Best Places To Stay In Charlottetown Pei

Best Places To Stay In Charlottetown Pei – The Great George is by far the best hotel in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. My Great George Hotel review was based on a stay in October 2021.

It’s definitely more expensive than a hotel, but trust me. It’s worth it. We are also extending our stay at the Great George Hotel PEI from 2 nights to 5 nights. We absolutely loved this Prince Edward Island hotel (well worth spending a little more).

Best Places To Stay In Charlottetown Pei

Staying at the Great George Hotel is all about the experience. From friendly hotel staff to unmatched facilities and unbeatable location. There is no better place to visit when visiting Charlottetown, PEI.

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The Great George Hotel PEI is a historic boutique hotel on Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown. But this is no ordinary hotel. It actually consists of several properties that make up a small community on the outskirts of downtown Charlottetown.

Boutique hotels are usually small hotels with 10 to 100 rooms. They also offer unique facilities and hotel experiences. For example, no two rooms are identical at the Great George Hotel. Each room has its own charm and definitely doesn’t feel like a cakewalk hotel room.

The Great George

The Great George Hotel is historic as these buildings were built 175 years ago! Each building has its own history, but the most historic buildings are the Pavilion and Wellington House. The Pavilion started out as one of Charlottetown’s most exclusive boutiques, but it’s been around for a long time.

For the last 165 years it has always been a form of hotel! The historic Wellington House is even more interesting. It is one of many independent buildings where you can stay in a part of a hotel. It is actually the oldest building in the Great George Hotel and the first built on the road.

Wellington House is considered an “informal parliament”. It was the backdrop for many social events in the 19th century. It is believed that this is where the first discussions about the formation of Canada took place.

Today the Great George Hotel is owned by the Murphy family.

Hotel And Cottages Prince Edward Island

As mentioned earlier, there are several buildings that make up this Prince Edward Island hotel in Charlottetown. There are a total of 18 houses in one part of the Great George Hotel.

The historic pavilion is the hotel’s main lobby. Here we check into the hotel and eat. It is also the only building in the hotel with an elevator.

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There are 6 room types at the Great George Hotel. There are classic, deluxe, romantic hideaway suites, multi-room suites, apartments and executive apartments and one-bedroom suites.

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If you want to stay in the pavilion, you must book a King Classic or Double Classic room. Different types of rooms are located in different buildings. Please note that this is the only building with an elevator.

The rooms can accommodate from 1 to 6 people. So, depending on the size of your travel group, you have several options to choose from.

The Classic King Room is located in the historic pavilion, the main building of the hotel. I was very pleased with the main building of the hotel.

First, it is the only building with an elevator, so it is very easily accessible. Plus we didn’t have to go out for breakfast.

Of The Best Things To Do In Prince Edward Island, Canada

The lobby is also beautiful (see what I did there!?). It is the perfect place for a briefing after the day’s work and before going to your room.

The room itself is a very good size for a king size bed, desk, lounge area, wardrobe and TV. It was not stuffy or stuffy like I usually do in a hotel room. It is also nicely decorated.

But I think the bathroom was probably the best part of the hotel. The floor is hot! I repeated! The floor is hot! I guess I have to install it at home now.

This was the best sleep I had on my vacation! The bed is neither too soft nor too hard, I don’t know how I found the perfect bed!

Delicious Pei Food

My only problem was with the pillows. They are quite big and stiff, which made the comfortable bed a little less comfortable. If you are picky about pillows, we recommend you bring your own.

The hotel room was also well soundproofed. Normally you can hear people in the hall, but I didn’t hear anything!

The room was also spotless and clean. Bathroom, bed, sitting area and carpet. I couldn’t find anything to complain about!

You may not realize it, but hotel staff are very important and decisive or stop our stay. They are the first and last impression of the hotel.

Where To Stay In Prince Edward Island (best Places & Areas)

From the moment we walked in, we couldn’t have felt more comfortable at the Great George Hotel in Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown.

I am a person who asks a lot of questions about the area. I love knowing hidden gems and the best places to eat. The staff could not have been more helpful. They answered all my questions and gave great advice on what to do in Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island.

But it’s not just the reception that makes you feel welcome. The breakfast staff was also someone I wanted to talk to every morning. It was the perfect way to start the day!

The amenities of the Great George Hotel in PEI are what really set this hotel apart. Basic 24-hour reception, clean bed linen and toiletries are provided. There is also a gym that you can use. But they go above and beyond by providing amenities that hotels usually take for free! Like free coffee and tea all day long! It was wonderful to come back after a long day or dinner and sit in the lobby with a cup of hot tea.

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They even give you a free bottle of cold water upon request (it’s important to stay hydrated during your vacation!). In addition, you can pick up sweets every afternoon with freshly baked cookies! Oh, and did I mention parking is included? There are many free parking spaces exclusively for hotel guests next to all hotel buildings.

These are just some of the nice things you can have while on vacation that will make you more comfortable while traveling.

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This is not the free breakfast you are used to in most hotels. Just as the Great George Hotel is loved, breakfast is no exception.

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You can choose cold options that stay the same every morning, such as cereal, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs. There is also a bowl of fresh fruit you can always enjoy. And they always have a variety of breads to toast with different toppings.

Every morning they also offer two hot cooking options. It can be a sweet snack like meat, eggs, potatoes or French toast. We were there for 5 nights and never saw the same hot dish twice.

Some employees even bake their own desserts at home for breakfast to share with hotel guests.

If you are there for a few nights, you can also talk to the staff about certain dietary restrictions. For example, I had delicious chestnut oats and mentioned that they are made with almond milk instead.

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What’s amazing during the week is that Great George also has a happy hour from 5pm to 6pm.

You can try a glass of wine or a selection of the Gahan House beers (Prince Edward Island Brewery).

This was a nice perk to come back from a day trip and enjoy the beautiful lobby. It also gives you something to do before the meal starts.

I like to take a walk every time I visit a new city. Better if it’s free (usually tip-based). It really gives you a good taste of the city’s history and local insider tips on what to do!

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It’s no secret that travel is bad for the environment. To make the hotel greener, Great George offers the option to skip cleaning.

If you do, you’ll get a $10 coupon to eat at one of Murphy’s restaurants. Some of the restaurants included are Gahan House, Brickhouse and Prince Edward Island Brewery.

Wherever you live in Charlottetown is probably a good location. It is such a small town that it is very small! Considering how small Charlottetown is, Great George somehow has a prime location. two blocks away

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