Best National Parks In The East Coast

Best National Parks In The East Coast – The east coast is surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains; It’s known in 13 states, including the Sleepless City and New York. If you want to do something outside of this country, you’re in luck. The east coast has many national parks where people can relax and have a great time in the lap of nature.

It’s no secret that Acadia National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States, with 4 million visitors a year. This national treasure is located in Maine between Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor on an island off the state’s coast. It has a unique atmosphere and offers 158 miles of rocky hiking trails and a beautiful beach called Sand Beach, satisfying the thirst for a diverse natural experience.

Best National Parks In The East Coast

Located in Virginia, 75 miles from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC, Shenandoah National Park is a haven for those looking to take a deep breath outside of city life. Traversing the Blue Ridge Mountains, the park is known for its 105-mile long Skyline Drive. It is ideal for guests who love to travel by car and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of their vehicle. The park is full of panoramic views and rich human history, so it is worth visiting more than once.

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Located between North Carolina and Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited parks in the US, with 14.1 million recreational visits (2021). Considered the jewel of the East Coast National Parks, it boasts the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. It is called smog because of the hydrocarbons emitted by trees. An eternal fog has formed. The park is notable for the diverse flora and fauna that constantly thrive there. It is the perfect place to occupy for those looking for variable mountainous terrain.

If you’re looking for flat terrain; Florida’s Everglades National Park is the place for you. Its habitat is considered the largest tropical wilderness in the US. It has allowed many species to survive, such as the endangered manatee and the American alligator. Surrounded by a variety of environments, it is the wetlands where tourists can make the most of their stay by boating and canoeing through the park through moon tunnels and mudflats.

Mammoth Cave National Park, located in Kentucky, is recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and International Biosphere Reserves and is home to the longest cave system in the world. The researchers mapped 420 miles of limestone that formed millions of years ago. As a result, The park offers caving tours for the curious and adventurous who want to immerse themselves in the giant form and explore the history of the land. 1,300 flowering plants in the garden; hiking trails Includes the Green and Nolin Rivers, facilitating outdoor activities beyond caving.

Congaree National Park, located in South Carolina, preserves one of the most extensive floodplain deciduous forests in the southeastern United States, primarily associated with nutrient runoff from the Congaree and Water Rivers. . The loop of the boardwalk provides easy access to the reflections in the trees from the water above to see the biodiversity of the animals and plants. But you can also kayak and canoe across lakes and streams to enjoy the shade of cypress trees on the calm water.

Planning An East Coast National Park Road Trip

If you’re looking for a place that captures the true spirit of summer; Biscayne National Park in Florida is your best bet. Located 20 miles south of Miami, the park is 95 percent accessible by boat, so it offers a unique experience from the rest of the parks. It showcases a variety of aquatic ecosystems and coral reefs, including manatees, It is home to many marine animals such as dolphins and sea turtles. You can enjoy views of shipwrecks and mangroves on the water, or dive and enjoy the underwater scenery.

Located in Florida, Dry Tortugas National Park is one of the most unusual places to visit. Located about 70 miles west of the island city of Key West, the park is only accessible by boat or watercraft. Here is Fort Jefferson, a magnificent hexagonal building. Once used as a prison during the Civil War, the fort now serves as a spacious resort for visitors who love the lush green and clear waters as well as history and architecture.

Despite its proximity to the urban environment of Cleveland, Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a verdant park of its own. The history of the park inspires everyone. The Cuyahoga River was severely polluted in the second half of the 1900s and had 13 fires, but thanks to community-led efforts and protests, the river’s restoration has been successful, evident in the resurgence of wildlife there. The park’s most rewarding quality is its ability to support tame wildlife rather than rugged terrain that makes travel difficult. There are farms within the park, where tourists can buy fresh produce from the market all year round. cycling baby riding There are many ways to explore the park, from hiking and taking the train between Rockside Station and Akron.

The east coast has national parks that are home to important ecosystems and diverse wildlife. They act as catalysts for ecosystem and animal recovery, and offer curious visitors the opportunity to safely explore this thriving environment. If you’re looking for a quick escape after a hectic week; These places will help you relax and connect with nature. For many people, The term “East Coast National Park” may never cross your mind. But I’m here to tell you that the US East Coast is full of parks worth venturing into.

The 17 Best National Parks In The U.s. That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

Here at More Than Just Parks I visited each of them and photographed some of them. Everyone should visit at least a few of these east coast national parks in their lifetime. Fall leaves alone are worth something!

Keep exploring to discover new places that are sure to rival any national park in the West.

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Map of East Coast National Parks. You can purchase the East Coast National Park map featured in this article.

Best National Parks On The West Coast

Visit this page for other national park maps available for purchase. If you don’t find a card in the size you want above, Email us and we’ll be happy to create a custom card just for you.

I’ve included a free downloadable/printable version of the East Coast National Parks map at the bottom of this article for those interested.

This list would be remiss if you didn’t start with this rugged coastal wonderland located on the rocky coast of central Maine.

Pack your bike or hiking boots and explore the park’s scenic trails that are inaccessible to cars through the forest.

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Cool sea breezes; Summers are cool on the North Atlantic coast, with lobster cages and incredible beach views.

Acadia gets to see the first sunrise in the United States every day from the top of Cadillac Mountain (which you can climb).

If you’re planning to take in the view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. You will need to check the park’s website and make a reservation.

Due to high demand, reservations are required for this one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

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Why does Acadia lead the Smoky Mountains? You may ask. Acadia is indeed on the coast, as this is a list of “East Coast National Parks”.

Nestled between the rugged mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, the nation’s most visited national park is a true national treasure.

Saved from destructive development in 1934 by local residents and President Franklin Roosevelt, this Appalachian gem is one of the treasures of the national park system and a must-see on any park lover’s list.

Summer is the most popular.

Best National Parks On The East Coast You Have To See

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