Best Pizza In San Clemente

Best Pizza In San Clemente – Just when it seems that there is no room for one more pizza, the new ovens are switched on. From elegant Neapolitans to nostalgic N.Y. cuts to fast spots and choice investments, the selection is so vast it begs to be sorted. So here is a list of our favorite cakes, numbered 28 to 1. Try them quickly before another wave appears.

28. Sergeant Pepperoni’s • Take it from Sgt. Pepperoni, all you need is love – even the napkins say love aphorisms from Voltaire and John Lennon. Pizza has been served at this location for 40 years, the last three years under new owners. New York pizza is folded, delicious and texture appealing. And there’s good stuff in a delicious ricotta meatloaf pie, those oils dripping over the crispy edge. While you wait for your pie, order a slice or check out the Beatles memorabilia. 2300 S.E. Bristol Street, Newport Beach, 949-852-9500,

Best Pizza In San Clemente

27. Wood Fired Artisan Pizza • Owned by industry vets, but often run by young upstarts. Pork pizza with cilantro, red onion and mozzarella is very tasty. And add tips for pizza florentine, brunch pie with ham, three eggs, spinach and hollandaise. 148 E. Yorba Linda Blvd., 714‑579‑1777,

The Eat Index: Oc: Orange County Has Room For More Pizza, Especially This One

• Fast-casual TJ’s, a popular food truck, offers New York, Neapolitan, Sicilian and Chicago-style thin crackers. Brooklyn –

A New Yorker arrives with sausage, pepperoni, ricotta, pecorino romano, mozzarella and a real pickled lip—hot, perfectly juicy and convincingly flavored. 641 Camino de los Mares, San Clemente, 949‑243‑6433,

• Pizzeria-risoteria Taverna is a new and beautiful place with high ceilings and wooden beams and a beautiful patio. Its uniform thin pizzas are made with focaccia dough. We like the Bianca with prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella and shaved parmesan, and the Salsica with tomato sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage, caramelised onions and peppers. Pizzas are half price from 3pm to 6pm. weekdays 222 Ocean St., Laguna Beach, 949‑715‑0821,

• The pies here are tossed by hand and then spend seven minutes in a conveyor oven. But what emerges is deliciously warm, gooey and fluffy, the epitome of delicious pizza. Around midnight on the weekends, all roads from local bars lead to this takeaway with endless stacks of pizza boxes and carved wooden blocks on one wall. choose your toppings; Our anchovy chorizo​​​​fifty-fifty was 100 percent satisfying – and no hangovers. 2819 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, 949-675-1980,

Oc’s Top 20 Pizzas. Period.

• Arguably the most unique pizzas in the country, and certainly the fastest, Roma’s rectangular pies are displayed behind glass at this Surf City location.

Like them on sidewalk pizza counters in Italy. Choose a pie and watch the owners cut the focaccia texture with scissors. The unique and highly aromatic Truffle Porcini holds up a notch despite its airy, springy base. A large pizza is a full tray that comes in six slices. 221 Main St., Huntington Beach, 714‑969‑2929, doppiozero‑

• Takes 40 minutes to order a stuffed pizza from Rance. The best-selling product is made with secret herbal spices. The pizza is also exceptionally topping. Fresh spinach, mushrooms and double cheese are placed on the bottom dough, and then a second thin layer of dough is placed. Plus it’s a delicious tomato sauce. The thickly rimmed interior is like a flaky pastry, and the exterior is a beautiful uniform golden color. A fork and knife are required. 1420 Baker St., Costa Mesa, 714‑708‑2143,

21. Settebello • Covered with olive trees and a high open roof provides the ideal setting for Neapolitan pizza, and cocktails like the Mockingbird Tequila are reason enough to go. But when it comes to pizza, go for the excellent Vico with grilled sausage, fried fennel, red onion, mascarpone, mozzarella and basil. In addition to the regular deals, you’ll find $7 pizzas and $10 fries from 3-6 p.m. Weekdays 7864 Coastal Highway, Newport Beach, 949‑715‑2072,

Lake Martin Pizza

• Sapori Ristorante opened the adjoining Sapori Pizzeria last year and began serving fine Neapolitan pies. The best, Quattro Formaggi, is now gone – the white pizzas haven’t moved. On one visit, owner Sal Maniaci helped out in the pizza oven, and the Ortolano, with sausage and peppers, was nothing short of inspiring. 1080 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach, 949‑644‑4220,

19. Square One Pizza Cafe • Light and crispy, the pies here eat more like regular breads, especially because of their square dimensions. Cover 10- or 14-inch squares with your choice of 44 toppings that highlight the art—or choose a weekly special like fiery buffalo chicken that pairs happily with a happy blonde agave duck.

• If you’re just going for the pizza at the luxurious Andrea, consider the friendly bar, where Italian classics are served quietly. Pizza options, both thin crust, include the Buffalo cheese pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, Italian oregano and basil, and the Bianca Prosciutto Pizza, with San Daniele prosciutto and arugula. The surprising deliciousness of the latter requires a recalibration of the taste buds: a dusting of black pepper on the plate becomes very important. 22701 S. Pelican Hill Road, Newport Coast, 949‑467‑6800,

• Let the delicious bartender keep you occupied while you wait for your completely traditional wood fired pizza, which is the opposite of conventional pizza. The flexible dough, stretched very thin, creates a delicate base for classic combinations, including divine margherita with fresh mozzarella. The price drops to $5 midweek. 545 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 949-640-0900,

Pepperoni Pizza Day! Name Your Favorite Pizza In San Clemente

• We’ve got to love the leopard charcoal flecks on the pillowy pale dough, proving this island-chic kitchen uses serious heat to imbue its rotating pizzas with an elegant sensibility. Who needs tomato sauce when there’s leek and guanciale, a nice béchamel with fontina and chilli. Shaved apples and gorgonzola, with fresh rosemary and wine braised onions? exit 951 Newport Center Drive, 949‑706‑1416,

• Check out this new fast-casual spot in Fourth Street Market. It serves large pies and slices of “California-style pizza with a New York attitude” and lets you build your own with toppings like giardiniera olives and Castellotrano. Our favorites include the white pizza, with bechamel, bechamel sauce, ricotta, sweet garlic, mozzarella and parmesan. and wild mushroom, with besiamella, mixed seasonal mushrooms, fontina cheese and herbs. 201 E. Fourth St., Santa Ana, 714‑542‑0281,

• The delicious, mouth-watering pizzas at this sweet spot near John Wayne Airport include a wonderfully simple margherita, a curtain of San Marzano tomatoes symmetrically topped with a dollop of buffalo mozzarella and a fresh basil leaf on each slice. A heartier option finds thick slices of pear on a bed of smoked scamorza and cressenza cheeses, finished with chestnut honey. Edges with release. 4251 Martingale Way, Newport Beach, 949-955-2755,

• Seasonal ingredients make for quick creations here, so check the daily plate before ordering. For annual winners, count on The Burrata Torto, full of burrata, arugula and fresh hazelnuts, or the Sausage Party combo of Zoe’s salumi and bacon plus fennel sausage over a bright tomato sauce and milk mozzarella drizzled with Saba. 353 E. 17th, Costa Mesa, 949‑313‑6333,

Of The Best Pizza Spots On The Boardwalk In Seaside Heights, Nj

• Bold, rich pies with golden crusts, thick or thin, are honored at both Wise Guys pizzerias. The slightly sweet, handmade dough is the perfect foil for the savory goods at The Hitman, built on an oregano ranch dressing and topped with chicken, smoked provolone, roasted garlic and bacon. The four sizes and long cooking times contrast with the use of the Neapolitan label on the menu. Just shut up and eat cannoli. Delicious too 4957 Yorba Ranch Road, Yorba Linda, 714‑777‑4700; 7606 E. Chapman Road, Orange, 714‑633‑4161,

• The large, red-tiled Stefano Ferrara oven is Foucault’s fiery heart, where loyalty to Nea’s 12-inch pies rests. All 20 classic recipes, from diavola to quattro salumi, are expertly baked at 1000 degrees to achieve a delicate crust with a soft center. Fuoco is certified by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. 101 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, 714‑626‑0727,

• Chef Justin Miller leads this cosmopolitan kitchen favorite, where the magnificent starter for three-century pasta. Escarole gives its name to a wonderful Neapolitan pastry containing fontina and mozzarella cheeses, cremini mushrooms and Calabrian peppers. In more unusual flavors, small clouds of ricotta on a bed of pecorino and mozzarella cheese contrast with kalamata olives and blackened blisters of corniglione. Note: A 3% “kitchen appreciation fee” to compensate kitchen staff is now added to all checks. 650 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 714‑445‑4900,

• Roberto Biggins, the venerable owner’s chef, makes even an ordinary pepperoni pizza extraordinary at Il Dolce. And now Andrew’s son puts a new face in front of the house. Old-school Neapolitan pies are made with a large knife—you cut the slices. Our favorite is the Patato, with potatoes, chilli, mozzarella, gruyere, pancetta, fresh rosemary and chives. The pastries of Fernanda, Roberto’s wife, provide the perfect cover. 1902 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, 949‑200‑9107,

Ballpark Pizza San Clemente (talega) Delivery & Takeout

• Named after Neapolitan-born chef-owner Alessandro Pirizi, this restaurant offers Italian-approved electric food and exceptional Neapolitan pies.

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