Best Orthopedic Surgeons In Traverse City Michigan

Best Orthopedic Surgeons In Traverse City Michigan – Specialties: Shoulder, knee, reverse shoulder replacements, minimally invasive shoulder and knee procedures, rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic surgery and reconstructive techniques.

Dr. Richard Bartholomew, knee and shoulder surgeon, is a graduate of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his orthopedic surgery fellowship at St. John Oakland, where he served as Head of Residence. Dr. Bartholomew is currently an Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Michigan State University and Associate Director of the Orthopedic Residency Program.

Best Orthopedic Surgeons In Traverse City Michigan

Dr. Bartholomew has lectured extensively on reconstructive techniques and published several articles. He is a shoulder and knee specialist who focuses on shoulder and knee replacement and reconstruction, including minimally invasive procedures, arthroscopic surgery, and shoulder and knee replacements.

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“My orthopedic care focuses exclusively on shoulder and knee care. I believe that limiting my practice to a specialist shoulder and knee surgeon provides the highest level of orthopedic care. Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and I spend a lot of time in cont. medical education related to the literature, residency training, lectures and cooperation with renowned colleagues from all over the country Always using the latest technological methods and carefully assessing the needs of each individual patient, I can give my patients the best results Each patient is a priority for both myself and my staff. We work together to help everyone reach their full potential and return to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. If surgery is necessary, I use a minimally invasive method of shoulder and knee replacement, which means that the patient has a longer postoperative period painful use. This, together with a personalized physiotherapy program with f. physiotherapists, will provide the fastest possible recovery.” Dr. Richard Bartholomew

According to researchers at the University of Washington [1], 75% of shoulder replacements are performed by a surgeon who performs only one or two of these procedures per year. They conclude that patients may be better served by a surgeon who sees a high volume of shoulder surgery because the number of times a surgical procedure is performed can affect how well it is performed. Specialization has also been shown to be beneficial because repetition is valuable to the surgeon performing a particular procedure. Training means repeating an activity to improve its quality.

The field of orthopedic surgery is constantly changing as new information and techniques are discovered. Although orthopedic surgery is a specialty in its own right, many orthopedic surgeons choose to complete additional training to specialize after their general training. Orthopedic specialties may include musculoskeletal trauma, sports medicine, shoulder, knee, hip, foot and ankle. Each of these subspecialties produces its own expanding database, making it difficult, if not impossible, for an orthopedist to stay current in multiple fields.

You can trust Dr. Bartholomew to correctly diagnose your shoulder or knee injury and provide you with the best treatment options. He brings many years of experience as an expert in knee and shoulder surgery. Includes training from the world’s leading medical centers, hands-on knowledge of thousands of shoulder and knee surgeries performed, evidence of the latest medical research and techniques, and innovations in cutting-edge shoulder and knee replacement techniques, including cuff repair rotators. His approach to orthopedic and sports medicine issues is truly world-class insight.

Alumni — Ascension Macomb Oakland Orthopedic Surgery Residency

As a renowned shoulder and knee orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Bartholomew can show you what the latest advances in shoulder replacement technology, knee replacement technology, and customized procedures can do for you.

1. Hasan SS, Leith JM, Smith KL, and Matsen FA, 3. The distribution of shoulder replacements among surgeons and hospitals is significantly different from hip or knee replacements. J Shoulder Elbow Surg 12: 164-169, 2003.

Dr. Bartholomew uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques to help his patients experience joint pain relief and improved range of motion, including:

Custom Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Dr. Bartholomew is among the first physicians in the United States to perform this procedure.

America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2021

Book an appointment by calling (248) 673-0500 extension 14 OR Make an appointment online. We are now accepting new patients and referrals. PETOSKEY — As Bay Street Orthopedics and Spine enters its fifth year of operation, the northern Michigan specialty medicine office can point to some recent updates aimed at improving the region’s orthopedic care offerings.

Justin Blohm, the practice’s managing director, said Bay Street’s medical staff has traditionally consisted of general surgeons, but in recent years, fellowship-trained surgeons have been added to the staff, increasing specialty offerings to address problems complex orthopedics.

Newcomers who completed the fellowship include Dr. Eric Mancini, who specializes in sports medicine, and Dr. Anthony Bozzio, a spine surgeon. Long-term surgical staff members include Dr. Alfred Wroblewski (hand, elbow and shoulder surgery specialist) and Dr. Scott Nemec (foot and ankle surgeon).

“Our goal is to offer the full range of subspecialty training so people don’t have to drive down,” said Mancini, who is currently director of reception.

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Formerly known as Bay Street Orthopedics—a nod to its original downtown Petoskey office location—the practice added “Spine” to its name in 2019, reflecting the recent addition of spine surgery services to its existing lineup of musculoskeletal care.

Since the early 2000s, Bay Street has been based west of Petoskey, USA. at the corner of 31st and Lake Grove Road. Renovations earlier this year brought a new look to the lobby area of ​​the building and the creation of a support services area where equipment such as knee braces and braces can be provided to patients. Previously, Bay Street referred patients to outside providers.

Bay Street, a company founded in 1975, has expanded its satellite offices in recent years, adding locations in Gaylord, Traverse City, Cheboygan and Rogers City to a list that also includes satellite locations in Charlevoix and St. Ignatius.

The practice’s surgeons can provide services at several hospitals in the region, and earlier this year they joined with other area surgeries to open Northern Michigan Surgical Suites in Boyne City. Blohm said this type of ambulatory surgery center often allows for outpatient surgery at a lower cost to the patient than in a hospital, and the low-traffic environment can allow for more personalized care.

Traverse City Orthopedicstraverse City Orthopedics And Sports Medicine

Blohm said Bay Street has also worked in recent years to expand the pool of mid-level health care professionals — nurses and physician assistants — who can help manage a variety of different conditions​​​​​​ ​. , leading to faster treatment times.

“Having practiced in Petoskey for 23 years, I have never been more excited about our practice with the addition of BSOS’s high-quality orthopedic subspecialists,” Wroblewski said in a written statement. “I am also excited about all the excellent mid-level physicians we have recently added who will help us deliver quality care in a more timely manner. Having fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons here means we have surgeons with the newest and most advanced surgeons. treatment options. We are here to help our patients. We strive every day to provide the best for our Northern Michigan patients.”

With the latest addition to Bay Street’s surgical team — Dr. Logan Hanson, who is based in the new Gaylord office — Blohm sees practical opportunities to add one or two more surgeons to help. to meet the growing trend in patient numbers, as well as a potential pair of additional satellite locations.

Although primary care physicians often refer patients to Bay Street Orthopedics, such referrals are not required to seek care there. For more information about the policy, call (231) 347-5155 or visit . Large, busy hospitals can save them when you need them. However, when outpatient care is possible, patients often prefer outpatient centers: they allow procedures after office hours and closer to home.

Dr. William A. Matarese, Md, Orthopaedic Surgeon In Wayne, Nj, 07470

Ambulatory surgery centers performed more than half of all outpatient surgeries in 2017, according to a Bain study, and the share is already growing. Orthopedic, heart and spine surgeries are expected to drive growth.

To mention America’s Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2021. This list contains the top 400 centers in the 25 states with the most facilities. (They are: California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, Minnesota, Arizona, Mississippi, New York, ( South Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, and Tennessee.)

Our experts and survey participants evaluate quality of care, performance data and peer referrals against the competition in the state. they also considered how well facilities responded to the threat of COVID-19.

Even after you’ve decided to go ahead with the procedure, choosing a facility can be stressful. Health, safety and quality of life are important to you – and to everyone who cares about you and depends on you. We hope these trusted, carefully reviewed rankings of the best ambulatory care in America

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