Best Movie Theaters In San Diego

Best Movie Theaters In San Diego – San Diego is the first major movie market in California to see the return of local theaters. Crowds turned out Wednesday to see the newly released “Tenet.”

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. – Despite problems in some areas, some movie theaters were open Wednesday night in San Diego County. San Diego is the first major movie market in California to see the return of local theaters.

Best Movie Theaters In San Diego

Regal Edwards Rancho San Diego was one of the first to welcome movie lovers. Many people have come to escape the fact that they have not been there since March.

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“Tenet” is the first movie released since March. But her release may be greater than returning mother and son to some semblance of a normal life.

“We are willing to make a few changes to have a normal family event,” Chrisope said.

The usual reminders were there, including six-foot signs at the concession stand, and social distancing signs on the ground floor. But in Christopher Nolan’s film, there were not so many people

“There’s not a lot of people even there, so everybody does what they have to do,” Christina Weahry said.

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Regal operates an updated reservation system. Seats are assigned to specific classes. And when their 15 theaters are allowed to reopen, they are at 25% capacity.

“I’m an essential worker so I’ve been socializing a lot during quarantine…

Under the mask policy, you can only remove it for eating and drinking. But a face must be kept throughout the film.

Some major theater chains are joining the club and will be reopening this week. Now AMC and Cinepolis will celebrate their opening before the weekend. As movie companies recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, Boxoffice Pro and Spotlight Cinema Networks are partnering with movie theaters and influencers across the country to ask them to share their first-person accounts of movies that have been released. returning to the big screen.

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What is the indie cinema scene in San Diego, and what role does Digital Cinema play in it?

We are very lucky to have such a wide variety of movies here. We have major film festivals, like the San Diego Asian Film Festival and the San Diego Latino Film Festival, that we also produce. Jewish Film Festival [San Diego International]. The city has a wide variety of film festivals that allow film lovers and independent film lovers to experience the best that world cinema has to offer.

And then we also have indie cinemas, like the La Paloma Theater, which is an amazing single-screen cinema in Encinitas, this beautiful beach town. There are also some landmark [theatres] in the city that play independent films. But in downtown San Diego, the Digital Gym Cinema offers weekly access to indie films not shown at other cinemas in the city. That’s our main job to be able to give a voice and a platform to filmmakers who have these amazing, exciting ideas that they might not find in a San Diego theater.

We all believe in watching movies. I know that tragedy has put us all in our living rooms. The most exciting thing about the opening is this opportunity to watch movies as a community. There is such a special service that happens when you are looking for something real on the screen, or watching something interesting or new. And when you see an audience, it adds to that experience.

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The type of content we present is not always straightforward. Some of them follow traditional plot devices. What I love is when our viewers talk about the film. I really don’t care if people like the movies or not, but I do

Related to the discussion of gender innovation or emotional processes. If the film is really difficult, I like the opportunity to hear everyone else’s thoughts on what the film means, because it can be very realistic. Not only does it add to the viewing experience, but it also adds to the process of my program when I see that the audience is willing to risk an experimental film or a film that is a little left, left, left of center. It makes me want to find more movies like this.

Sometimes if there’s a series of movies that might be on, I’ll go back and try to book something that’s a little more affordable. Public opinion really helps me find a perfect middle ground between accessible fare and more avant-garde films. It makes me sad that I can reopen my cinema in a city that is already rich in organizations that try to show great films around the world. I am humbled to be a part of this wonderful community.

Can you walk us through the timeline for Digital Salon, specifically your recent move and why it happened? What were the challenges of getting new cinemas ready to open during Covid?

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We founded Digital Gym Cinema in 2013 in an area called North Park in San Diego. We took over an old auto parts store and turned it into a movie theater. At that time, it was unique especially in that community. We really helped revitalize the blocky North Park area. It took a long time to build an audience, because people go to the theaters where they used to be, or maybe sometimes people don’t want to look for some of those independent films – until they do that, and they will become an audience. . . So it took a while to get into the swing of things. But when we did that, we became a very interesting medium where moviegoers can come back week after week and experience amazing things.

Our lease expired during the disaster and I was unable to renew. In August 2020, we moved from that location to North Park. At the same time, we were developing a relationship with the University of California San Diego, and they were building a new cultural center [San Diego Media Arts Center] downtown. They were delighted with the idea that the cinema would be part of this new cultural center. We were able to make the new Digital Gym Cinema in this amazing new building called Park & ​​Market, located in the heart of San Diego. It’s been two years since we last opened. We are very happy to be able to show movies again.

The outbreak gave me and my team time to really think about what kind of cinema we want to be and what kind of programs we want. We were able to really think about these questions. Now that we’re opening it again, it seems a lot faster. But it’s been two years. [Digital Gym Cinema officially opens May 6, 2022 at the San Diego Media Arts Center.]

And a new neighborhood. We expect it will take time to build the kind of desire we already had in our previous site. Like I said, we’re excited about the idea of ​​entering new neighborhoods. We are surrounded by residential buildings that may be over 20 stories high. I know there are people in these buildings who love to watch movies, but it’s only a matter of time before that happens. It is an endeavor and a challenge that we are very happy to undertake.

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Our partnership with the University of California San Diego is great, and they’ve been very supportive. When people stop walking, they say, “Oh, there’s a movie theater here!” and I see their eyes light up They are happy with the idea of ​​cinema in their character. I hope to be a destination for moviegoers in downtown San Diego. It’s all very, very interesting. Literally every email we send out, every social media post we put out, I see responses from people who supported us in our previous position saying, “I can’t wait for you to open.” When you see advance sales coming in, it’s reassuring. to know that you still have a place in society after a long vacation.

Relationships with local organizations and communities are very important. The spread has made it more difficult in general – and, Digital Gym, you have the additional challenge of opening another neighborhood. How did you deal with that challenge?

It was definitely a challenge. I think we are all creatures of habit. We like things to be where they’ve always been. If anything, tragedy has taught us all that we need to change. Besides change, we also need to support what we care about. independent

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