center). This means you are close to all the main attractions – the main shopping district is less than 10 minutes away, while the university is around 20 minutes away. However, Villa Gal is located in a quiet environment, so there is not much noise from outside. This can be an issue when staying in other parts of the city but not here.

Luxury Short Breaks In Coimbra

In addition to quality rooms and a strong location, Villa Gal offers breakfast, an excellent restaurant and bar, a swimming pool, and you can enjoy a massage at the spa or go to the gym. If you intend to use Coimbatore as a base while exploring other parts of Portugal, Vila Galé can arrange car hire for you. Parking at the hotel only costs €7.50 per 24 hours.

As a 4 star hotel it is one of the more expensive places to stay in Coimbra but the prices are still very reasonable and you can usually stay for only around €100 per night. This price can be higher if you are looking for an apartment or if you come in the height of summer, but it can also be lower in the winter season.

Tivoli Coimbra is another 4-star hotel in the Baixa area of ​​Coimbra. It is the most booked hotel in the city and is very popular with tourists. That’s why it’s important to book early.

Although classified as a modern hotel, the Tivoli also has a classic Portuguese flavor and is located close to the famous Rua Sofia. If you decide to stay in Tivoli, you are basically within walking distance of all the main attractions in Coimbra.

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The rooms are big and comfortable. The hotel is usually very quiet at night, so you shouldn’t have any trouble sleeping. The Tivoli doesn’t have as many extras as some hotels, but as long as the room is comfortable and the location is spot on, that’s all that matters. However, there is a restaurant here and it is very good. Portuguese and international cuisine is served there. All rooms are air-conditioned and the staff offers excellent service in four different languages ​​(Portuguese, English, Spanish and French).

The average price per night in a standard room is around €90, so it’s a very good price. But you should book early to be on the safe side as this is a very overbooked hotel.

Do you want a cheap, simple and traditional stay in Coimbra? Then book a stay at the cheap Hotel Jardim.

It is very well located, close to the city park and Mondego River. You can easily walk a bit north to the Sao Bartholomew neighborhood for shopping and dining, or northwest to the Alta neighborhood where the university is located. The university is a 5-minute walk from Hotel Jardim, and other important attractions are also a 5-minute walk away.

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You really can’t get a better place for the money, it’s absolutely ideal – but what about the rooms? While not luxurious, they are beautiful and certainly have some class. Most of the rooms are small and the bed takes up a lot of space, but the interior can be really charming – most of the rooms have classic Portuguese decorations on the walls, large windows and the common areas are also very beautiful. The entrance to the hotel is very Portuguese which gives a good sense of authenticity.

There are a few reasons why Hotel Jardim is so cheap: It’s near a busy highway, so it can be a bit noisy. The Wi-Fi isn’t very fast, and it’s really just a sit-down hotel — not fun — lacking extras. You won’t find a pool, spa or gym here, so Hotel Jardim mainly caters to people who are on day trips and simply looking for cheap accommodation in Coimbra. But this is very attractive in itself, because this is exactly what most tourists have in mind. And this also explains why Hotel Jardim is actually one of the most booked hotels in the city.

Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas is known as the best hotel in Coimbra. It’s rated 5 stars, has rave reviews from past guests, and is truly a one-of-a-kind place.

The first thing you should know about Quinta das Lagrimas is that the hotel is actually a medieval palace. However, it has been recently renovated, although it retains a traditional feel, it has very well-designed rooms and you can expect a very comfortable stay.

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This is a stylish hotel and you can tell from the moment you walk in. An impressive staircase leads up to the entrance and once inside you are greeted by incredible service. This is the hotel to choose in Coimbra if you want to be treated like a VIP. There is a beautiful spa center, an impressive library, two restaurants that serve food made from local ingredients. Quinta das Lagrimas has its own winery. There is also a golf course nearby. And if you come by car, parking is free.

As you might expect, staying here is a bit expensive. Count on a minimum of €175 per night, although prices vary by room, season and availability. It is generally best to book early if you want to stay here. If possible, do this a few weeks in advance.

There are three types of rooms: Spa Rooms, Garden Rooms and Palace Rooms. As the gardens look amazing we would highly recommend the garden room as you have a great view – and it’s very romantic if you’re traveling with a partner. But of course, all the rooms in this hotel are great, so no matter which room you choose to stay in, you can expect a quality experience.

Quinta das Lagrimas is located in the district of Santa Clara. It’s on the other side of the river so you get a great view of the old town while walking around the area, but it’s a bit further to the more important sites like the university and cathedrals. The Santa Clara region still has its charms, we recommend you to visit the Portugal dos Pequinitos Park and the Santa Clara Monastery.

The 15 Best Places To Visit In Coimbra

But if they’re overbooked, if it’s too expensive for you, or if you’re just looking for something else, you can check out some other options.

When looking for accommodation in Coimbra, you can also consider holiday rentals. There are some apartment hotels that are very comfortable so it can be considered. Airbnb is also popular, as many locals rent apartments and rooms to tourists.

If you

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