Best Places To Hike In Kansas

Best Places To Hike In Kansas – Kansas City prides itself on its wonderful hiking areas. Of course, there are walking trails around the city that we can use, but which one is the best? Many are full of beauty and we consider them some of the best hiking trails on the planet. Have you made a wish list?

This stunning three-mile trail features waterfalls and is the perfect natural retreat in this “urban jungle.” But don’t expect to spend a day here, as the falls are a bit more popular than other trails around Kansas City.

Best Places To Hike In Kansas

As you can see, the leaves change amazing colors here in autumn. Only 1.2 miles long, this trail is a diversion for those looking to meander through the trees.

Best Things To Do In Overland Park, Ks

Swope Park is one of the most convenient areas for the outdoors for many Kansas people. Of course, being in a city doesn’t make natural areas any less beautiful. Check out this short 0.3 mile trail!

Many in the KC area know about the famous Cave Springs, but have you ever hiked the trails? It’s a 1.5 km loop where the houses that once surrounded them have collapsed, but the caves and old stone fireplaces still remain.

Maple Woods is an apt name for this trail and the scenery here is amazing. Moss-covered paths and wooded areas make this one-mile-long loop a short walk.

Shawnee Mission Park is a beautiful place for any day event, and there are many trails to camp and explore throughout the weekend. Much of it is spacious and accessible to everyone, making it the perfect family outing with no extra rocks to climb. The 7 mile loop is one of my favorites.

Bike Trails & Paths In Kansas City: Get Active

This 1.6-mile loop is moderately popular, and it’s not hard to see why. The rocky shores are great for exploring and perfect for taking photos. It is recommended to add a good walking stick and suitable shoes as the surrounding is rocky and the walking is a bit difficult. At least if you’re clumsy like me!

For those who prefer to get around on wheels rather than on foot, this mountain bike trail in Swope Park is one of the best around. It’s less than five miles, so it won’t take long, but the beautiful trails and scenery will get your heart pumping a little. Another great place to get away from the concrete when you need a break.

This 4.8-kilometer loop is an easy trail for beginners, especially if you arrive early and watch the morning sun peek through the trees. There are also lots of little hidden paths to explore when you have free time.

This short loop is less than two miles long and features a cute little bridge over the creek. Great for wildlife viewing and a quick getaway when nature calls for a getaway.

Best Hikes In Kansas

This 1.5-mile loop in Parkville is a great spot when the popularity of the White Tail Trail doesn’t want to overshadow a peaceful day. Grab your cane. It’s a bit rough, but if you’re balanced, you can’t handle it.

If your favorite trail isn’t on the list, please share it in the comments section below! I’m always looking for new places to hike and love to hear suggestions for places to explore!

If you are looking for more natural attractions, check out this abandoned fort that is slowly embracing nature.

Born and raised in Kansan, Clarissa lived in small towns and cities while mostly in the south-central Sunflower State. A full-time homemaker with a crazy kid, two cats, and two geckos, Clarissa has been writing everything since she got a pencil, though much of her time is spent in Kansas and fantasy fiction. Whether you’re in town or traveling for the holiday weekend, here are some stories to help light the air for the unofficial first weekend of summer.

Great Hikes Near Dc

The 4th Girl Scouts at Blue Valley North High School and the juniors are founders of Take a Hike, Casey, which highlights free hiking trails in the Kansas City area.

Place created this list as part of the Girl Scout Gold Award Project. This is the most prestigious award you can receive as a Girl Scout for making a lasting difference in the community.

Through the playlist, Place said they wanted to make something useful for people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I started an online school because I was at home because I was so busy with the corona virus, but it seems that climbing is good not only for my mental health, but also for my physical health,” The Place said. “It was a really relaxing time when I didn’t see many friends in the midst of Corona.”

Of The Best Hikes In Kansas

Place said he likes to hike, but so far hasn’t been able to find a comprehensive list of hiking trails in Kansas City. She wanted to make the activities that were so important to her more accessible to everyone.

You can see the full list of trails here, including their location and the length of each trail. She also created a downloadable list of her favorite 50 free trails.

Post regular updates about Take A Hike Casey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you know of Kansas City landmarks that are not on her list, please submit them to her website.

“You can go hiking for 30 or 20 minutes. You don’t need 5 hours. And once you’re out with the people you love, it’s a lot of fun and people fall in love. It can be done very quickly,” Place said.

The Best Hiking In And Near Kansas

Blue River Parkway Trail: “This amazing downtown trail ranges from easy to very difficult. The basement is one of my favorite trails, but I get scared every time!”

Burr Oak Woods: Bethany Falls Trail: “Bethany Falls has something for everyone, across the creek, through the forest, ending at the stunning limestone outcrop that gives it its name.”

Fleming Park: Rocky Ledges Trails: “Park at Shelter 14 and hike the great trails to the upper or lower railings for great views of the lake. Plus there are bison!”

Gary L. Haller Trail: “A long, paved trail running north-south through Johnson County. Head to the Kansas River on the northern tip and watch for eagles in winter. The Mill Creek Loop in Shawnee Mission Park is beautiful in the fall.

The 5 Best Places To Take Kids Hiking In Kansas

Hidden Valley Park: Natural Area Trail: “An amazing trail in KCMO that more people should be hiking. Walking down this road in summer feels like stepping into Jurassic Park. Better than the fun worlds out there.”

Lake Lexington Park: Indigo Loop Trail: “JoCo’s new park with many trails. I especially like the Indigo Loop, with its long boulders and creeks and rocks.”

Olathe Prairie Center Trails: “Prairie Center is rarely crowded and very quiet and peaceful. I think a lot of people don’t even know it exists. Wonderful wildflowers in summer.”

Parkville Nature Sanctuary Trails: “Lots of wildlife, lots of boardwalk trails, waterfalls and you can hike through the sanctuary. What a great Scout House!”

White Tail Trail Near Kansas City Is Otherwordly

Stocksdale Park/Walnut Woods Trails: “The only access to Walnut Woods is through the park. Drive and park at the furthest point to access more challenging trails near Rush Creek.”

Rocky Point Glade Trail in Swope Park: “This is the best kept secret trail in KCMO. The Glade Trail is for hikers only, a small hidden door on the Rancho D’Lux Trail behind the old rock shelter above Oakwood Drive.”

This trail is recommended by Place for every Kansas citizen to travel at least once in their lifetime.

Tomahawk Creek Trail: “A true escape route through Leawood and Overland Park. From the parking lot at Tomahawk Creek Park in Leawood, head south along the boardwalk to the rustic picnic tables hidden by the creek.

The 15 Best Places To Go Hiking

Wyandotte County Lake Park Bridle Trail: “It feels like a state park and I think it’s the most beautiful park in the fall. The short trail that starts at Shelter 6 and goes all the way to the Schlegel Library is amazing every time the leaves change.”

Joseph Hernandez is a member of the Star’s service journalism team. A native of Kansas City, Hernandez is a graduate of Cristo Rey Kansas City High School and the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has previously written for the Columbia Missourian and The Pitch.

“I’ve forgiven so much and I don’t know how I can blame others,” Megan Crinier said. The Buffalo Track Canyon Nature Trail in Kanopolis State Park gives hikers access to some of the roughest terrain in town. File photo/Michael Pierce The Wichita Eagle

You don’t have to head to the Ozarks or the Rocky Mountains for a quality hiking experience. There are two or more

Kansas City River Trails, Inc. And The Riverfront Heritage Trail

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