Best Neighbourhoods In Mississauga

Best Neighbourhoods In Mississauga – Lisgar is in the northwest of Mississauga. With Osprey Bog and Lisgar Fields and Trelawny Woods there is plenty of green space in the community. There are also several new schools in Lisgar which are suitable for families with children.

Lisgar is famous for its selection of cricket houses, on quiet streets. With no tall buildings and very few tenements, Lisgar is a typical bedroom location.

Best Neighbourhoods In Mississauga

Lisgar houses are mostly brick, and very simple in design with very little human detail. The neighborhood is dominated by homes built mostly in the 90s to early 2000s, but you can find older homes from the 1980s and early 1990s in Trelawny Estates and the surrounding streets and nearby Osprey Blvd. Britannia. In general, backyards are smaller than more mature neighborhoods like Meadowvale or Streetsville, and many streets still have trees and landscaping. Although the houses are solid, there is a certain character that is missing from the general feel of many streets.

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Lisgar is full of small and medium-sized families due to the low cost of housing and easy access to the freeway or GO train. Interwoven schools and green areas make family life easier.

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For Lisgar’s size and population, there are not many types of housing options. The majority of houses are detached in Lisgar with a small number of townhouses scattered throughout the area. The exception is Trewlany Estates, a unique subdivision of large homes built on small courts. There are many councils where the street is divided by only a few houses making it feel like they are on a private road.

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This Mississauga Neighbourhood Has One Of The Highest Covid 19 Percent Positivity Rates In Ontario

The Osprey Marsh, also known as the Ninth Storm Line Pond, is designed to reduce flooding from stormwater. Like Lake Wabukayne and Meadowvale, this area has been naturalized over the years and is home to many plants, birds and animals.

In collaboration with the Lisgar Residents Association, the Mississauga Meadowvale Rotary Club received a grant from the Trillium Foundation to improve the area surrounding the hurricane, including the installation of historical and residential signage. If you live in the area, be sure to check out the Osprey Swamp.

Most of Lisgar is designed with families in mind. Throughout the area there are many playgrounds and playgrounds for children. The Lisgar Meadow Brook Trail covers the entire community from north to south, perfect for walkers, joggers and cyclists.

Although Lisgar does not have its own community centre, residents are close to Meadowvale Community Center and the recently refurbished library.

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Many shopping centers and power centers are located at the intersection of Winston Churchill Blvd and Argentia, including Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, Best Buy and many more. If you are looking for a local grocery store, there is a 24-hour Metro located on Derry and Tenth Line, as well as a pharmacy and other small shops. Alternatively, Lisgar residents can choose to shop in nearby areas such as Meadowvale or Central Erin Mills.

Passengers going to downtown Toronto can take the train from Lisgar Go, which will take them to the Union in about 50 minutes. . .

Lisgar Go station also hosts a farmers market every Sunday from June to October. Many Feathers Farmer’s Market has a wide variety of local produce and is well worth checking out.

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Compared to many other areas in Mississauga, Lisgar is an affordable option and is within the budget of the average buyer to find a new home in Mississauga. This is a great option for large families who need a larger 4 bed home.

With access to schools and services, the quality of Lisgar is good, but the area doesn’t have the town feel or character you get in older areas.

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