Best Party Hostels In Cartagena

Best Party Hostels In Cartagena – Cartagena is a vibrant city in Colombia that is becoming more and more popular with tourists every year. The charming old town, with its quaint streets lined with colonial buildings, is a must-see.

But with the cartels and the history of some parts of the city still having a completely different atmosphere after dark, where to stay in the city? And is it safe?

Best Party Hostels In Cartagena

Don’t worry, we’ve selected the best hostels in Cartagena so you can experience the city’s rich history and local culture while finding a place in a safe area.

Media Luna Hostel Cartagena From $11. Cartagena Hotel Deals & Reviews

So, let’s see which are the best hostels in Cartagena that suit you and your budget!

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Why we love Hostel La Antigua… We love the stunning interior and cool exterior of this top hostel in Cartagena. We also like that the beds are very comfortable. La Antigua Capsule, the best hostel in Cartagena, also has the qualities that make it a place to stay: amazing, friendly and helpful staff that welcomes everyone.

Hostel La Antigua … makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door, which is a plus especially for solo travelers. And the free big breakfast is a bonus that sets you up for a day of exploring!

Wonderland Party Hostel

Looking for a party? We’ve got you covered with our guide to the best party hostels in Cartagena!

Why we love Hostel Media Luna… Every Wednesday this Cartagena backpacker hostel hosts epic parties that we love. The hostel also has a bar which is a great place to relax with the tourists. Most of all, we love the casual atmosphere here, where people are ready to chat and make friends.

For Media Luna Hostel… If you want to throw a party, Media Luna Hostel is the perfect place to do it. Not only is it the best party hostel in Cartagena because of the fantastic parties it hosts, but there’s a great bar across the street if you want to go out. If the heat gets to you, you’ll enjoy the powerful air conditioning at this top hostel in Cartagena.

Why we love El Viajero Cartagena… With nightly activities, attentive staff, two outdoor patios and a bar full of music, this youth hostel in Cartagena has a great social atmosphere. We love the public spaces, but what we love most are the activities and tours the hostels offer, which are a great way to meet fellow travelers.

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For El Viajero Cartagena … If you’re looking for a great social hostel where there’s always something going on, El Viajero Cartagena is the place for you. The atmosphere here is one where you can always have fun and meet new people, especially if you’re someone who gets bored when it’s too quiet or cold!

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Why we love Hostel Republica… It’s the best hostel in Cartagena’s old town. It’s an award-winning hostel and we love it not just for that, but for its super stylish look and great amenities. The setting of the old colonial building suits the surrounding area, which we also like.

For Hostel Rebublica … If you are looking for the best hostel to explore the walled city of Cartagena, this is it. Hostel Republica may be a bit pricey compared to other backpacker hostels in Cartagena, but it is well located and perfect for those interested in heritage buildings. And there’s a pool!

Best Party Hostels In Cartagena, Colombia

Why we love Casa Del Poza Boutique Hostel… The bright colors, murals, artwork and beautiful tiled floors mean this place is close to the best hostel in Cartagena, our vote is of course we love the bar and pool, they are perfect relaxing spots . This hostel is the best hostel in Gethsemane and reflects its cool and fun environment.

For Casa del Poza Boutique Hostel… If you’re looking for a great hostel in Cartagena that’s not just a boutique hostel, but still has the social profile and fun factor of a “traditional” hostel, Casa del Pozo is a great choice. Also, fans of a large and delicious breakfast will be happy to stay here – it is included in the price! This is really a very nice hostel.

Why we love Wonderland Party Hosts… We love the friendly staff at this recommended hostel in Cartagena. We also love the large pool area and the Netflix room is a major plus when you want to chill too. But what we love most is its location: it’s walking distance to the airport!

Wonderland Party Hostel for… If you’re looking for a great hostel near Rafael Nunez International Airport, you’ve found it! It says it’s a party hostel, but it’s actually pretty cool, so it’s perfect for a little break between the craziness of Cartagena and your flight to your next destination.

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Why we love City Hostel Central location… Recently renovated with premium features, City Hostel is all about smart design and functional planning. A very cool glass roof lets in lots of light and makes the space feel big and airy. What makes it the best hostel near Central Station is that it feels very safe and the staff take care of all their guests and make sure everyone passing by is happy.

City Hostel Perfect for Central Station… The perfect hostel for travelers coming to the city by train, this hostel is a great hostel near Stockholm Station. Clean and well maintained, each room has a great social area for meeting people and cable TV when you want to relax in bed.

Why we love Clock House… We love Clock House because it is one of the best hostels in Cartagena. easy going! The decor here is amazing and very tasteful. While not partying or very social, this hostel is a luxurious place to stay and relax in the bustling historic center of Cartagena, which we love.

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Home of the ultimate watches for Flashpackers! Yes, those not interested in the “traditional” hostel experience will love this place. The point is not to entertain and make friends, but to treat yourself in the boutique atmosphere of this luxury hostel. This is the best high class hostel in Cartagena and the prices reflect it, so not for the budget minded!

Why we love Quintas on Maos … A delicious free breakfast and a great location in the Manga district, a short walk from the old town, is not the only thing to love about this youth hostel in Cartagena. We also love the laid-back feel, making it a great place to kick back when you’re done exploring the city for the day.

Quintas By Maos is perfect for you… If value for money is important to you, then Quintas by Maos is a great option for you. It’s an affordable choice in a budget-friendly, non-touristy part of town with friendly staff and a delicious free breakfast – we think it all adds up to the best budget accommodation in Cartagena!

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Why we love Be Lounge Hostel… We love the private rooms at this top hostel in Cartagena! They feature a flawless design that makes you feel like you’re living in a more expensive place. The best way to see this walled city is to stay in a place that feels (and is) in the heart of it all.

Be a lounge… perfect for couples or digital singles. Or someone looking for a boutique hostel experience. As the best hostel with private rooms in Cartagena, you can expect high quality with vintage furniture in Be Lounge private rooms. Colonial house setting

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