Best Obgyn In Concord Nc

Best Obgyn In Concord Nc – “After I started menstruating at age 39, I found myself in a bind. I had no energy at all, experienced hot flashes, gained 15+ pounds, and had trouble concentrating. After 2 years at trying to relieve the symptoms, traditional treatments failed Dr. Beaver recommended the same treatment with hormone granules Within a week of the first treatment, the headache was gone Within two weeks, I had more energy and improved memory I can’t to say what he did for me and my family What I feel. because my life is coming back. Thank you for everything you have done for me.” – C.H.

When hormone levels such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone or thyroid are deficient, we experience various symptoms.

Best Obgyn In Concord Nc

By boosting hormone levels, patients can sleep better, feel more energetic in the morning, and get better results when trying to lose weight.

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Women can face life with purity, patience, and the joy of sex again. At FWH, we strongly believe in the benefits of using biodirected hormones to improve women’s lives. These hormones mimic those produced in the body, causing mild symptoms and protecting women from age-related diseases.

Natural hormones are different from traditional synthetic hormones like Premarin and Provera. Synthetic hormones can help alleviate vasomotor symptoms, but it is recommended to use them as sparingly as possible for the shortest period of time, as they may be associated with breast cancer and thromboembolic risk. The FWH team is eager to introduce you to the important differences between synthetic and biodirected hormones.

We can provide you with natural hormones in a number of ways, including tablet, cream and granule therapy. We work closely with fully integrated medicine providers to ensure that each hormone system is customized for each patient.

I have been experiencing excruciating pain for about seven years. My primary care doctor has tried many medications and patches with no results. I did not give up when my friend recommended Dr. Beavers and hormone pills. The hot flashes stopped within a few days of taking the pill. I have given up hope, but now I have a better life. The second time I came back I had tears on my face when I told the doctor. How Beavers Completely Changed My Life! I am forever grateful to Dr. Beaver and his team.

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I am 56 years old and worried about my blood pressure. After being presented to Dr. Beaver for an evaluation, he gave me several treatment options. After multiple examinations and ultrasound, we found out that I had fibroids. The office arranged several visits to treat them thoroughly and to resolve any issues that might arise or change my decision. At each visit, Dr. Beaver sat down with me and explained all my options and helped me make the best decision for myself. With his help, I decided that full birth control was best for me. In December, I had surgery and everything went well! After a day in the hospital, it hurts a little and I feel like a new woman – just like Dr. Beaver said! The whole experience was better than expected thanks to Dr. Beaver and his team. I tell anyone who needs help to go to this office! Thank you again!

I am very pleased with the results of the Botox treatment provided by Melanie. She took the time to ensure the results I wanted – she asked me lots of questions and addressed all my concerns. She identified my “problem” areas and gave me exactly the right dosage to achieve my perfect look. I was so impressed that she didn’t even try to impress me. Melanie is a true professional who truly cares about her patients. All my friends comment on how relaxed and energetic I am. Exactly the result I wanted!

I never loved the OBGYN office as much as I loved Trinity OBGYN. From the moment I walked in, I was treated like a person, not a number. Dr. Beaver and the staff made me feel very welcome, not to mention the level of care that was excellent. I would recommend this office to anyone. I’m glad I found them!

I moved to the area in 2018 and this office has been my go-to ever since! All the staff welcomed me with open arms like a family from heaven. Dr. Beaver is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. Whenever I have a question, health issue or concern, the people in the office get back to me promptly. I am very grateful to all the people at Trinity who made me and my family. I am so grateful to have been referred to Trinity OBGYN.

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Dr. Beaver is a great doctor and every time I go to his office, I have a positive experience. The staff are always friendly and caring. He spends a lot of time with me on each visit and always learns about my past and remembers important details. I have hypothyroidism and he took care of me too and saved me from multiple visits. Playing Christian music in the office is an added bonus. I highly recommend Trinity Ob/Gyn.

First of all, I don’t usually write reviews, but I feel very sorry for not giving a shout out to the community. All the staff at Beaver and Trinity are amazing and go out of their way to take care of their patients. It took me so long to feel like the doctor listened to me and asked me more questions to make sure I got the right care. I believe I found the right doctor. From the way they answer calls, greeting patients, checking and doing exams, clean rooms to follow up results/questions – a FIRST CLASS facility that provides more than just women’s education. Thank you Trinity – for all you do and how you do it!

I recently decided to switch to OBGYN after a postdoc recommended by one of my best friends. beaver I wish my first date focused solely on my gynecological history, I was very impressed with Dr. Beaver’s focus on my overall health.

During my research, I came up with the problem of hair loss, which I had struggled with for years. Instead of seeing my anxiety as a sign of aging, Dr. Beaver really took my word for it. He recommends a natural, over-the-counter DHT blocker, sold directly from his office for patient convenience.

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I finished my first bottle and I am happy that my total losses have decreased by about 50%! It’s hard to express how grateful I am to sleep at night without waking up to find hair on my pillow. I will never stop taking this product. Dr. Beaver is one of the best doctors I have ever seen and I wish I had seen him earlier.

Votiva is one of the best things I have done for myself and my husband. I had to have two prolapse surgeries. It makes my throat sore. Votiva completely relieved the pain – thank you! I would definitely recommend Votiva to any woman with this issue. Christie was amazing doing the Votiva treatment. I no longer suffer pain.

I am on Dr. pellet therapy. beaver Hormone therapy also helped my body feel better. It’s been almost a year since I started treatment and I highly recommend it. You won’t regret it, and neither will your wife.

Honestly, I thought I was going to suffer, but Votiva solved the problem. My husband and I are very happy with the results. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dr. Beaver and his staff are excellent!

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I am so thankful that Trinity Ob/Gyn found me and I am so thankful for Granules. Since starting these in 2019, my body has regained a lot of strength and my energy levels have improved significantly. Everything about my sexual health has improved. I have rheumatoid arthritis and get monthly infusions, but since taking the pills my rheumatoid arthritis has improved again. So thank you very much Dr. Beaver and his amazing team.

“Dr. Beaver and his staff are exceptional! They show true empathy for their patients. They treat you as a friend rather than a medical record number. Trinity OB/Gyn is a rare find, I wish you the best of luck, If the a pleasure to be one of their patients and would recommend them to everyone.

“Dr. Beaver is so kind and caring with his entire staff. His knowledge is reflected in the care I received during my pregnancy. I am so grateful for the excellent care I received for my daughter before, during and now after birth.Anyone will be honored to recommend Dr. Beaver

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