Best Nursing Homes In Monmouth County Nj

Best Nursing Homes In Monmouth County Nj – It was dinnertime at the Bridgeway Care and Rehabilitation Center in Hillsborough when staff heard a patient yelling, “Help me! Help me!”

The patient, identified in the Health Department inspection report only as tenant number 14, spilled a bowl of soup on his lap.

Best Nursing Homes In Monmouth County Nj

How is it that a ‘severely ill’ patient who needed personal assistance to feed himself could waste his soup?

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And why it took nearly seven hours to treat burn blisters on the resident’s thighs with a cold compress after the doctor responded to the nurse’s call at 11 p.m. night?

The December 2013 incident, along with other errors, led to the facility receiving one of the lowest health scores and one of the lowest levels of hospice care, according to the latest update from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, known as CMS. .

CMS audits 362 properties in the state and thousands across the country each year, providing consumers with a one- to five-star rating system similar to websites that rate hotels and restaurants.

But the rating system is far from perfect, and inspectors sometimes rely heavily on internal home worker reports and other documents to determine final ratings, according to reviews by the Asbury Park Press, Home News Tribune and Courier News.

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And while the country as a whole ranks well, too many residents suffer from pressure ulcers, a sign of poor care. The state as a whole has the worst foreclosure rates in the country for long-term residents.

The star rating system has been criticized from all sides. Both consumer advocates and nursing homes themselves say a star rating review should be the first step for those looking to make one of the biggest health decisions of their lives.

“Visit the nursing home, visit often and visit during business hours,” said James W. McCracken, New Jersey’s ombudsman for the institutionalized elderly, who is charged with caring for nursing home residents who cannot speak for themselves. “Make sure the place is clean. Talk to the residents. Talk to the staff.”

Officials at some Central Jersey homes that scored poorly on CMS’ Nursing Home Compare website say the star rating doesn’t tell the whole story about the quality of care at the facility.

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Jessica Pelligrino Tsoukalas, director of business development at Bridgeway Senior Healthcare, the privately held company that owns the 126-bed Bridgeway Center in Hillsborough and another nursing home in Bridgewater, received an average of more than four stars, according to the annual survey. “show the recording in time”.

Despite its one-star health rating, Hillsborough Nursing Home achieved the best of five stars in staff and quality ratings. However, the formula for adding up the overall rating prevents a nursing home from receiving more than two stars if it only receives one star for health.

In terms of patients reporting pain, illness and disease, as well as staff hours, which can reflect the level of care and attention residents receive, the nursing home outperforms the state and national average, according to Bridgeway’s reports to the federal government.

“These numbers are definitely more reflective of what goes on in our building throughout the year. These are better indicators of the standards we set and maintain for ourselves,” Tsoukalas said.

Best Nursing Homes

The federal benchmarking program, called Nursing Home Compare, provides information to the public about the quality of care in 15,800 nursing homes that participate in Medicare or Medicaid. Provides detailed inspection reports, staffing levels and quality indicators of nursing homes. Most of the information is taken from surveys conducted by individual countries.

New Jersey nursing homes, as a whole, rank high in the state for care. Nationwide, a quarter of all nursing homes, around 91, scored below average in the rating system.

In Somerset County, five nursing homes received five stars, six received four stars, two received three stars and three received two stars.

In Middlesex County, eight nursing homes received five stars, five received four stars, four three stars, five two stars and one one.

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In Union County, six nursing homes received five stars, seven four stars, three three stars and six two stars.

In Hunterdon County, two nursing homes received five stars, one four, three and two.

“Nursing Home Compare is the most useful resource for learning about nursing homes and their quality,” said Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long-Term Care Community Coalition, a nonprofit group primarily funded by foundations. “But because of oversight failures, it’s more important to see the bad than to find the good.”

“It’s the only show in town, but consumers should make it a priority,” said Robyn Grant, director of public policy and advocacy for the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care in Washington, DC.

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The New Jersey State Veterans Memorial Home in Edison received two stars for a one-star health rating.

A 2014 study found that nursing homes are not providing adequate care for patients at risk of falling. The master fell and broke his hip. It was reported that a nurse was crushing prescribed aspirins that patients were supposed to swallow whole, and expired medications were found in storage. The survey also criticized the center for allowing meals to cool, which could make them tasteless.

Roosevelt Care Center in Edison and Roosevelt Care Center in Old Bridge, owned and operated by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, received an average rating of three stars, but the 180-bed facilities also scored below average two levels of health care.

Among the deficiencies noted in the health survey was an Edison resident’s complaint that he felt like a “prisoner” because he couldn’t get around in a wheelchair and staff were too busy to help him. Two residents had catheters mishandled, which could have caused infection. and the resident could leave the area without going out.

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However, a recent review of the city’s facilities on the Old Bridge found it deficient, although the current rating still reflects previous years.

Frank Damiani, director of clinical services and director of Edison Nursing Home, said last week that officials “respect” the tests, even though they may not be perfect.

“It’s a signpost for people to ask the right questions and investigate the institution, but it doesn’t always represent what’s going on in the institutions,” he said. “Honestly, I’m not sure how you can measure what we do on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, [the results] are a snapshot in time. If someone makes a mistake at that point, those numbers are with us . for over a year.”

The federal website only lists nursing homes within states. You can’t compare a nursing home here to one in California. But quality standards are set nationally.

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In the percentage of high-risk, long-term residents with pressure ulcers, called pressure ulcers, New Jersey is tied for fifth among all states, the District of Columbia and the US. Almost 8 percent of the population there suffered injuries. In the Virgin Islands, 15.8 percent of all nursing home residents have pressure ulcers, which is the highest rate.

Marilyn Askin, a retired elder law attorney and chief legal officer of the New Jersey office of the American Association of Retired Persons, points to this rate in New Jersey as cause for concern.

“To me, that’s always a sign of neglect,” he said. “There’s not enough staff to move patients (to their beds). To me, that’s the most important feature.”

These are several indicators of nursing home quality, such as the percentage of long-term residents who were physically handicapped. New Jersey scores well on almost every level. For example, the percentage of long-term residents who have experienced serious injuries, New Jersey is about the lowest, 48 out of 55.

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But Mollot, of the Long-Term Community Partnership, said he believed quality standards were unreliable for institutions and countries in general.

And there are other indicators that New Jersey is lagging behind in nursing home oversight, he said.

The state’s rate of reporting problems in nursing homes compared to nursing home residents is among the lowest in the country, he said. In the last three years, there were 6,939 applications involving 45,200 residents, he said.

Penalties – fines or measures such as supervision – imposed on nursing homes are particularly bad, he said.

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Between 2007 and 2012, nursing home foreclosures — documented problems that result in fines — dropped 65 percent nationally, according to the Long Term Care Community Coalition, which reviewed CMS data.

“Implementation is getting weaker,” he said. “It’s a statewide problem, but it’s rarely as pronounced as it is in New Jersey.”

But he said, “New Jersey is in compliance with national standards set by CMS that every state must follow. We

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