Best Physical Therapy In San Jose

Best Physical Therapy In San Jose – Your therapist will provide PT in person, at your home or work, so getting help is safe and convenient.

Luna’s service is great, Matt is great, extremely professional…coming to my home makes my life so much easier.

Best Physical Therapy In San Jose

I was able to get an appointment in a few days. The other places I called couldn’t take me for another 2-3 weeks.

Meet The Team

This was my first visit to a therapist and I have to say it was amazing. He was very professional and knowledgeable.

I can’t tell you how dedicated the Luna physical therapists are – they are incredibly knowledgeable and work around my schedule!

My physical therapist from Luna is amazing! He comes to my house, which is perfect and convenient for me.

I can’t imagine ever going back to a real PT office. Bottom line – I love Luna.

H Wave Fremont, Los Gatos & San Jose, Ca

Before Luna, all therapy fell short of the level of care I needed. Luna is dedicated to MY work.

I have been through therapy twice and working with Luna was much better than dealing with an actual clinic.

This program is the greatest invention. Luna is a great way to heal. I will definitely use this service again.

My doctor, Mary Ann, was incredible. I learned a lot from him today. He worked on hip rotation to heal my knee.

Best Physical Therapy, 6155 Almaden Expy #150, San Jose, Ca 95120, Usa

The attending therapist arrived on time and provided the best physical therapy I have ever received.

They are very flexible when you need to quickly find a free appointment. Treatment was of great importance!

Luna is very convenient and saves a lot of time when they come to your house. I will definitely use Luna in the future!

Luna has helped me tremendously in my recovery from a recent shoulder injury and the app is so easy to use!

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As an athlete — running, kettlebells, yoga — I did a lot of physical therapy. Luna is a big step forward!

I have already recommended Luna to several people because of my great experience with Mona and Luna!

The best therapy I have ever received. It was great to be home and getting the help I needed.

I work from home and am always looking for ways to save time. Luna was perfect and my therapist is amazing!

Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

Luna is amazing – the convenience of booking EV visits through the app makes recovery so much easier.

OH MY! Our therapist knows her anatomy and I felt confident in treating my pain. He is amazing!

Luna makes PT super easy with a convenient program, direct insurance payment, and care in your home.

You pay as much as you pay to visit the clinic, not a penny. We accept all PPOs and Medicare.

Physical Therapy In San Marcos, Ca

Say hello to Luna, San Jose, the cutting-edge home platform that brings physical therapy to your most convenient location. With therapists who come to you, there are no more leaps and bounds in achieving quality care. Enrolling at Luna is easy – we accept all major insurances and Medicare, and no prescription is required to get started, no matter how you pay for your treatment.

Our therapists are available by appointment anywhere in San Jose. We come to you to make your PT experience as comfortable as possible. We know how special this city is and how hard its residents work every day. We created Luna to help San Jose residents reduce the stress of getting prescriptions, finding insurance coverage, finding a clinic close enough, managing wait lists, and making frequent trips to get the care they need.

Luna accepts many insurance plans and we handle the claim verification process for you. With Luna, you pay the same amount as your insurance for each PT visit. We accept all PPOs and Medicare. Check your benefits online or by phone right away – chances are you’re covered!

In most cases, referral to physical therapy is not necessary. Some insurance providers require a doctor’s advice and we will notify you immediately if this applies to your insurance. More about recipes.

Physical Therapy Burnout Is Destroying Our Profession

Private in-home physical therapy sessions are available 7 days a week, 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. We do this without any problems to complete the entire course of treatment by inviting your luna therapist to you. As a rule, our therapists treat patients at home. See the comparison table of our clinic.

We strive to have an individual therapist working with each patient throughout the treatment period. Sometimes your scheduling priorities may require adjustments, but you always know in advance who is hosting you.

In California, direct access rules allow patients to see physical therapy up to 12 times without a prescription. After 12 visits or 45 days (whichever comes first), the Luna team will work with your doctor to obtain a prescription if additional visits or time are needed.

Medicare requires a signed physical therapy treatment plan. Your Luna therapist will create a care plan during your first visit and the Luna team will work with your doctor to get their approval. You will need a new care plan every 90 days or every 10 visits, whichever comes first.

Silver Creek Physical Therapy In Sunnyvale On E. Remington Dr

Ready to book? Manage your appointments, send messages to the Luna Concierge and physical therapist, and more. Download the Luna app for Below is a list of the best and leading physical therapists in San Jose. We’ve compiled our own list based on this scorecard to help you find the best physical therapy near you in San Jose.

Competitive EDGE Physical Therapy believes that movement is one of the best forms of medicine. The company is committed to not only helping clients recover from injuries, but also educating them about the education they need to stay healthy. Competitive EDGE is a leader in the field of sports medicine and physical therapy and has extensive expertise in the treatment of a variety of injuries. Their therapists and specialists are professional and have many years of experience. This means that you are in safe hands and your current condition will be treated appropriately and with care.

REVIEWS: Great and knowledgeable team, technology and service! Invest in your strength and coordination and watch these guys! I am a stronger and faster runner (athlete!) than Kevin and Matt AND they have given me skills that I can continue to improve. Highly recommended! – Naomi Morita

Golden Hills is an independent wellness center that has been helping patients recover since 1992. This rehab clinic’s approach to treatment and recovery is results-oriented and based on science, patience and compassion. Golden Hills Orthopedic is recognized as one of the Bay Area’s top rehab centers when it comes to physical injuries. Their therapists and specialists have years of experience dealing with a variety of injuries, from simple to complex, and have had great success helping countless patients make a full recovery. This group-oriented clinic not only helps patients improve their physical condition, but also encourages them to strive for a healthier life.

Surprising Ways A Physical Therapist Can Help You

REVIEWS: Fantastic experience. Everyone is friendly and takes the time to help you. The best thing is that I was able to recover from the injury faster than I expected. – Melvin Joseph

Silver Creek Physical Therapy is an innovative medical facility specializing in providing the highest quality physical therapy. The clinic aims not only to help patients recover from injuries, but also to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Silver Creek Physical Therapy’s mission is to offer more personalized one-on-one therapy to take full advantage of the facility. Their therapists are some of the best in the state of California and are known to do their best for every patient they work with. If you want to get back to 100% and get your life back on track, Silver Creek Physical Therapy is the way to go.

REVIEWS: Have used them for many different PT recipes over the years. Very professional and qualified staff. The PT sessions were successful. – Susan Smith

Pace Physical Therapy is one of the best rehabilitation clinics in California, known for its quality services. The clinic is known for rehabilitating patients and helping them fully recover from injuries without surgery. Pace Physical Therapy offers comprehensive care for a variety of physical injuries such as sciatica, neck pain, chronic headaches, ankle pain, hip pain, and more. Their therapists are known to be highly skilled in developing programs that help patients recover without the use of drugs and preserve your immune system. These professionals work hard to make sure you get back to 100% as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing your overall well-being.

Physical Therapy Carlsbad

REVIEWS: Highly recommend! They taught me a lot about my injury and the cause of the problem. I learned many exercises to prevent re-injury. They even provided tools to practice at home during treatment. Really professional treatment! – Diego Caballero

MORE Physical Therapy has a team of highly qualified therapists who specialize in sports medicine and orthopedics. This clinic knows it

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