Best Pizza In Petaluma Ca

Best Pizza In Petaluma Ca – It’s not a good pizza stick, or a pizza with four kinds of brie. It’s Friday night pizza in Sonoma County. The guts from the pot I ate with a paper towel. Here are our favorite mom-and-pop spots for the best Friday night pizza in Sonoma County. This is all provided by Biteclubbers.

1. Mike Petterssen at NY Pie has a favorite quote that sums up America’s love for pizza. “You can’t please everyone. You’re not a pizzeria,” said Pettersson, owner of NY Pie in downtown Santa Rosa. Pizza is home to more than $38 billion in annual sales, mostly at mom-and-pop stores like Petterssen. We all have this late night meal, Enjoy fast food and fuel up after the game.

Best Pizza In Petaluma Ca

Wood-fired, iron-and-fork-style pizza has its place, though. Old-school places like NY Pie, a simple crust; We shared tomato sauce and mozzarella pies. They need a Manhattan store to cut a piece in your face, and they’re Italian-American.

Carini Pizza & Subs Restaurant

Best Friday Night Pizza in Sonoma County! This pizza is from Joeys in Santa Rosa. Photo: Heather Irwin (Khaner)

He and his wife, Christina, recently expanded the footprint of the original restaurant owned by New Yorkers RJ and Camille Irvolino and renovated the small pizzeria at the corner of Brookwood Avenue and Fourth Street. Although the couple has retired to Southern California, Patterson says she talks to them often and continues to use the original recipes Camille developed.

“The sauce is an old Italian recipe and we use whole milk mozzarella. The real secret to New York style pizza is the recipe and the ingredients.”

The Minnesota native, who has owned NY Pie for two years, likes to order pizza at 2 a.m. on Christmas morning, or any day, and still delivers it piping hot to his home. Is he busy working until three o’clock every day? “Even after midnight.”

Stefano’s Pizza Menu: Pizza Delivery Petaluma, Ca

The pizzeria (65 Brookwood Road, Santa Rosa, 526-9743) has 20 beers on tap and an extensive menu, including calzones and sandwiches. But Friday Night Pie will always be the heart and soul of his business, from the simple to the best-selling Godfather (pepper, sausage, artichoke hearts and garlic).

“Selling is the funnest thing in the world,” he said. “And we will always be true to our New York roots.” He adds that your bread will come with red peppers and cheap Parmesan.

Here are some NY(ish)-style pizzerias that offer late-night delivery or takeout, as well as simple pizzas that you can wrap and enjoy this week with a smile on your face and a little butter dripping from your hands.

2. Gio’s Pizza – This New York-style pizzeria was once owned by Irvolinos and has followed the original founder’s vision. Friends say it’s the best part of Sonoma County. We deliver every week from 5pm to 9pm. 2700 Yulupa Ave., #5, Santa Rosa, 542-2797.

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3. Mombo: At the Santa Rosa station this classic pizzeria is open on weekends. Good pizza is what we go to on a Friday night and we’re willing to wait an hour or two for delivery within hours. Offer available until 10pm. in Santa Rosa. Plus, Pizza Options is now discontinued. 1880B Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa, 528-3278. The Sebastopol location is open until 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday 10 a.m. Thursday through Saturday; 560 Gravenstein Road North; Sebastopol, 823-7492.

4. Joey – another favorite neighbor; Joey’s has one of the largest pizza cases, including a cheeseburger pizza with garlic and mustard sauce, and a veggie topping. Plus, you can add homemade cheesecake or Scooby Treats (cinnamon chips) to your menu. on weekends Sunday night until 1 a.m. 727 Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa, 595-5639.

Basil at La Vera Restaurant in Santa Rosa; tomato, Italian style pizza with olive oil and mozzarella. Heather Irwin/PD

5. La Vera – More than a sit-down restaurant in Italy, La Vera does pizza well. After 30 years in business, they know how to make pizza. Parts are available at noon. Open until 9pm. daily Offered via 629 Fourth Street; Santa Rosa, 575-1113.

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6. Simply delicious: This west Santa Rosa pizzeria always has great family pizza sizes. From simple cheeses to savory versions with roasted nuts and roasted red peppers. The crust is a little thicker than the traditional NY style, but it’s delicious. Open until 9pm. Tuesday through Saturday. Eating or just peeing. 2780 Stone Point, Santa Rosa, 579-2083.

7. Red Grape Pizza: The pizzas at this restaurant come in large sizes (12 inches) and are slightly larger than the typical New York portions. It’s definitely Sonoma’s go-to for Friday night pizza. The pizza is white (olive oil and garlic) or red (tomato sauce), and cheeses such as Parmesan and aged Gouda are also special. My personal favorite is pears and gorgonzola. Eat-in or pickup only at 529 First St. West, Sonoma, 996-4103.

8. Sal’s New Yorker Pizza: This 2014 newcomer to the pizza game is an SSU student favorite. Open until 9pm. Daily Delivered. 8270 Old Redwood Road; Cotati, 664-8460.

9. Rafy’s Pizzeria: A longtime American pizza maker in the Big Apple, serving slices as authentic as your head. Petalum gives a big thumbs up. Open daily until 9 p.m., 615 E. Washington. Petaluma, 559-5735.

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10 6490 Mirabel Road; Forestville, 887-9574.

On Saturday, March 19th, the Fort Bragg Rotary Club is hosting its 20th annual beer festival in Fort Bragg…but pizza makes a great lunch or dinner because we grew up in Chicago. If you want to know the best Chicago deep dish pizza, keep reading here.

Ever since moving to California, I knew I needed to find an amazing pizza place, and I’m happy to say there is.

Sonoma County’s selection of pizzas is so great that I always have a hard time choosing between what I want. So I decided to make a list for everyone featuring my favorite pizza places in Sonoma County.

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After enjoying Sonoma pizza; Great location Healdsburg; Also see the Downtown Sonoma Guide and Top Healdsburg Restaurants posted on the Sonoma website.

If you are interested in a unique Italian pizza, this place is for you. Campo Fina offers delicious wood-fired pizzas and also offers other small plates. I love the delicious Pizza Margherita and the atmosphere around it. After eating and drinking, I heard a blast playing bocce ball in the backyard. How exciting is that?! Can’t wait to go back and try the specialty pizzas! Be sure to read about my time at Campo Fina in Healdsburg’s 10 Must-See Restaurants!

Anyone around Geyserville or Healdsburg knows about Diavola Pizzeria and Salumeria. They have good and delicious food. Read more about them in the Downtown Geyserville Dining Guide.

Glen Allen Starr is the next place to stop when you want pizza in Sonoma. The environment, the outdoors and the attractions are amazing, but so is their food. Glen Allen Starr specializes in wood-fired pizzas, and they are very good. They have a great selection of pizzas and you can’t go wrong with any of them. You should definitely try it. Read more about the best restaurants in Glen Allen in my blog post The Glen Allen Star.

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Wood-fired pizza seems to be the trend in Sonoma County. But it’s a path I can follow. Journey’s Meat Co. Another great place in Sonoma when you’re looking for great pizza and friendly staff. I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely owners Pete and Cathy Segesio while enjoying a glass of wine and a fresh, amazing pizza. Soppressata salami; I recommend getting the Verde pizza with mozzarella and arugula. Read more about my visit to Meat on the Blog.

Matheson’s in Healdsburg is a new specialty pizza restaurant. The careful handling of the dough and the wood fire make this pizza to die for. Matheson is Healdsburg.

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