Best Oncologist In Savannah Ga

Best Oncologist In Savannah Ga – For most of us, detection is like a death sentence. Longtime Savannah oncologist Mark A. Taylor and J. & Nancy N. Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion. Joseph / Sham.

“Breast cancer was one of the easiest things when I was working out,” Taylor said. “In the late ’90s, you had to go through two phases… Everyone got chemo and it was the same thing.

Best Oncologist In Savannah Ga

“But in a short period of time, we have 12 different chemotherapy options … and now we’re giving less chemo to our former patients.” We’ve learned a lot about who benefits and who doesn’t… and that’s good.

Jianfeng (jack) Wang, Md

In addition to new drugs on the market, Taylor says new technology is improving treatment.

“We are currently undergoing immunotherapy. But we very much hope that the treatment we see on TV will have an impact on the breast cancer group.

“It’s really amazing to me that we’ve only understood cancer treatments for half a generation…When we first started, the treatments we used were almost horrible…but compared to what we’re doing now.

I’m not even 50 years old,” she said with a laugh. “When we retire, we don’t know where to be.”

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But until he starts looking toward retirement, there are many cancer patients in our area who rely on Taylor to guide them to the best treatment options—even if that means finding a medical professional in the office. best results.

Patient Taylor Antionette Plummer, 56, of Hardeeville, said Plummer was first diagnosed with stage IIB breast cancer.

“I believed it was the second phase in 2008,” he says. “It’s in my left breast and some lymph nodes. I am sure that I will be cured…and the doctors have assured me that I will be cured.”

At that time, Plummer was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She had breast cancer and says the cancer has spread to her liver.

Mark Manocha, M.d.

“When they told me it was stage four, I thought, what are you doing with that?” My son is graduating high school, and I want to see him graduate. I am really worried.

But he says the discovery of the new cancer is no accident. He knew something was wrong with him, but he did not know the nature of his illness.

“I’m stressed, I’m working full time, I’m going back to school. I am very tired. I called the doctor because it was new. I couldn’t sleep well. The doctor told me to come in.

“… I have no pain, no discomfort, my appetite is good. But I knew something was wrong because I was always tired. “

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He was given a CT scan, and when a nurse called quickly, he was told to come in right away.

“When I found out the tumor number was 400 instead of 20, I knew it was bad. They found spots on my liver.

His first step was to consult medical friends.

“I hope it doesn’t kill me.” “I have a kid in high school that I’m not going to leave.”

Summit Cancer Care

His brother has been a big part of his support system and he says he will walk with him to his destination.

“Dr. Taylor encouraged me to go to New York for cancer treatment… But my brother said, “Where are we going?” New York? That happened. I’ll take it one way or another. ‘

“It saved me, my family, because I didn’t want to be tired and watch my boys grow up.” I tried not to think about it. God is good. I must give all my hope and strength. It is with my family.

With the help of her parents and brother, Plummer made it to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The doctors there told Taylor the best medicine for Plummer’s breast cancer, and Taylor could switch her to another medicine that helped.

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Taylor explained that the number of chemotherapy options for stage IV cancer is increasing. He said the same diagnosis meant “quick death” for Plummer.

“In the years I’ve studied, we’ve had so many HER2 vaccines give someone like Mrs Plummer ten years to live, which would be unheard of for a long time.

Taylor remembers Plummer telling her her first goal was to live to see her two sons graduate from high school.

“I’m not giving up chemotherapy,” she said. “This drug takes care of the cancer cells … and they do their job, so I’m going to stick with it.”

Dr. William Edward Richards

She attributes her good attitude and health to eliminating stress from her life, eating well and having an “amazing support system.”

He says, “Stay alone. Make sure you have good doctors who understand your needs and you can travel.

“I have parents… but we have a big garden and I eat in that garden every day.

“The most important thing is to watch what you eat… Not eating enough and too much stress in life can kill you.

St. Josephs/candler Physician Network

“My father is 80 years old and my mother is 75 years old, but you don’t know that. They are strong people. My mother cooks for me when I’m sick and my father picks me up every day. This is what I struggle with today. “

“Thousands of people prayed for me. And I actually want to share it with others. When I had chemotherapy, I went to other people in the hospital and told people, it’s over, you can handle it.

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Robotic Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

July 21, 2020 – Nancy N., a leader in new drug technologies and innovative cancer treatments. and J. Lewis Cancer Center and Research Pavilion (LCRP). Joseph / Sham.

Wm. Dr. Edward Richards, gynecologic oncologist and principal investigator of LCRP’s gynecologic clinical research program, will lead an advanced cancer program in southeast Georgia. He will also serve as principal investigator of the LCRP National Cancer Institute’s Community Cancer Research Program.

“In 2012, I joined the St. Joseph/Candler medical staff as the sole gynecologic oncologist with the goal of rebuilding the entire system of services for women in Savannah, the city below and beyond,” said Dr. Richard said. I found great joy in this situation, partly because I had made many experiments in various towns from as far down as Savannah, and its surroundings enabled me to achieve greater success. Today I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as the next Chief Medical Officer of the Lewis Cancer Center and Research Pavilion. “

Dr. Richards replaced Dr. Howard Zaren, who will be Medical Director of Melanoma, Skin and Sarcoma Services and Medical Director of Medical Genetics, will step into his new role. Dr. Zaren has served as LCRP’s Medical Director since 2008. Richards was an early adopter of robotic surgery and is now one of the top robotic surgeons in the country.

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“Dr. Joseph Richards/Kendall Mission, Vision and Values, Paul P. Hinchey, St. Joseph’s president/CEO, said, “His leadership and extensive experience in private practice, education and community medicine will serve him well in the energy and expansion. “The current LCRP platform Dr. Zaren built to scale cancer care through surgery and the hospital.”

According to Dr. Richards, “a family of colleagues” is in St. Petersburg. Joseph/Sham and LCRP share a commitment to continue serving others. After he came to St. Petersburg. Joseph/Kendler, he shares his insights, techniques and extensive knowledge of robotic surgery as he educates physicians looking to add robotics to their practice. He will continue to see new and existing patients in his gynecologic oncology practice and will continue to provide medical and surgical care.

“I am proud of what I do every day

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