Best Mobile Trading Apps

Best Mobile Trading Apps – If you’re here to learn about the best trading apps in India in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have provided a list of the best mobile trading apps based on our trading experience and user feedback.

In our previous article on desktop trading platforms, we will discuss the major trading application providers here.

Best Mobile Trading Apps

Comparing the major stockbrokers in India, brokerage fees are not significantly different. What really sets them apart is the technology they provide to their customers.

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With the exception of day traders who still need a desktop platform, the mobile app is sufficient for everyday use by all other types of traders and investors.

Check current prices, place orders and more without opening your laptop/desktop. Advances in technology have made it possible to perform most functions using the mobile trading application itself.

As a result, stockbrokers are increasingly focusing on mobile devices. Brokers ignoring mobile devices suffer a lot, even after offering the lowest brokerage fees for Dmart accounts.

Before we show you our list of the best stock trading mobile apps in India, we would like to give you a few suggestions to help you choose.

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Check the Android and iOS versions supported by the app. If the version is lower, you may need to update your phone.

Visit the Google Play Store and Apple iPhone App Store to check the number of app downloads. This is an indirect way to find the most popular trading apps in India.

Read user reviews on Playstore. Look at the problems people face. Be aware, however, that only a few brokers attempt to manipulate ratings by providing their own false positive reviews.

Sometimes when you travel, you may still want to trade in the stock market. Fortunately, mobile trading apps are saving lives. I selected 7 great trading apps based on customer reviews.

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Without a doubt, Zerodha KITE is one of the best trading apps in India and I use it directly for trading.

Zerodha is India’s first discount brokerage, overtaking ICICI Direct and Sharekhan to become India’s number one stock brokerage.

I opened an account with Zerodha in 2012 and have been using it ever since. I have to say that I am very satisfied with the quality of the products and the support they provide.

What I like the most about KITE is the minimalistic user interface (UI). The app doesn’t have a lot of information that I rarely use. This helps me focus more on what I need and trade without distractions.

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The application is lightweight and requires fewer resources. Almost 1/3 compared to other stock broker stock trading apps in India!

Additionally, all investments in Zerodha are free of brokerage fees. This means that if you buy and sell stock on the same day, there is no brokerage fee for buying the stock.

Even if you sell in the future, the brokerage is zero. For all other trades, we charge a fee of Rs 20 per executed order, regardless of trade size. I wrote a detailed review of Zerodha here.

Before we move on, let’s see how much money investors and traders can save by opening an account with Zerodha.

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Thanks to the huge savings offered by Zerodha and the quality of the trading app (KITE), it could surpass ICICI Direct and Sharekhan in 8 years to become the largest stockbroker in India.

If you plan to invest 1 million rupees with a 0.55% brokerage fee (ICICIDirect charges too much!), you will have to pay 5500 rupees on the brokerage itself, with Zerodha you don’t have to pay anything. Zerodha is free).

Suppose you buy 1 million won every day and sell stocks worth 1 million won. This means a total volume of 40 million units for about 20 trading days per month.

ICICI Direct charges a fee of 0.0275%, so the monthly brokerage fee is Rs 4 million * 0.0275% or Rs 11,000.

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Now Zerodha charges Rs 20 per trading day. At Zerodha, brokerage is not based on transaction value. We charge Rs 20 per order regardless of the transaction amount.

So Rs 40 per day (Rs 20 to buy, Rs 20 to sell), 20 * Rs40 per month = Rs 800

Because of these savings and an advanced yet simple mobile app, I highly recommend opening an account at Zerodha. I’ve been using it since 2012 and I’m very happy with it.

Save 200 Rupees: You can save 200 Rupees by opening an account online. Save Rs 200 using the link below.

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Upstox PRO is a mobile app from Upstox, the second largest discount broker in India. They were previously known as Mumbai-based RKSV Securities.

Uptox brokerage fees are also roughly the same as Zerodha. Read the full Uptox review here.

Upstox is currently waiving account setup fees. You can open an account for free. Use the button below to take advantage of this offer.

Angel Broking has been in the brokerage industry for over 30 years. They provide clients with different types of services such as brokerage, insurance and mutual funds.

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Prior to 2019, there was a full-service model where you charged based on a percentage of the value of the transaction. They have now cut costs and adopted a discount brokerage model.

To learn more about the Angel Broking One mobile app, check out our detailed review along with its pros and cons and key features.

Benefit: Currently, there is no account opening fee for online account opening. Also, the first year’s Annual Maintenance Fee (AMC) is waived.

5Paisa is a discount broker promoted by IIFL (India Infoline). They charge Rs 20/executed orders comparable to Zerodha and Uptox. However, courier delivery is nothing. Learn more in our 5Paisa review.

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What I like the most is that it offers a guest check-in feature. You can check the features without opening an account (only limited ones, of course).

To learn more about the 5Paisa mobile app and its pros and cons, check out this detailed app review.

FYERS is a discount stock broker based in Bengaluru. They opened late compared to other discount brokers and missed their first opportunity in the market,

But that didn’t stop them from developing one of the great mobile trading apps in India. They put their attention and resources into creating the best mobile trading app.

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India Infoline is a highly regarded full service securities broker in India that has been in the brokerage business since 1995.

Those looking for more research and advice may consider IIFL. As a full-service broker, IIFL provides personalized service to each client.

However, brokerage fees are high compared to discount brokers like Zerodha. I wrote a detailed review of IIFL in this article.

Motilal Oswal (MOSL) is another prominent stockbroker in India with a strong network of branches and sub-brokers in more than 1,700 locations. They have been in the brokerage business since 1987.

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They have a wide range of products such as stocks, mutual funds, life insurance, IPOs, bonds, currencies and portfolio management services (PMS).

Research articles are considered good as they spend a large part of their income on research (about 10%).

If you’re new to the stock market and need some guidance and don’t mind paying extra brokerage fees, you might consider Motilal Oswal.

Sharekhan is a well known broker in India and you will most likely see one of their stores in your city/village.

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But their brokerage is a big problem. The basic brokerage plan is very expensive and the basic plan charges a brokerage fee of 0.10% on delivery.

Unbelievable! . To buy a stock worth 10 million won, you have to withdraw 10,000 won and sell 10,000 won. You can go through the same process through Zeroda’s zero brokerage service. But without a doubt, Sharekhan Pro is one of the best stock market apps in India in terms of features. You can do a lot with one app.

Mobile transactions are becoming more and more common today. Traders/investors are starting to prefer brokers that offer the best mobile apps for online trading.

I personally trade with the Zerodha Kite and use the Uptox Pro app as a secondary app. So I think Zerodha Kite is the best trading app in India. Of course, you will need an account to use Zerodha (it doesn’t provide guest login).

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If you are already using another trading app (probably the top 10 trading apps in India), please share your experience and leave a review in the comments.

A: The trading application is software developed for mobile users of Android and/or iOS platforms to easily buy and sell trades in the stock market.

A: The Merchant App provides mobility for merchants who travel most of the time. Traders/investors don’t always have to look at the market in front of a computer. You can observe, monitor and act on your portfolio.