Best Places To Eat In Peterborough

Best Places To Eat In Peterborough – Peterborough City Market will host its first food and music festival on Saturday, with regular traders, most stalls flocking to the event, which starts at around 10am.

Delicious food will be served from current favorites Siam Thai, Naz Curries, Victoria Sponge House and Diner City.

Best Places To Eat In Peterborough

They are joined by stalls selling Italian food, cheese, preserves, Belgian chocolate, farm produce, mead and more.

Best Restaurants Near Me: Peterborough’s Top 9 Best Restaurants According To Tripadvisor Uk Reviews

The Michelin-listed Prevost restaurant will open at the market for a special three-course meal sourced from the market’s food hall, with proceeds going to the mayor’s charities.

Music acts include the Peterborough Talent Show, while other attractions include a bar hosted by Stoneworks in Laxton Square.

Steve Woolley, head of business and commerce, said: “We are delighted with the number of companies supporting us and the interest on social media.

“We’re hoping for warm weather and good summer weather on that day, which will be important and interesting and fresh for the market.

Eat And Drink

“Those looking to build on our success story and become permanent or part-time may want to consider our August process, which could save them £400.”

Peterborough City Council will be covering the event live on Facebook, with live chats with vendors and concerts.

Market organizers are seeking inputs from local and commercial chefs for a special cookbook using market ingredients. If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day there are plenty of places to indulge in Peterborough.

These are the nine best breakfast spots in the city, according to TripAdvisor reviews. Images are for reference only.

Bar Vita Restaurant

Good value breakfast, well cooked and arrived quickly. Friendly service and welcomes families. Street parking, but no problem getting somewhere close when we visited on a Saturday. TripAdvisor reviewer

Exceptionally fresh food, super friendly staff. . Can’t wait to go back. A good selection of well prepared food from breakfast to lunch to snacks. TripAdvisor reviewer

Good breakfast and excellent service. The restaurant is very clean with very reasonable prices and a good selection of Italian items available for purchase. TripAdvisor reviewer

We ordered a full English, eggs benedict and french toast. It was all piping hot, clearly freshly cooked and good. Probably the best breakfast I had in Peterborough. TripAdvisor reviewer

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We visit this beautiful place often. The staff are very friendly, the atmosphere is great and the food and drink is always top notch. TripAdvisor reviewer

A good breakfast in the restaurant welcomes you in the afternoon. This is a definite trip when we go to the city. Good choices on the menu but I’ll go back to the poached eggs on toast. TripAdvisor reviewer

Really good breakfast and for a good price, great owner with great customer service! Will come back. TripAdvisor reviewer

A very welcoming place with a reasonably priced cooked breakfast of Earl Gray tea and toast. TripAdvisor Review There’s no better place to eat in Peterborough, Ontario than our guide to some of the best restaurants and eateries in Kawarthas.

Set Dinner At Royal China Chinese Restaurant Peterborough

Peterborough, Ontario is one of the first gateways to rural Ontario. But those who take the time to visit will realize that there are many wonderful things to do in Peterborough. It is a city filled with extraordinary atmosphere, fascinating museums, rich local culture and landscapes that will take your breath away.

And if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Peterborough, Ontario, you don’t have to look far. Because Peterborough has welcomed some of the best chefs in the province over the years. And Peterborough’s culinary scene has never been happier than it is now.

Restaurants in Peterborough, Ontario seem to welcome more foodies to the province every year. And Peterborough’s food explosion, which started in the heart of the city, is now spreading beyond the city limits and beyond.

Each year Peterborough’s diverse restaurant offerings increasingly reflect the culture of the city’s diverse population. A fusion of Canadian ethnicities, traditional barbecues are a highlight of the city. But diners will also find plenty of natural and local flavors, including farm-to-table food. And, of course, there are vegetarian and vegan options too.

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Let’s go to the best restaurants in Peterborough, Ontario. Get ready, because the abundance of culinary delights in Peterborough means that these restaurants range from traditional fine dining to creative fusion and more.

You’ll find everything from traditional barbecue and seafood roasts to some of Ontario’s finest dining. There are Peterborough restaurants to suit every price range. Whether you’re a local looking to explore your hometown, taking a break to explore the great things to do in Peterborough, or you’re a visitor en route to your hometown or provincial park to some of Ontario’s best travel destinations nearby, you’ll find food to please at Central Ontario’s Jewel.

Blackhoney Bakery is located in the popular Hunter St. Food District. Known for its baked goods, this Peterborough eatery offers more than just pastries and desserts. The Blackhoney is a popular breakfast restaurant in Peterborough. My favorites are specialty foods like Egg McHoney and Baker’s French Toast.

Blackhoney also offers excellent dining options as well as catering and takeaways (they actually offer a post-wedding breakfast!). A cozy atmosphere encourages guests to gather in the narrow dining room. It offers a relaxed atmosphere with friendly service. Don’t leave without sampling some of their delicious cakes and pastries. You can find the current menu here.

What Is Living In Peterborough Like?

Although Cassie and Tyler Scott, owners of a rare restaurant in Peterborough, are forced to serve comfort food during a time of tragedy, their main focus is undeniably meat. As restaurants open, so does the grill at this Brock St. eatery.

With a small, focused menu that showcases good food in a casual atmosphere, it prepares rare dishes using local ingredients. He believes in connecting with the local community and supporting local agriculture that helps keep Peterborough and Kawartha alive.

Enjoy a plate of delicious pan-fried steak or one of the best Atlantic salmon dishes you’ve ever had. You can find the current menu here.

Billed as ‘Peterborough’s first and only gastro-bakery’, Electric City Bread Company on Sherbrooke St has been a community good for as long as I can remember. And if you’re looking for artisan breads, bagels, sandwiches, and other items that don’t start with the letter “b.” Head to this Peterborough bakery before they run out.

Best Restaurants In Peterborough

Along with bread products, Electric City Bakery is known for making delicious pizzas that are delicious to eat. You can link them here.

Undoubtedly a local gem, Two Piatti at 261 Charlotte St. is a Peterborough breakfast and lunch spot that’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Focus on traditional food products made from scratch. They have a rotating menu sourced from local ingredients, often featuring sweet and spicy jambalayas and a large selection of vegetarian options.

Two dishes and one of the best bakeries in Peterborough. In fact, if you’re looking for some Instagram-worthy donuts or cake, Two Plates usually has a great selection. But grab them while they last, because they disappear fast. You can check out their current offerings here.

Peterborough’s best sandwich shop crown goes to Sam Sayer, owner of Sam’s Place Deli. Sam’s Place offers great organic products from vegetarians to meat lovers. Personally, I’m a big fan of the “Esh,” which combines avocado, peppers, provolone, and cheddar on a flatbread, and the simple but delicious Ptbo Smoked Meatball, which features smoked brisket on a rye bun. Bread with mustard of your choice.

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Once one of Peterborough’s minor music hot spots, Dr. J’s BBQ and Brews still celebrates the town’s heritage. Although the place focuses on producing soft, tender meats, it still retains the traditional elegance that locals fall in love with.

Dr. who recently took over the Chemong Lodge in nearby Bridgnorth Jess’ offers an array of barbecue favorites, from ribs to chicken, sausages and more. These are served with delicious side dishes like mac and cheese, maple baked beans and smoked beet salad. You can view the current menu here.

If you’re looking for Peterborough’s best vegetarian restaurant, Revelstoke Cafe in George St. Peterborough is a welcoming community, but Revelstoke Cafe excels with its openness and inclusiveness.

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