Best Places In Spain For Honeymoon

Best Places In Spain For Honeymoon – Are you planning your honeymoon in Spain and can’t choose between the beach or the mountains for your beautiful plans? With its world-famous beaches, meadows, green valleys, mountains and snowy mountains, Spain has it all. Not forgetting flamenco dancing, hot samba and endless sangrias. Check out the best places for a fantastic honeymoon in Spain, a magical country, below! The best time to go to Spain on honeymoon. As the summer in Spain is quite hot, the best months are: April, May, June, September and October.

Spain is an amazing country with a warm and friendly culture, beautiful picturesque cities and delicious food. These are some of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in Spain.

Best Places In Spain For Honeymoon

With year-round sunshine, a great selection of resorts in Spain and an abundance of restaurants and entertainment, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of Spain’s most perfect honeymoon destinations.

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Tourist Attractions: The rocky terrain and backdrop make this secluded 500 km long white sand beach lined with pine trees the ultimate romantic getaway.

Why would you go there? Walks through tropical forests, columns of designer shops, volcanic lava, carnivals and Pico del Tide, the highest mountain in Spain.

Your honeymoon in Spain is not complete without a visit to the capital. The perfect place for a cosmopolitan couple, this Spanish city combines a laid-back Mediterranean attitude with urban style and energy. Honeymoon in Madrid, Spain will be an exciting experience as this city has a lot of positive energy. It’s a great place to start your new life together for your beautiful two week honeymoon in Spain.

Tourist attraction: If you and your partner are into nightlife and partying, Madrid’s lively restaurants, galleries, tapas and drinks will add the necessary spark to your fresh start.

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Why would you go there? Collection of cocktail bars and clubs and people dancing until dawn, Madrid’s nights are the stuff of legend.

Wondering about honeymoon ideas in Spain? A place surrounded by walls and fortifications, with a castle at the top and a river below, Toledo exudes romance in every corner. Cobbled streets, ancient walls, charming restaurants; For an unforgettable honeymoon in Spain, lose yourself in bliss with your loved one in Toledo and try the best Spanish cuisine in town.

Tourist attractions: Romantic sunsets, beautiful churches, museums, synagogues and mosques, and nightly dancing on weekends make this Spanish city a perfect choice for a honeymoon!

Why would you go there? One of the oldest cities in Europe, you will love its old town charm.

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Without a doubt, Andalusia is the perfect Spanish honeymoon destination. It has it all: sun, sea and sand, but with the addition, you don’t need more reasons to go to Spain on your honeymoon. Add in the Alpujarra’s remote villages, hilltop retreats and gypsy neighborhoods and it can be an unforgettable trip with your better half.

Tourist attraction – romance like Hollywood movies! Gypsies, flamencos, matadors, tapas bars, pelargoniums and strolling guitarists attract lovers to this wonderfully romantic city.

Why would you go there? Unforgettable natural environments such as the Serra d’Aracena and the wetlands of Doñana, the Natural Park of Cazorla, the Pueblos Blancos and the Alpujarras.

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It is one of the most romantic places in Spain for a honeymoon. Green coast with wild coastal walks, secluded white beaches, private windswept coves, cliff top retreats and excellent seafood, Costa Galicia is a favorite destination for honeymooners and couples looking to get married in Spain for choose from the sensational wedding venues in Spain.

Tourist attraction: Imagine a hot spring bath with your love, delicious food and bonfire on the beach. The vibrant Galician Coast is sure to charm you with its ingenuity and leave you spellbound.

Why would you go there? With unspoiled beaches and arguably the best seafood in Europe, this unique Spanish honeymoon destination is largely to be discovered and yet very affordable.

Dynamic, charming, historic Mediterranean port with a castle, an old quarter and a long promenade, this Spanish city is a great place for a honeymoon. The food scene is exciting and the nightlife is absolutely legendary among many other things in Spain.

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Tourist Attractions: Experience the royal status of the place as you relive the contemporary Victorian era. Don’t forget to visit the Castle of Santa Bárbara, the Palmeral Park, Esplanada de España beach.

Why would you go there? Long golden sandy beaches, remains of Roman and Arab civilizations and palm-lined squares, pavement cafes and bars make this city the perfect honeymoon destination in Spain.

Spain’s most popular Mediterranean island, it is one of Spain’s most perfect honeymoon adventure spots. Walking and cycling routes, private boating facilities, visit Mallorca in the Balearic Islands for an adventurous yet relaxing time together. Trekking in Spain is another adventure sport that you can enjoy during your honeymoon.

Tourist Attractions: This beach honeymoon destination will delight you and your partner with its prehistoric sites, wonderful beaches and beautiful forts.

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Why would you go there? A perfect mountain town with images dotted with white sandy beaches lined with pine trees, whitewashed windmills and the spectacular mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.

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With three beautiful golden sandy beaches, four theme parks and countless hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs and nightclubs, the resort of Benidorm on the Costa Blanca offers everything you need for a fun-filled honeymoon in Spain.

Tourist attractions: Benidorm is the perfect place for adventure lovers and adventurous couples! Water sports will make your time together even more special, including water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, paragliding and other naughty indoor adventures.

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Why would you go there? The coastal city is considered a famous destination for its seaside hotels, lively nightlife, excellent restaurants and excellent shopping facilities.

The chic Balearic island of Ibiza is known for its lively club scene and over 50 white sand beaches, making it the perfect destination for an active honeymoon in Spain.

Tourist attractions: The fun never stops in the world famous city of Ibiza! And the world heritage of D’Alt Vila with its 500-year-old house to treat your senses. Head here for a wild time together.

Why would you go there? The best clubs in the world, white sandy beaches and unforgettable parties – a great start for the party-obsessed newlyweds.

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An unusual mix of museums and elegant buildings, vibrant markets and outdoor cafes, informal bars and lounges, beaches and rooftops, Barcelona is the perfect place for cultured honeymooners as they explore the best of Spanish cities.

Tourist attractions: live music at night, sun-drenched beaches, romantic yachts and 2,000-year-old architecture – what more do you need to impress your partner on your first intimate date together?

Why would you go there? Boundless culture, legendary architecture and a fantastic drinking and dining scene attract newlyweds to Barcelona.

Arguably the most romantic city in Spain, Seville is home to some of the best fountain-filled squares. You can ride a horse and carriage with your love, while exploring the narrow streets of the city filled with the sound of the Spanish guitar. Learn some Spanish travel words and phrases before your trip.

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Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage city, which makes it interesting enough to explore among the other impressive Spanish tourist attractions that you can finally explore during your trip. Decorated with Gothic, Baroque and Romanesque architecture, it is the perfect place for couples to spend their honeymoon in Spain.

If you want to witness an authentic Cinderella castle, you must come to Segovia. Cinderella’s castle was inspired by the Alcásser de Segovia. Not only that, the city is full of romantic architecture, stunning cathedrals and beautiful streets.

Why would you go there? If you are someone who likes to visit a cozy city full of bright architecture, Segovia is your place.

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Also known as the ‘City of Stones and Saints’, Ávila has the largest proportion of absolutely spectacular Romanesque and Gothic churches in all of Spain and is undoubtedly one of the best romantic places in Spain.

Why would you go there? If you want to feel like you are in a fairy tale world, far away, you must visit this place during your honeymoon.

Another romantic old town in Spain is Cadiz, which is decorated with beautiful cathedrals and ancient castles. The port city has beautiful beaches where you can sit with your loved one and enjoy the view of the castle to enjoy the best honeymoon in Spain.

If you’re looking for a honeymoon spot in Spain, look no further than San Sebastián, a gem of a region in northern Spain that’s a favorite spot for foodies, beach bums and those who they are looking for a coastal atmosphere. The town has two beaches, La Concha and La Zuriola, ideal for surfers and divers, making it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Spain.

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