Best Oysters In Brisbane

Best Oysters In Brisbane – Whether you’re interested in the nutritional benefits (seriously, Google it), the cartoonish visuals, or the adorable side effects, there’s no denying the unique pleasures of oysters.

We asked Urban List readers about the best places to eat oysters in Brisbane, so here are their top picks.

Best Oysters In Brisbane

There’s nothing better than chilling your oysters in the ocean breeze, and that’s exactly what you can do at Shucks Bar. These guys source oysters from all over Australia, including St Helens Coffin Bay oysters, Port Stephens Sydney rock as well as oysters. local Straddie oysters. You can always choose natural oysters, and the menu offers dressing every week.

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The river breeze goes perfectly with the spray and cold stuff (like oysters) and that’s what they serve to Mr. Percival. Sit on one of the huge decks and dive into a plate of freshly shucked oysters with a classic mignonette, or indulge in a seafood platter full of Moreton Bay prawns, oysters, sashimi and insects.

From midweek meals to seafood, Reef offers all the classics and Asian-inspired creations. As for oysters, you can choose between Kilpatrick, mornay, crumbled and miso for $22 for six, or buy the freshest natural oysters at market price.

Enjoy wholesale and retail oysters from Stradbroke, Moreton Islands, Bega, Camden Haven, Dunalley, St Helens, Bruny Island, Coffin Bay and Kangaroo Island at Shuck It. You can get oysters for just $1 each and enjoy them with appetizers like Virgin Mary, pearl salmon and wakame, or warm up with freshly grilled Kilpatrick or Mornay oysters. Shuck It is available at its production facility in Hemmant Monday through Saturday, or you can pick it up at Eat Street on Fridays and Saturdays.

All in a name … any meal at SK Steak & Oyster can be done without a few oysters purchased daily and served with a gourmet champagne mignonette. We won’t judge if we stop for a dozen fries and call it lunch.

Gambaro Seafood Restaurant

You can’t get much more legal than throwing oysters, shrimp, worms, or crabs on the old trawlers that sway with every passing ship on the river. Shrimp offers super-fresh seafood and lets you take care of everything from sauces to side dishes, so you can create the ultimate seafood feast on a half-dozen or a dozen oysters, or some of their epic towers. They provide lemons, so don’t forget to BYO mignonette or hot sauce if you’re a dresser.

Needless to say, there’s something a little quirky about oysters, making Blackbird the perfect place to relax with stunning views of the river and Story Bridge. Cook naturally on the day of delivery from the market, or drizzle with green onions, Yarra Valley salmon roe or native mignonette.

Organic Food Dual Brand Content News Australia Nightlife Auckland Shopping Wellness Sustainability Sponsored Content TV & Film Student Trends Whether you like it dipped in lemon, mignonette sauce or paired with a glass of champagne or a glass of ouzo, you can’t deny it. Finding the best oyster bar (rock) around Australia can be difficult.

So, to help you enjoy your favorite seafood, oysters, we’ve found 15 oyster bars and restaurants across Australia that you should try this summer.

Fresh Oysters With A Native Finger Lime Vinaigrette

Boasting exquisite ocean views, Shoal Bay Country Club is the perfect place to enjoy fresh local seafood, vibrant cocktails and, of course, their exquisite views. Located just a few blocks from Tomari National Park, Shoal Bay Country Club knows how to please all of its guests. Mix the oysters

Located in the Johnson Building, a World Heritage Site in the heart of Sydney, Morrison’s Bar and Oyster Room is a popular spot for freshly shucked oysters. Serving oysters individually, by the half or whole dozen, or with a modern Kilpatrick treat, Morrisons prides itself on supporting local suppliers and farmers and certainly knows how to draw a crowd at its annual Oyster Festival. . Of course, no visit would be complete without perusing their cocktail menu.

Sitting on the banks of the Tamar River and a short walk from Royal Park in Launceston is Hallam’s Beach Seafood Restaurant. Serving a variety of locally sourced seafood, guests will enjoy Hallam’s menu and their scenic views. The waterfront location opened in early 1996 and has since partnered with local farmers and sustainable fisheries around Tasmania’s waters. Of course, Hallam’s Oyster Shed, which holds the title of one of Australia’s best oyster bars and restaurants, will be serving fresh oysters that can be served with one of six sauces.

Having won Best Seafood Restaurant at the 2012 Tasmanian Hospitality Awards, Drunken Admiral is sure to be a good time. Adorned with nautical decor and perched on the banks of the River Derwent, Drunken Admiral serves only freshly shucked South East Tasmanian oysters. Choosing the type to accompany the oysters is undoubtedly the most difficult decision, as their range includes deviled, seared garlic with skin, crispy fried pork, sesame and ginger to name a few. From hit to shell it ends

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Located in Hobart’s restaurant district, the famous Rockwall Bar and Grill is just a stone’s throw from Salamanca Lawns. Lined with sandstone walls and backed by a rock wall, Rockwall values ​​nature-inspired decor and fresh, locally sourced produce. Their specialty is of course Bruny Island oysters and other seafood. Pair the oysters with Rockwall’s signature The Rockwall Blue 250g ($44), topped with creamy blue cheese.

Located in Melbourne’s fashion and arts district, Cumulus Inc. It is a perfect combination of art and fashion. Finely tuned and served on a plate, Cumulus Inc. Since opening in 2008, it has been one of Melbourne’s most sought-after restaurants serving the freshest seafood on the market. It has everything from raw to dried, salads, cheeses and of course desserts.

Located in SkyCity Adelaide, Sean’s Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in South Australia. After visiting Chef Sean Connolly’s signature dish, you’ll soon understand why Sean’s is so popular in the restaurant world. Whether it’s a chef’s table, a private loft or just a drink at the bar, Sean’s Kitchen has it all, offering a variety of dining experiences. The oysters are sourced from South Australian fish farms such as Coffin Bay and Smoky Bay and are best paired with classic or craft cocktails such as Belvedere Citrus, St Germain and Midori.

2KW on King William Street in the heart of Adelaide. Bars and restaurants. Awarded the 2018 Certificate of Excellence, the venue is the perfect spot for an after-work cocktail or simply a heavenly meal. King William Street has bars, terraces and gardens, 2K.W. it will surely attract you. Served only with the freshest local oysters from South Australia and sparkling wine.

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Located in the Lawson Building next to the Perth Museum, Balthazar is an intimate and contemporary Australian restaurant. Balthazar will be a food and wine lover’s paradise, with a private cellar offering wines to take away, a wine bar and private function rooms. With an extremely extensive wine list, the team behind Baltazar are some of Western Australia’s best wine connoisseurs and will be happy to help you find the perfect glass of red or white to pair with your oysters!

Located on the banks of the Swan River, the Boatshed Restaurant offers 180-degree views of nearby Perth and Kings Park. No matter where you go, this city is sure to blow your mind. Mix in the freshly boiled oysters

Located within the walls of Perth’s Print Hall, The Apple Daily certainly has the reputation of being the best Asian restaurant in the CBD. Named after a Hong Kong newspaper, the restaurant certainly lives up to the history of Istampa Sala (formerly a printing shop). In addition to its esteemed food menu, Apple Daily specializes in whiskey, sake, and handcrafted Taiwanese spirits. If oysters aren’t your first choice, give them a try

Located in the northern corner of Francis Bay, CHOW is a casual eatery serving the freshest and spiciest dishes from Southeast Asia. There’s roast pork, cane shrimp, leg salad, lamb korma, and even a caramel fish clay pot. Of course, local oysters are cooked upon request and served with a lemongrass, ginger, lime and chili sauce. Don’t forget to try their delicious cocktails.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Brisbane

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