Best Matchmakers In Washington Dc

Best Matchmakers In Washington Dc – Jessica M. Goldstein is a freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. She is a contributing editor for the Washingtonian and a contributing writer for the Arts & Style and Magazine sections of the Washington Post.

There are many obstacles when dating in DC. Everyone is busy and no one texts them back, or they text or message but never schedule a date, or only go out once to follow up. All “moderates” are secretly conservative; Most liberals don’t bother with the secret. The pandemic shut down the holiday scene, but swiping apps is a big drag — and not really an option for DC’s top singles. So perhaps it’s no surprise that an old-fashioned way to find love is making a comeback: Single DC players are turning to matchmakers in search of dates.

Best Matchmakers In Washington Dc

You can too. For thousands of dollars a month — twice what the average person spends on rent for a one-bedroom in D.C. – This matchmaker will not only find potential soul mates with your specific criteria in mind, but will also do the kind of research you get, which can seem invasive and intimidating – search LinkedIn for singles with degrees from prestigious universities, or NextDoor Congressional Task Force for homeowners. Wealthy zip codes or LegiStorm for board biographies, salaries and contact information. They can also help you navigate specific obstacles to dating in DC, like how to keep your dating life off Twitter and the pages of this magazine, or how to explain that you’re not sharing everything about yourself. Chief’s political opinion.

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For the inside scoop on how these services work and who uses them, I spent the spring calling a DC couple killer line. The biggest brand in town is Three Day Rule (ironically named because the swingers-era counselor had to wait three days to call a woman you want to see again), a national outfit that opened its DC branch in 2015. All of this — a guaranteed minimum of one match per month, plus training, a photo shoot and a later-day debate — costs $5,900 for three months and $9,500 for six. (TDR also offers VIP packages, which start at $18,500 and help veins become more involved in the search and selection process.)

“People like this, especially in D.C., are used to getting what they want. … It’s very troubling for them and it’s very vulnerable.” Quinn Woodward Pu, matchmaker on the three-day rule

Who registers the capital? When it launched in the city, TDR’s clientele consisted mainly of 35-year-olds and above. But the demographic is getting younger every year, with many in their twenties now exploring what their services offer. Some of the customers are low-wage Capitol Hill workers whose parents, matchmakers believe, are likely to jump for the job. There are many types of upper middle class – lawyers, consultants, even more lawyers. About a quarter of TDR’s clients are longtime D.C. residents. Match maker Jaime Bernstein describes the “very elite, high-level players in the D.C. scene.”

These matchmakers wouldn’t be active if they weren’t able to be discreet, but they could still provide fairly detailed descriptions of the “elite” friends on their list. Such clients include: television presenters; ambassadors; political fundraisers; Children of Senators; Attorneys at the Ministry of Justice; senior personnel at the Treasury, the IMF and the Securities and Exchange Commission; Political Consultancy Owners. TDR has been hired by a DC sports team owner, a speech writer for Michelle Obama and politicians in various stages of running an office looking for their plus-one campaign trail.

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Different matchmakers specialize in different demographics: Kara Laricks is an LGBTQ+ matchmaker that some DC clients dream of becoming, and she told me, “On the red carpet, at the correspondents’ dinner, you’ll see one half of a power couple,” Woodward Pu as Quinn AARP clicks with card-rich group of women: foundation executives, heiresses. “She’s a super-rich woman who runs multiple charities at once, even when she’s unemployed,” Woodward Pu said. “She runs a multi-million or multi-billion dollar organization.”

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These power players may hit the money and blame the presidents, but DC contestants report that, in love, the elite are just as unhappy as the public, and in some ways more so: privacy and discretion are necessarily concerned, and many won’t risk it. . any exposure by setting up profiles on Bumble or Hinge; Constantly traveling for work or working in high-security jobs (eg CIA, Pentagon), when they’re separated from their personal devices all day, they can barely afford to swipe and send the messages they need to stay in the game; Prematurely judged by lovers who meet in the wild who know them from TV, they rarely get a fair chance to make a first impression.

And: comfortable in positions of authority and practiced in the art of commenting without comment, these Washingtonians are uncomfortable being vulnerable and open—which means their meeting skills can lag far behind their professional skills.

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“People like this, especially in D.C., are used to getting what they want,” Woodward Pu said. “They can work harder or smarter or have a connection to it. This was the only place they could not understand. It’s very annoying for them and it’s very vulnerable. People come to us with a level of vulnerability they’ve never experienced or shown.”

Even Woodward Pu can’t tell me how many women have told him their biggest crush is Andrew Cuomo.

“During the pandemic, a lot of people thought, I love Andrew Cuomo,” she said. This is when Cuomo sat in front of a PowerPoint and told a quarantined nation in the early days of Covid — before Cuomo resigned as governor of New York, facing impeachment and more than 11 sexual assault allegations. It was a week. “And I said, ‘You can’t be serious’. But you are!” Woodward said. “It’s not really a physical need. Or maybe. But Cuomo was seriously popular. I’d ask, ‘Okay, why?’ “He has such a command,” they said.

It’s not uncommon for DC customers to give their matchmakers special names like this. Usually, these questions are not very literal but rather inspirational (or aspirational). “At the end of the day, women are looking for atmosphere,” Woodward Pu said.

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However, some clients come to the matchmaker with very specific questions. A TDR VIP client asked his matchmaker to match him with a Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – A move that perfectly illustrates the funny and troubling paradox of the straight man girlfriend: Committed enough to his future girlfriend to drop thousands of dollars on a matchmaking service, but apparently “AOC + boyfriend?” Only to discover that she had been in a serious, long-term relationship long before she ran for office.

“It’s not just about looks. … I’m probably going to talk to 50 Disney princesses over the next six months and pick three to six that will be the best fit in a different way,” says Kat Markiewicz, D.C. matchmaker.

“A lot of times in D.C. guys say, ‘This reporter, this news anchor, this woman is the woman of my dreams,’ and we can chase her down,” says Kat Markiewicz, a D.C. matchmaker who grew up in the District. “Dirty detective work,” as Markiewicz puts it, swiping into a star’s DMs on behalf of their client; TDR’s policy is to “always reach out to [a client] who is interested,” says TAD’s founder Talia Goldstein.

Some D.C. Ask about celebrities who don’t live here (Chelsea Handler) or who don’t live here, are married and definitely out of their league (Margot Robbie). Larix says her clients looking for gay men rate actor Matt Bomer highly — not literally Matt Bomer, but someone who looks like him.

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Straight Washington women, the matchmakers said, were in love with their news anchors: CNN’s Jim Acosta, Fox’s Bill Hemmer, NBC’s Steve Kornacki at the height of the khaki craze. TDR has made several requests to Senator Cory Booker. (“I won’t reveal it,” Bernstein said. “But I’ve had no contact with him.”)

Celebrity appearances often serve as a starting point, said Markiewicz’s client, whose type is Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. Markiewicz tried to find “big-eyed Disney princess types” for her. It’s not just about looks,” she explained. “I’ll probably talk to 50 Disney princesses over the next six months and pick three to six that fit best in a different way.”

Not everyone in Washington wants to look like someone they saw on TV. But more than dating in other cities, contestants say,

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