Best Place To Stay In Death Valley

Best Place To Stay In Death Valley – Death Valley is the second largest national park in the United States. 5,300 miles of deserts, canyons, deserts, and mountains straddle the California-Nevada border. With its spectacular scenery, geological wonders, fascinating history and ever-changing landscape, it’s no wonder it attracts nearly a million visitors each year. You may be one of those future visitors wondering where to stay in Death Valley. Read on to see my thoughts…

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Best Place To Stay In Death Valley

Since there is so much to see in Death Valley, the best place to stay is in the center of the park. So you don’t have to go far to search. And, if you want to take a break during the day, it’s easy. There are accommodations in nearby towns, but the closest is at least 40 minutes from the park. Inside the park, there are three options to choose from: the Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel, the Ranch at Death Valley, and the Inn at Death Valley. There are also a few campsites – great in the winter, but I wouldn’t mind camping in the summer.

Things You Didn’t Know About Death Valley

From Furnace Creek Hotel you can be at Zabriskie Point in 5 minutes. Just a short drive south you will see Golden Canyon, Artist’s Palette and Badwater Pool. And turning north takes you a few miles to Salt Creek, Harmony Borax Plant, and Mustard Canyon.

Unless you’re visiting in the winter, heat is a problem. It is a desert after all. There are safety signs throughout the park reminding you to bring plenty of water and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. My husband and I would wake up early to watch the sunrise and go hiking and sightseeing. After the temperature rose to 100 degrees F., we returned to our hotel to enjoy the atmosphere and swimming pool, lunch and even an afternoon nap.

Drive into Death Valley and within minutes you’ll know you’re in the desert. The situation is getting bigger. The mountains are tough and beautiful. However, it is dry and usually sterile. Until you get to Furnace Creek. And that’s because Furnace Creek has a slope made of hot springs. So you will see lots of palm trees, gardens and a golf course.

Both the Death Valley Inn and the Ranch are great places to stay because of their uniqueness: life-giving springs and all they create…beyond the desert.

Hours In Death Valley National Park

Death Valley has welcomed visitors since the first tent camp was established at Furnace Creek in the 1920s. With 80,000 liters of water rising to the surface every day, this is a place not to be missed! The Pacific Borax Company dug and hauled borax out of the valley with their famous 20 mule teams. Of course miners and mules camped at Furnace Creek.

In the late 1920s, the Pacific Borax Company built the Furnace Creek Refinery. It didn’t take long for Hollywood celebrities to realize that this place was a miracle. It became the winter shelter of Ronald Reagan, Clark Gable and many others.

Furnace Creek Resort has grown significantly over the years. It has now crossed the $100 million mark with the name change. It is called

. The hotel features 66 updated guest rooms, 22 additional golf cart casitas, a new poolside cafe and spa, a new library, a renovated restaurant, tennis courts and a beautiful venue for weddings and other events.

The Perfect 2 Or 3 Day Death Valley National Park Itinerary

If you both have a car (or a rental car) you can check out the best drives in Death Valley like Drive’s Palette drive or Dante’s View. Or take a tour of Death Valley on a Trekker tour.

Hiking the Golden Canyon and hiking the Badwater Basin Salt Flats are also highlights. Also great places to watch the sunset or sunrise are the sand dunes of Mesquite Flats or Zabriskie Point. All of these attractions are within a short drive from the following accommodation options.

I have to admit that I usually look for cheaper options when I travel. But for our anniversary I wanted something special. Yes, first place! I found him at an inn in Death Valley.

My room was large and had a balcony overlooking the gardens. There was even a fireplace which would be great in winter as ambience is everything! The bath robes and scented toiletries were also a special touch. There were even bathroom scales to make sure all my rides were fit!

Where To Stay In Death Valley National Park

I loved the amazing pictures of the park that were displayed on the trails. He urged me to go out and see more of them.

(However, the hotel staff really love Death Valley and have great tips on what to see!)

Other areas around the hotel, such as the library and restaurant, had beautiful pictures of the American West. I enjoyed the cool underground tunnels that connect the hotel parking lot to the swimming areas – perfect for staying warm during the day.

At night we were able to enjoy the observatory where you can see the Milky Way galaxy with the naked eye. (

Hotels In Furnace Creek From $172

(Death Valley is one of only 8 designated International Dark Sky Parks “Gold Tiers” in the United States.)

And the pool above, which is always 84 degrees, was heavenly! It is a hot spring pool that does not need to be chlorinated because the water goes to the gardens and is refilled.

Room rates range from $300 to $400 per night with AAA and AARP discounts. See offers and packages here.

The building below the hotel is Death Valley Ranch. It is only a short distance away and has a central park area. The atmosphere here is beautiful and historic. Although it was a working farm, it now showcases California architecture. With its beautiful center and fountain, access to the General Store and the Last Chance Saloon, the Ranch is family-friendly and fun for kids. It is also home to the lowest golf course in the world – 214 feet below sea level! Furnace Creek Golf Course is a certified Audubon Bird Sanctuary.

The Oasis At Death Valley National Park Hotel

We walked around The Ranch and enjoyed ice cream cones at the ice cream stand, souvenirs at the gift shop, and the Tempest Museum on the property. The Last Chance Saloon is very entertaining with its art and decor. There is also a pool, playgrounds, horse pits, playground, outdoor fireplace and fire pits.

Rooms at The Ranch are around $190-$250+ per night and offer AAA and AARP discounts when you book through their website. Sometimes you can find a lower price on

I hope I have convinced you to visit Death Valley National Park. It is unlike anything you will see anywhere else in the world. My journey has been amazing and eye-opening. Part of the experience was enjoying the contrast between the ranch and the luxury and comfort offered at The Inn at Death Valley. Whether you choose to stay at The Inn or the Family Ranch in Death Valley, I know the memories will last a lifetime!

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Experience Death Valley At Night (u.s. National Park Service)

Note: As is common in the travel industry, I was given a discount on my room at The Inn. I can assure you that my review is an accurate reflection of my experience. I want to thank Oasis at Death Valley and Christine Sceppe for taking the time to show me around the Inn and sharing their love of Death Valley.

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