Best Pizza In Leicester

Best Pizza In Leicester – Leicester is steeped in history. As one of the oldest towns in England, one can only imagine the life it has lived. That said, when you visit or travel to this city, you can become a part of that history in more ways than one. There are famous kings buried here, palace ruins and unique architecture that stands the test of time. Beyond all of this obvious history and culture to observe, there is much more unique culture and history to soak up when it comes to Leicester food, particularly Italian food and pizza joints. Experience the old and new worlds of pizza right in the heart of the city and check out some of our favorite pizza joints hidden in the recesses of this unique city. Who said history can’t be a time to satisfy your hunger?

Fireaway is all about speed and skill. With blazing fast speeds and amazing pizza quality, you can be on your way to your favorite meal in minutes. Seconds, to be exact. Talk about fast service. We must not forget that their pizzas are very affordable, so you can treat the whole family to the pizza you want without stress and anxiety. Don’t panic though. Speed ​​doesn’t mean compromising on pizza quality. Quite the opposite. Using ancient wood burning grills, you cook each pizza to perfection with ancient tradition and technology that gives you the highest quality in the shortest time.

Best Pizza In Leicester

Fireaway believes that great pizza is all about the ingredients. They found good partners for the main ingredients from England and Italy, such as Naples and Milan. These places focus on their farm, which when combined with pizza experts like Fireway makes for a well-oiled machine.

Oscar And Rosies

Their pizzas are also hand-rolled, so while you buy the best tomato sauce and pickles, their crusts are specially and carefully made for you. For those not so into the world of pizza, these little details may not matter much. But they make a difference compared to pizza places that don’t pay attention to details.

Peter’s Pizzeria prides itself on delicious and unique pizzas that are simultaneously fused with history, culture and experience. Their building is one of the oldest historical buildings in the city, so history buffs will start exploring this place.

In addition to the history of the building itself, Peter’s Pizzeria includes amazing artwork scattered throughout the restaurant to explore while you eat your plate of pizza, as well as custom furniture to sit on and add more character in space. This place is more than your average run-of-the-mill pizza chain for grab-and-go. Expect a memory when you visit.

However, experience is not everything. Their pizzas combine all that history to create mouth-watering flavors that will have friends and family begging to come back. All of their food is fresh, so when you try Peter’s Pizzeria, there’s no questioning the authenticity and quality of the food.

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If you want classic Italian when you’re in Leicester, Cafe Roma is a must. With classic Italian pizza as well as other Italian dishes, your hunger will no doubt be satisfied before the night is over. There is nothing better than loading up on carbs, especially Italian carbs to end the night with a bang.

One of the unique features of this place is that it serves Italian food all day on a menu that changes throughout the day, so if you’re not ready for dinner, you can also grab lunch or breakfast when you stop by cafe. Rome. This means you have a unique experience and taste at any time of the day, so all the more reason to come back and try other menus.

This restaurant has surpassed the original Italian restaurants and pizzerias since 1996. They have perfected the art of Italian cuisine and made it their mission to share their gift. Whoever walks through the door is chosen.

The best pizza in Glasgow reviewed for 2022 The best pizza in Newcastle reviewed for 2022 The best pizza in Belfast reviewed for 2022 The foodie scene in this city is second to none and the Pizza in Leicester is one of the best in the country. So, as any foodie would do, we’ve rounded up the best places to eat pizza in town.

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From classic Italian pizza to thin and crispy American-style to light fare, there’s something for everyone.

So forget the diet, grab a friend and get ready to work your way through Leicester’s best pizza.

Peter’s Pizza authentic, traditional, Neapolitan pizza is easily the top of the best pizza places in Leicester. The pizza bases are made from hand-made, fermented sourdough and the ingredients are sourced from Italy or locally in Leicestershire. Additions include dolt salami and olive oil.

Nine Bar is one of Leicester’s bar scenes, and has recently become a star on the city’s pizza scene. The menu is very simple, with a New York-style slice, but you don’t need anything else. Sweet homemade tomato sauce and pepperoni are perfect with jalapeños.

Woodiz Wood Fired Pizza Leicester. A Pizza Place Like No Other.

MOD Pizza may be a chain, but it still maintains the premium quality that is the main reason for its popularity. Here you build your own pizza and you can choose from over 30 toppings – whatever you choose, the price is the same. We love a good buffalo hot sauce!

This place that will never let you down for stone-baked pizza is your new favorite. Choose from their own creations like the Caribbean Pizza with jerk BBQ sauce, mozzarella, chicken, caramelized onions and pineapple, or make your own. yum

This multi-award winning pub and kitchen serves up some seriously innovative pub fare. They are highly respected for their commitment to using seasonal British products of the highest ethical standards. The menu changes regularly, with pizza toppings including pulled pork, baby mozzarella and red Leicester cheese.

This cozy restaurant is a top spot for Sunday lunch, but make sure you don’t miss the chance to try their pizza. They have a real stone oven pizza oven that fires up delicious pizzas. Order the Halikon special: Turkey-style pizza with chili and lamb.

The Best Pizza In Leicester For 2022

The famous Italian restaurant Zizzi offers some of the best pizzas, from classic pizzas to calzones and some creative creations. Be sure to try the king prawns, chorizo ​​crumble, mozzarella, baby sun tomatoes, red pesto and smoked garlic oil. Full of flavor and always served with a friendly smile.

If you love pizzas, you’ll want to check out the 50 Best Pizzas in the World, whether it’s frozen, dry, fried, or thin. Pizza has always been one of life’s great pleasures. Most of them follow a simple but effective crispy dough, a rich tomato sauce, various toppings and last but certainly not least, the cheese that binds it all together. But the devil is in the details, and it brings out all the differences and connections between the ingredients that take a pizza from decent to downright incredible.

Peter’s is an independent Neapolitan style pizzeria in Leicester city center (and one in Loughborough). Their focus is on authenticity, sourcing unique ingredients from the best suppliers in the pizza industry, including Caputo flour from Naples, olive oil from a cooperative farm on the Italian coast, and amazing red wine from the family. – Run a winery below the Alps.

Choosing between pizzas is never easy, and this one is no different. We regularly recommend an ever-changing Pizza of the Month, often using rare and delicious toppings, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. If the current specialty isn’t up your alley, why not try the old 3 pizza, a delicious mix of ricotta, salami, fennel and pistachio, finished with a generous drizzle of sesame oil. Don’t forget to save for the amazing dessert selection, including the all-time favorite Nutella Pizza.

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Check out the newly restored tree formerly known as the Orange Tree. Pizza is delicious and authentic on the menu as it is part of the Pizza, Pots and Pints ​​chain. Freshly made pizzas with a variety of toppings and a new dedicated children’s menu with mini pizza versions, all of which you can expect with a free drink and ice cream or dessert. What are you waiting for?

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