Best Marathons In Uk

Best Marathons In Uk – Jasper is the newest member of the Ultra X team. A middle distance runner looking to step up to the ultra marathon distance, Jasper enjoys writing about all things running.

To help keep you motivated and give you something to look forward to next year, we’re taking a look at the ultramarathons we’re most excited for in 2021. We offer what we think is the best in the UK, Asia, America, Africa – and everywhere else.

Best Marathons In Uk

To kick things off this week, we’re shining a light on Ultra X’s birthplace and home to us – England. So what are the best ultra marathons and races in the UK?

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In the last ten years the sport has exploded in England and now there are enough races to spend every weekend running and it seems many do! As such, there are some incredible races in the ultramarathon category: single stages, multi-stages, 100-mile races, and more. Here, we list some of the things to consider when planning your running schedule.

The Ultra X 125 England is our first race in the UK, in the beautiful and challenging Peak District National Park. This two-day event has an altitude of 4,349m and follows the usual Ultra X 125 format, which is 125km over two stages, with the option for runners to complete the 50km (Ultra X 50 England) on Sunday only. Single stage race – a more affordable option for first time ultra runners.

However, don’t make the mistake of underestimating this course. Although the Peak District is not described as mountainous, it has a lot of elevation due to the constant rolling of the terrain. The route takes runners through some of the most challenging parts of the Peak District National Park, the Dark Peak Range and some well-known beauty spots such as the spa towns of Castleton and famous peaks like Kinder Scout.

Our second race in the UK, the Ultra X 125 Scotland takes place in the Scottish Highlands, a mountainous area in North West Scotland known for its beautiful scenery and trails, including the Glen and Loch Ness.

Battersea Park Half Marathon

The Great Glen runs a straight arrow from Fort William to the Moray Firth, following a geological fault line formed 400 million years ago. The course takes competitors around the legendary Loch Ness, starting at the athletics track at Queen’s Park Stadium in Inverness and finishing on the shores of Loch Ness in Dorset.

With an altitude of 3,363 meters and accessible terrain (a mix of sealed trails and forest roads), this race is perfect for anyone tackling their first multi-stage ultra. As with all our 125 events, there is also the option to run the ‘Sunday Only’ 50km (Ultra X 50 Scotland) as a stage race.

Like many races, XNRG had to adapt to the current Covid-19 situation to host the Pilgrim Challenge in 2021. However, they are persistent in making sure that the 12th edition is promoted.

Formed in part to provide training races for the growing group of UK MDS participants, the XNRG Series offers no-nonsense racing at multiple levels. The team takes care of accommodation, food and all the little things so that the competitors can focus on the race.

Tcs London Marathon 2023

Many contestants will return to compete next year due to the unique community feel of the competition and you can expect the 2021 edition to be no different. A great option for your first multi-level event.

With their 2020 edition canceled due to Covid-19, White Star Racing have put everything into the 2021 event and it looks set to be a winner. White Star Run organizes a range of events, but our favorite is the Jurassic Trail Running Festival.

“Run by runners for runners” is a phrase you’ll hear over and over again from anyone running their events, such is their lasting impact. These events are fun and social, if not the most competitive you’ll ever experience. The weekend includes an ultra and a children’s race ranging from 52km to 10km. It’s one of those races you’ll regret not doing, as free-flowing cider is available at the end of the race (and maybe halfway).

There are many Centurion Run events to choose from, but the North Downs Way 100 was the first and probably the best. The route takes you from Surrey Farnham to Ashford in Kent. This non-stop 100 miler has plenty of aid stations along the way, meaning that while you can bring a crew, you definitely don’t need to.

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Race Director James Elson launched the Centurion Running Series in 2015. It started in 2011, realizing there weren’t enough ultramarathon races for runners in the area and looking to bring some of the American trail running scene across the pond. The race attracted top runners, with Mark Derbyshire taking the men’s record in an impressive 15:18:41 and Debbie Martin-Consani taking the women’s record in the fastest time of 18:34:54. Overall, the NDW100 is a hugely popular race that sells out in minutes, a definite must-do experience for any UK-based ultra runner.

The Isle of Aran is often referred to as a small Scotland. With forests and coastal scenery in the south and crumbling castles and dramatic mountains in the north, the Isle of Arran delights in every direction.

The Arran Ultra Tour is our choice of rat race event, a two-day weekend race where competitors will experience 60 miles and some serious elevation gain.

It’s not cheap for a two-day race, and Cheek doesn’t include camping (or a 6% admin fee) in the price, so it could be £400 for the weekend, but we still think it’s money well spent.

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Many events now claim to be ‘Glastonbury for runners’, but Endure24 was certainly the first to do so, and perhaps the best. As the name suggests, Endure24 is a 24-hour solo or team relay race on a 5-mile course on private country estates, now with a southern and northern version.

All types of runners can participate in this race without any pressure to run more than you want to. There will be 100 milers and 5 runners. Solo runners can join the elite 24 100 mile club by completing 20 laps within 24 hours. However, for those making it for a fun day, there’s a great sense of community with group yoga and beers from around the world to take you off the base camp course.

It’s definitely a great first step for beginner runners looking to run their first ultra. One to write in a notebook.

Montana racers are known for their most challenging weather conditions, so we thought it best to recommend their most extreme race in the UK.

Events & Challenges

Considered one of the toughest endurance races in the world, the Montana Spine Race is a truly epic test of your physical strength and mental toughness. Running non-stop along some of Britain’s most spectacular roads, you’ll experience the full intensity and brutality of the British winter.

The route passes through some of the most beautiful and often difficult terrain in England, including: the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland National Park, Hadrian’s Wall and the Shevots, and finishes in the Scottish Borders. Expect severe weather, deep snow, ice, mud, swamps, groundwater, strong wind and heavy rain during the seven-day run from Adel to Kirkuk.

The Grand Union Canal Race is one of Britain’s premier ultras. The race takes you 233km along the Grand Union Canal towpath from the heart of Birmingham to Little Venice in central London, making the race an easy and flat course.

It’s certainly not the prettiest race in the UK, but the GUCR deserves a mention as it’s a British ultra running institution where participants can expect some ‘old school’ running.

Best Ultra Marathons Uk 2021: The Ultimate Uk Ultra Races List — Ultra X

The £60 entry fee for such a long race (worth just 26p per km) makes it one of the best value ultramarathons out there. Make sure you complete the course with 45 hours of free time.

The first edition of the Late Dragon Race was held in 1992, but it took 20 years to return due to a lack of finishers, such is the magnitude of this wild event.

Organizers have added another level to the already brutal 380km course that climbs 17,400m on Wales’ north-south mountain spine, and for 2021 the race will now finish at Cardiff Castle.

Known as the Tooting 24 and first held in 2000, the 24-hour race attracts 40 people each year. This

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