Best Paddle Board Spots In Florida

Best Paddle Board Spots In Florida – Have you gone kayaking? This is an amazing and ancient adventure that connects you with the water and the natural environment around you. The first kayaks were created by the Inuit people of the arctic regions thousands of years ago, and several hundred years ago people in other regions became interested in them as a recreational craft. Today, you can participate in kayaking in calm and gentle waters known as flatwater, or in fast and treacherous white waters. The type of kayak you use depends on the water. Kayaks are not to be confused with canoes! The most obvious difference between the two is that when kayaking you use a paddle with a paddle at each end and when canoeing you use two paddles with a paddle at the bottom.

There are hundreds of interesting kayaking spots in Florida, so deciding on a spot can be difficult. The location you choose may depend on the sites you want to see and the type of kayaking you want to do. Want to see different wildlife and spend a relaxing afternoon paddling a calm river? Or are you looking for a more dangerous white water experience to get your heart racing? To help you decide, here’s a list of the 12 best places to kayak in Florida, including contact information and optimal launch points.

Best Paddle Board Spots In Florida

1| Winter Park Seenkette | Winter Park offers a unique kayaking opportunity: elegant man-made canals meander through the historic town and between impressive properties, while offering views of Florida’s natural wildlife. Abundant aquatic plants grow on the banks. Terns nest in coastal trees. The canals connect six large freshwater lakes that are home to fish and turtles, which in turn feed on ospreys and herons. You can spy all this from a kayak in the city! The protective shade of the canals provides shelter from the sun and wind, making for an incredibly comfortable and relaxing cruise.

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TIPS FOR KAYING | Dress appropriately | Dress for the water temperature to be prepared when you take a dip.

2| Tampa Bay: Shell Key Preserve | Shell Key Preserve is a 1,828-acre preserve with a 195-acre barrier island in the Tampa Bay area. In this pristine marine environment you can see dolphins and manatees, paddle through mangrove forests and enjoy pristine white beaches! These beaches are publicly accessible only by water, so kayaking is one of the only ways to access these shores. Try a transparent kayak and you will be able to see the sea creatures below you! Fish, starfish and crustaceans abound in these clear, sparkling waters.

TIPS FOR KAYING | First Rent | For obvious reasons, rent and try the experience before investing in expensive kayak gear.

3 Tampa Bay: Tarpon Springs | The Bayous of Tarpon Springs is home to dolphins, manatees, stingrays and of course tarpon! If you have never seen one of these large fish, you will be amazed! Plus, seasonal tours are offered during manatee season, which means you’ll get to meet these gentle giants up close! In addition to wildlife, exploring the waterways of Tarpon Springs is also a place to see historic sites, including early 20th century Victorian homes. After paying, you can visit the sea shops and Greek restaurants that this town is famous for.

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TIPS FOR KAYING | Physical Cards | Bring a physical map of the area you are kayaking so you are not at the mercy of your cellular connection.

4| Fort Pierce | If you want to take an evening trip, Fort Pierce has some unique creatures that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re lucky, you might find bioluminescent comb jellies that will light up the dark waters below your kayak. Paddling the bays and navigating the mangrove tunnels in the dark with a lantern or glow-in-the-dark lantern is definitely a very different experience from a day trip, maybe a little scary.

TIPS FOR KAYING | Check the time | Keep an eye on the weather and future forecasts, you don’t want to be kayaking in heavy storms.

5| Jupiter | The brackish turquoise waters of the Indian River are full of fascinating marine life that you can come face-to-face with in a kayak. These coastal waters are also full of beautiful unspoilt beaches where kayakers can stop and go ashore for fun. There are many shallow water spots and a long sandy beach to explore and look for smaller animals such as starfish, fish and clams. You can even jump out of the kayak and enjoy the cool water on a hot day.

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WHERE TO START: Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina: 18701 SE Federal Hwy, Jupiter, FL 33469 | WHERE: 561-203-9477

6| rock springs | Rock Springs Run is a natural scenic waterway formed by a series of artesian springs. It has slow and crystal clear waters where you can see freshwater species such as alligators, otters, turtles and fish, as well as birds and deer along the shoreline and in the pine forests. In one direction you pay against the current, in the other there is no need to paddle! This gentle paddling track is great for beginners.

TIPS FOR KAYING | Peace Yourself | Stay calm, don’t burn yourself while in the water.

7 crystal flow | The calm waters of the Crystal River flow into Three Sisters Springs, Jurassic Springs and Hunter Springs in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Kayaking is only allowed from April 1st to November 14th. The rest of the year, the springs are closed as endangered species flock here to seek refuge. The water is naturally heated and so the manatees choose to do so in their winter. During the season when the springs are open for kayaking, these iconic, turquoise waters are considered some of the most beautiful in Florida.

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TIPS FOR KAYING | Waterproof Storage | If you bring something that needs to be dry, for example. B. wallet, groceries or clothes, be sure to invest in waterproof storage.

8| Rainbow Springs State Park | Before Rainbow Springs became a state park, it was a private outdoor park. You can see evidence of this in the ornamental gardens and artificial waterfalls that still flow. Beyond these beautiful views, however, remains the beauty of the natural springs and the hammocks covered with moss. Visitors to this incredibly blue water can see dozens of species. If you get hot while paying, you can just jump into the springs and take a refreshing dip!

TIPS FOR KAYING | Stay tuned | They are found in the wild, so be sure to keep your head in a snifter in case an alligator swims by. I don’t want to miss this!

9| Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge | Merritt Island is Florida’s largest barrier island and is home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and a 140,000-acre nature preserve. The waterways in the refuge offer unparalleled views of Florida’s coastal ecosystems. In these coastal waters you can see alligators, dolphins and manatees. In addition, this place is also one of the most popular places in America for bioluminescent kayaking. Billions of bioluminescent plankton glow in the dark when the water is disturbed, such as when an oar enters the water, creating a strange and surprising sight best seen in the darkest of nights.

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TIPS FOR KAYING | Keep in close touch | If you’re traveling with a group, make sure to keep in touch so no one gets left behind. The group must be at a distance from each other.

WHERE TO START: Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge: 1987 Scrub Jay Way, Titusville, FL 32782 (NW Haulover Canal) | WHERE: 407-212-7306

10| Suwannee River | At 246 miles long, the Suwannee River is a popular multi-day paddle river. This blackwater river consists mostly of natural, slow channels that cut through wooded, wet swamps. However, if you are a very experienced kayaker and you are interested in white water kayaking, there are many wild sections of this river. The biggest rapids in Florida start in the Big Shoals Tract of the river and are rated I-II (and sometimes III) in difficulty. The waters above Big Shoals are very calm and shallow and next to the rapids there is a port on the shore that allows embarkation and disembarkation at the same point. Some walking is required to reach the launch site.

TIPS FOR KAYING | drying | After a long day of kayaking, be sure to dry your gear before storing it so it doesn’t get damaged by mold or rust.

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WHERE TO START: Big Shoals Trail Entrance: 18738 SE 94th Street, White Springs, FL 32096 | WHERE: 386-397-4331

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