Best Luxury Camps In Masai Mara

Best Luxury Camps In Masai Mara – You will not experience luxury safari tents like African Safari. From designer hang-in-the-air tents to family-friendly tented camps and everything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect luxury safari tent for you.

These Luxury safari tents, inspired by the fascinating world of Africa and often located in the most remote areas of Africa, offer romance and a sense of old-style travel that you will not experience anywhere else.

Best Luxury Camps In Masai Mara

There is something indescribable about staying in a tent while on safari. Instead of being locked behind brick and glass, you can enjoy the glow of the lanterns on the fabric walls and fall asleep to the sounds of untouched nature around.

Our 5 Top Tented Camps In The Masai Mara

However, if you thought living in a tent meant covering it with a brightly colored polyester ‘dome’, you’re in for a surprise. The leading campsites in Africa offer the ultimate in luxury travel with all the comforts and decor you’d expect from a safari lodge.

Located on the banks of the Ntiakatek River and very private, Richard’s River Camp is one of eleven safari camps in the exclusive Mara North Conservancy.

The surroundings of this camp are very beautiful. Overlooking Ngoyanai Springs, a permanent spring that regularly attracts wildlife to the area and maintains a lush and green environment. Believe it or not, the camp has a pride of lions.

Richard’s River Camp offers a variety of activities for guests. You can choose from day or night game drives, road trips and walking Safaris, bird watching, sunsets, bush food, rhino sanctuary tours and cultural tours in local Masai villages. For a more fun way to go on safari, you can book a hot air balloon safari.

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This world-famous tented camp on the grounds of the Masai Mara itself takes you back to the famous safaris of the past – all of this camp was used by the first great African explorers and the camp is still in charge.

For over 100 years (five generations) they have been doing this and other camps under the Cottar banner. Their success can be seen through the various awards that have been presented at the camp over the years. The camp is known for its impressive marquee tents, world-class Maasai guides and trackers and possibly some of the best food in the Mara. The camp staff is very attentive and will do everything they can to make your stay unforgettable.

Cottar Camp has a slightly different approach to safari activities compared to other safari lodges. Safari activities and big five excursions have become standard in most hotels.

Cottar now offers the following unique and exciting activities to its guests. Additional fees may apply for certain activities:

Sala’s Camp In Masai Mara National Reserve

The area where the camp is located has the largest number of land animals in the world as well as some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. Established in 1919, Cottar’s reflects the grandeur of the era in which it was born and perfectly captures the spirit of the original explorer with its Hemingway tent. The suite is decorated with original antiques – a framed bed, a faded Louis Vuitton trunk and a candlelit dinner, followed by a glass port as the gramophone bursts into life.

Sayari Camp is a seasonal camp that offers a front-row seat to the annual wildebeest migration, where herds of wildebeest walk circular paths, following the rain and fresh grass from the Serengeti to the Masai. . Advance in Kenya. For those who want to escape the crowds, this seasonal camp, located in the northern part of the Serengeti and off the beaten track, is the best option to stay. Apart from the relaxed atmosphere and spectacular game viewing, the spacious and elegant tents make it easy to see why Africa Geographic ranked Sayari as one of Africa’s ‘Special Places’.

The camp offers a variety of activities – game drives, bush walks, cultural and community tours and hot air balloon rides.

Driving is done in the morning and evening at night. They are guided by experts, and this is a great opportunity to find real treasures for wildlife!

Top 10 Safari Holidays In Maasai Mara

Since Sayari is located near the Mara River, you can enjoy watching the world-famous Great Migration river where herds of wildebeest, zebra and deer settle, usually from July to November. Also watch out for the scary crocodiles!

Outside of the migration months there is much more to see, such as all the Big Five – lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants and buffalo – in addition to smaller carnivores and herbivores.

There are also hundreds of bird species, especially exotic species and many songbirds!

Sayari bush walking is ideal for anyone who wants to see all the wildlife up close, with a knowledgeable guide.

Masai Mara Safari Lodges & Camps (best Masai Mara Accommodation)

If you are interested in culture, you will enjoy visiting the nearby village, Merenga, to learn about the Kuria tribe. You can even go to the local park to pick up food for dinner!

And if you’re looking for a unique experience, we recommend paying extra for a hot air balloon ride. The balloon takes off at dawn, crossing the Serengeti plains for about an hour before descending for a bush breakfast – a real treat.

Sausage Tree is one of the best camps in Africa with white canvas tents from the roof, and amazing views of the Zambezi.

Its location within the Lower Zambezi National Park on the banks of the Zambezi River means that game viewing activities are available on water, by boat and canoe as well as on land, by game drive or on foot. ).

Saruni Wild Camp, Kenya

Here you will be charmed by the choice of elephant and hippo sightings, and you will also see leopards and lions. The camp is relaxed and informal with good food and large rooms all with verandas overlooking the Zambezi itself. Sausage Tree has some of the best guides in Africa, their knowledge is amazing and they know the Lower Zambezi like the back of their hands – it’s a pleasure to go out with them.

The area offers facilities for safari activities, including walking safaris, day game drives, night game drives (with sunset drives), canoeing, fishing and Safari boats. A unique feature of Sausage Tree Camp is that they serve lunch in the shallow part of the river – they set up tables and chairs and when you have lunch, you bathe in the river. Your feet Zambezi! Of course, shallow and safe places are chosen first! Known as one of the most famous wildlife spots or the ‘eight wonders of the world’, Masai Mara has endless plains, stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. Learn more about the Masai Mara here.

Dreaming of the perfect safari vacation? We’ll help you find your way when planning your trip and give you a selection of the best deals available. Check out our latest Masai Mara specials and discounts.

If you are coming from far, far away or traveling to Masai Mara from somewhere in the region. Will guide you through your options in the Mara and how to get there once you get here.

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Kenyan hospitality meets Maasai-inspired luxury on the lush banks of the Saparingo River. &After Kichwa Camp Tembo Tembo is located on the edge of the Oloololo gorge, where the river forest meets the vast plains of the Masai Mara.

The 1920s Safari Camp at Cottar offers its guests the ultimate in luxury. Purple tents decorated in the famous safari style of the 1920s, professional Maasai safari guides and above all a sense of elegance and class – this classic Kenyan safari camp has it all.

Located in one of the most remote parts of the Masai Mara National Reserve, the Sand River Camp pays homage to the romantic safaris of the 1920s. Its design reminds visitors of Hollywood films based on the many African travelogues made during this time. . The magnificent Masai Mara is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Nothing beats the joy of viewing beautiful game all year round – not to mention all the excitement of the Wildebeest Migration. Its popularity, however, means there are many factors to consider when choosing your Masai Mara accommodation.

Choosing which area to visit and when to go to Masai Mara will affect your experience. The central part of the Masai Mara National Reserve is busiest during the migration season (roughly August to November) and has many lodges and safari lodges. care for many people. Private conservancies in the north offer more secluded accommodation, such as luxury tented camps and safari suites. In addition, you can enjoy many activities such as hiking, playing night games and star gazing. The eastern part of the national reserve is the closest to Nairobi and the residential area is

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