Best Pediatric Dentist In Frisco Tx

Best Pediatric Dentist In Frisco Tx – The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAPD) recommends a visit before their first birthday or within six months after the first tooth erupts.

You Tube has great videos for kids about going to the dentist or check out some books in your library.

Best Pediatric Dentist In Frisco Tx

You’ll find that the culture is decorated with children in mind with soothing colors, toys and books in the waiting room (sometimes even indoor play equipment), and common areas with private rooms.

Dr. Rubin Selected Best Pediatric Dentist For 2021 By Dmagazine!

Children also love television screens, which are often mounted on the ceiling. Kids can choose their favorite movies to watch!

Dentists are trained specifically to treat children rather than adults, so their tone and patience reflect that! They really care about children and understand them well.

Just like when you have sick children, you want to make sure you take your children to a good place when they need dental work and cleanings.

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Are you a planning mother? If you live, work or play in Plano or the surrounding area, sign up for our newsletter to get weekly news, events and deals delivered to your inbox. Join the Plano Moms community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – connect with us and each other! At Texas Tiny Dentist in Frisco, our doctors are board certified pediatric dentists with years of training and additional education. That means they can meet all the dental needs of the smallest smile in Frisco, while always keeping you relaxed and happy. We are also your one-stop shop for major orthodontic services, including braces and Invisalign. Children and parents alike love us because our little patients really enjoy being at the dentist and you can be sure that your most precious smile is always in good hands. Our Frisco dental office is located next to Eldorado Montessori and Purefoy Elementary, but is also very close to other schools in the area, making us the perfect dental choice for your child.

We like to say that our patients really look forward to coming to us. They will enjoy the waiting room and then learn all kinds of interesting things while we take care of their teeth. Our team can make dentistry an adventure rather than a chore. While your child is happy, we’ll provide high-quality, comprehensive dental care that will help their smile stay strong and healthy as they grow.

We are less than 10 minutes from downtown Frisco! If you’re driving North Dallas, just take Eldorado Pkwy and head west. Continue until you reach Teel Pwky and turn left. Our office will be on the left just after you pass George and Debra Purefoy Elementary School.

Or you can take Main St west to Teel Pkwy and turn right. Our practice will be on the right after you cross Del Largo Street.

Infants First Visit To Pediatric Dentist What To Expect, When To Go

If you have dental insurance, we accept most insurances, including Medicaid and CHIP. To make things even easier, we’ll also submit your claim and work directly with your provider to ensure your benefits are always available. If you don’t currently have insurance, don’t worry, we accept CareCredit financing.

They will help you break down the cost of your care into easy monthly payments that fit your family’s budget.

Texas Tiny Teeth complies with federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex. Privacy Notice | Notice of Equity | Dental Artisan Speech Therapy Services in Frisco is a leading provider of general dentistry and family medicine in Frisco for our patients in Frisco, TX. Our dedicated team has worked with patients like you to provide unparalleled personalized care. From the moment you walk into our Frisco dental office, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive treatment plan, excellent dental diagnosis, and customized dental solutions based on your needs and preferences. Our team of dentists has worked hard to provide preventive care, education and advanced dentistry to help meet a variety of dental needs. Whether we work with you or your family, our team knows the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. We work with adults and children and provide comprehensive dental services using the latest dental technology. We have experience working with children and know how to give children of all ages a happy visit to the dentist. This Frisco dentist focuses on your child’s smile, but we also care about their overall health and will help you understand the best course of action for their specific problems.

Dental Arts of Frisco is the leading dental care service in the Frisco community, and one of the ways we help our patients achieve the smile of their dreams is by offering countless preventive cleanings and dental exams. Our patients get the smile of their dreams with regular cleanings every six months, and our dedicated staff at Frisco Family Dentistry will work with you to address any concerns or issues you may have. We know that untreated dental problems can cause pain, discomfort and disease that can affect your overall health. During regular dental exams and cleanings, we will identify diseased gums, cracked teeth and cavities. When we find these dental problems, we will discuss the best course of action to ensure you have a healthy and beautiful smile.

Pediatric Dentist Frisco

If you are looking for an exceptional dentist in Frisco for your family, you should call our friendly staff at Dental Arts of Frisco. Our entire dental team is here to help you and your family build a legacy of good dental health and provide a great dental experience to every child we see. Whenever we work with children, we go above and beyond what most patients expect because we know that going to the dentist can be intimidating for many children. Our assistants, hygienists and doctors all know how to work with children and provide excellent dental care to address your child’s problems and concerns. We work hard to ensure that children have beautiful smiles and can benefit from optimal health.

At Dental Arts of Frisco, we know that dental sealants are a useful measure to prevent oral disease and decay. Our Frisco dental staff knows how to provide excellent oral care through the simple bonding process. The acrylic cover will match the natural color of your teeth, so you can be sure that this procedure will not show when you are talking to people throughout the day. Once applied, your dental sealant will seal your tooth and help treat the problems of deep cavities, plaque build-up and acid decay. Our Frisco dental team will work with you to apply the fillings as soon as possible, and once applied, these dental fillings will withstand the forces of chewing and can last for several years.

Dental Arts of Frisco loves working with our Frisco community and we have seen patients come in regularly with headaches and jaw pain. If you experience this type of discomfort, you may be experiencing symptoms of bruxism or tooth decay. Dentists in Frisco offer non-surgical dental procedures to treat tooth decay. Our Frisco dental office has the experience and knowledge you need to relieve pain and discomfort while preventing the long-term damage that can accompany chronic toothache.

Dental and oral injuries are a major part of all sports-related injuries. The most effective way to prevent this type of injury while playing team sports is to wear an athletic mouth guard. As part of our commitment to the Frisco community, our dental team is here to help Frisco athletes find custom sports mouth guards to improve their safety and health. Protecting an athlete’s teeth is the primary benefit of wearing a mouth guard, and athletes of all ages and sports enjoy their experience at our Frisco dental office. Our staff at Frisco Family Dentistry will work with you and your family to find the best sports mouth to meet the rules and other expectations of schools and sports organizations.

Frisco Kid’s Dentistry

Oral cancer can affect your overall health if not detected early, and if not detected early in the development process, oral cancer can be fatal. As part of your routine oral exam, the dedicated staff and doctors of Dental Arts Of Frisco will perform an oral cancer screening at your Frisco, TX dentist. Getting regular scans from our hygienists will give you the peace of mind and understanding you need to detect oral cancer as soon as possible. We will work with you to discuss our findings

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