Best Place To Stay In Samoa

Best Place To Stay In Samoa – Upolu is the second largest but most populous island in Samoa, home to Apia, the capital. The gentle coastal path passes through small sleepy villages and around beautiful beaches, with detours to great beaches or to the mountainside.

In places where the island is not protected from the current of the sea, the interesting point of the waves is on the shore of the volcano; In some areas, the lake is calm, clear and full of tropical fish.

Best Place To Stay In Samoa

Apia has the Samoa Museum, as well as the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum at Villa Wailima and the Madd Gallery. Fu Market (the city’s main market) is alive 24 hours a day and there is a flea market during the week.

Snorkeling In Samoa

Many colorful buses are lined up in the streets behind the markets, waiting for passengers to the surrounding settlements and taking the villagers to the quiet and sleepy nature of the island.

This sample itinerary will give you an idea of ​​what it’s like to travel in Upolu and show the routes we do well. Take it as inspiration because your visit will be made special by one of our experts.

When visiting Upolu, we have selected a number of accommodation options for you. Our picks are often recommended for their character, facilities and service or location. Our experts always aim to recommend properties that match your preferences.

Our experts will find the best ways to get to know the places on your trip. These activities highlight some of the most interesting things to do while visiting Upolu, using the best local guides.

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Covering all seven continents, World Your Way shows you how you can see the world with us. It offers travel ideas from our experts, along with selected stops and experiences, and represents our approach to creating meaningful travel experiences. Samoa is one of the best kept secrets in the South Pacific. Often overlooked in favor of the more famous Fiji or French Polynesia, the remote location and fierce competition make Samoa’s accommodation prices competitive, so it’s possible to find a budget holiday in Samoa. Budget travelers will want to check out the beaches that are unique to Samoa.

These beach huts are fun to stay in Samoa without breaking the bank and are found in many coastal areas. There are two main islands in Samoa; Savai’i and Upolu should not be confused with nearby American Samoa. There are beach clubs to choose from on these two islands. With so many places to stay in Samoa, we’ve put together a list of Samoa hotels and resorts to help you find the best place for travelers to decide where to stay in Samoa.

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The 10 Best Accommodation In Samoa Of 2022 (with Prices)

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The capital of Samoa offers a change of scenery from the beach resorts of Samoa. Here you can get a cultural experience, visit some of Samoa’s museums, clock towers and shop at one of the best Pacific markets in the South Pacific. The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, where the Scottish writer lived in Samoa, is open to the public.

You can also enjoy a cultural exhibition at the Samoan Cultural Village. If you’re visiting Samoa for nightlife, you’ll find Apia to be an exciting place to live. The city is an interesting mix of Samoan and colonial influences, and even if you don’t live here, it’s worth a day trip from Samoa Park. There are many Samoan hotels in town where you can stay as well as several beach clubs on the beach.

Some of Samoa’s best attractions are found in East Upolu. The Sua Trench is a must for any Samoan holiday; This pool is similar to the cenotes found in Mexico, along the southern coast road, as well as some of the best pools in Samoa. Lalamanu Beach is one of Samoa’s most beautiful beaches with many Samoan family resorts to choose from. Other attractions in East Upolu include Piula Cave Pool, Fuipisia Falls and Sopoaga Falls.

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The tip of Upolu Island is also full of beaches and attractions. The snorkeling on this side of the island is fantastic and you can access places like Back to Paradise Beach and you can visit Black Sand Beach from the TV series Survivor. If you’re planning a day trip to Sawai’i, or want to split your time between the two islands, the ferry departs from Mulifanua at the West end of Upolu. West Upolu Parks are clustered around Faleolo and Matautu. If you are traveling to Samoa with children, you can find family resorts here!

If you decide to stay on the main island of Samoa, the boat will reach Salelologa on the south coast of Savai’i. Like Upolu, Savai’i has many places for tourists. Some of the things to do in South Savai include Afu Aau Falls, Whistleblower Alofaaga and the ancient buildings at Mount Pulemlei. The South Savai National Parks are clustered around the eastern regions of Tuaswi, Lalomalava and Salelologa.

Unlike South Savai, with its “stop and see” attractions, North Savai offers outdoor attractions for the active traveler. There are lava fields in Salealua and you can climb Samoa’s highest peak. Mount Matawanu is a volcano that overlooks the island and can be reached via WD 4 and a short hike to the top. Another attraction of North Savai is the opportunity to swim with sea turtles at the turtle sanctuary near Safune. Incidentally, this is where most of the parks in North Savai are located.

Hi, my name is Samantha, Money Management Guru by Day, travel blog enthusiast by… well… by day too! Haha! The king of travel is where potential travelers go! With affordable and fun resorts for the budget conscious! Combining financial knowledge and travel experience, I want to show you that with a little planning, a balanced budget, and a realistic goal, you can make your travel dreams come true and explore the world regardless of your budget or passion.

The Samoan Creation Legend

Hello, my name is Samantha, Money Management Guru by day, travel blog enthusiast… well… and by day too! Haha! The king of travel is where potential travelers go! With affordable and fun resorts for the budget conscious!

Combining financial knowledge and travel experience, I want to show you that with a little planning, a balanced budget, and a realistic goal, you can make your travel dreams come true and explore the world regardless of your budget or passion.

Where to stay in Phuket – Where to rest or relax? Best places to stay in Phuket! Accommodation, no matter where you go, is often a big part of your trip, whether it’s a resort for lounging by the pool, having a cocktail, or a cheap room where you’re locked in. meet other like-minded people in the process. Your location is especially important when you live on an island like Samoa, where housing is in high demand. As in “What to know before you go, a guide to Samoa”, despite the fact that the country consists of two main islands and eight, the total land area is still small, which, as you might expect, makes housing. it is difficult to find in some places.

With that in mind, if you’re currently planning a whirlwind trip to Samoa, accommodation is something you’ll want to book in advance, and to avoid disappointment we’ve put together a handy guide to the best places to stay. to stand island, whatever your plan or budget.

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[NOTE: I have visited and stayed at many of these resorts as a guest of the Samoan Travel Board and Blogilicious, although all opinions are my own]

Disclaimer: Almost all content on this site contains affiliate links and this is no different. This means that if you click (and make a purchase) one of the links in this Samoa property guide I may receive a small commission at no cost. This post has been carefully designed to (hopefully!) help you decide where to stay during your trip to Samoa and offers suggestions that we believe will enhance your trip.

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