Best Lofts In Toronto

Best Lofts In Toronto – Industrial designer Damon Snyder faced a sharp drop in demand for his work when the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of Toronto in the summer of 2020.

“I design restaurants for a living, so no one was moving forward with their projects,” he says of the days when the public health emergency closed many establishments.

Best Lofts In Toronto

At that time Mr. Snyder had another project in the works: He was starting to renovate a two-story apartment at Beach House Lofts.

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The artist and architect was drawn to the small boutique building built by Streetcar Developments in 2005 because of its desirable location in Toronto’s Beaches area.

Apartment 306 offered 20-foot ceilings, a high-style bedroom and a spacious outdoor terrace. When he bought the property, Mr. Snyder thought he might give the department a chance to renew some of the fines.

“When COVID happened, I had a little extra time, and I ended up putting it all together and going a little higher,” he says. “It kept me busy during the first wave of quarantine.”

This design was influenced by New York-style industrial lofts and South American beach hotels. Cole Neophyte

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Sir. Snyder envisioned a New York-style loft with industrial elements and rustic finishes. Visits to the beach resorts of Antigua, Costa Rica and Tulum in Mexico inspired him to create indoor and outdoor spaces with a simple atmosphere.

Sir. Snyder, who also designs and builds furniture, says working on his own projects allows him to experiment without a client who doesn’t have the budget or vision to go along with some of his more innovative ideas.

Sir. Snyder says most of his clients are men in their thirties and forties who appreciate good design but don’t know how to create an interesting space for themselves.

“It’s more masculine, but not like a man cave or a haunted house,” he says of his aesthetic.

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In Unit 306, Mr. Snyder appreciated the volume of the interior and the large windows, but found the layout to be desirable. In the attic, for example, Mr. Snyder built a new, separate suite of rooms that opened up the space and allowed him to fit a king-sized bed.

The bathroom on this level also felt cramped, so Mr. Snyder rearranged it so that the sink was outside the toilet and shower area.

The layout is more in line with the style of a boutique hotel and also includes a spa shower.

On the main level, he built a kitchen with modern, contemporary cabinetry and built-in appliances. A new larger island in the middle of an industrial row.

Lake Shore Boulevard West, Suite 226, Toronto On

Sir. Snyder renovated the main-floor bathroom, replacing hardwood floors and removing a partition to reveal metal ductwork in the living room.

Throughout the space, the builder used recycled brick to cover the walls. Sir. Snyder used his skills as an artist to add more brick, which he tried to recreate with the gravel and soot that made the original so authentic.

In his work, Mr. Snyder often looks for interesting surviving details that he can incorporate into the design.

For this project, he wanted to add industrial elements to the building that could be original. According to him, demolition workers used to remove parts from abandoned factories and industrial warehouses, but now savvy entrepreneurs are saving the scrap.

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One of his discoveries was a heavy triple door removed from an old boiler house. Sir. Snyder drove to the countryside north of town to pick him up.

“It was hell to carry a ladder,” he says. “It was about £400.”

Behind the salvaged industrial doors is a liquor cabinet with a blue-lit vintage truck grille. Cole Neophyte

Mr. Snyder painted the doors back to the original color to clean them up a bit and then put them in the kitchen and dining room. Hidden behind the door was a liquor store, where he discovered something else: Mr. Snyder put his hands on the grill of an old truck, sanded the metal and turned on the lights.

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Sometimes he leaves the door open to let light into the room; sometimes he leaves it closed so that visitors can discover the art object.

“You walk into the dining room to get a bottle of wine and those car headlights shine at you,” said Mr. – says Snyder. “The whole space was designed for entertaining parties and parties. You can dim the light and it’s very attractive.”

Smart home technology allows mr. Snider sets the temperature or creates atmosphere with linear lighting that runs along the stairs and the edges of the room.

In the living room, doors open to a 10-by-20-foot outdoor terrace with views of the residential area north of Queen Street East.

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An automatic elevator is used for parking in the garage of the building. There is mr. Snyder keeps his 1950s pickup truck.

Sir. Snyder says he often walks his Great Dane one block south to the boardwalk above the shores of Lake Ontario. The area also has many parks and a large area of ​​sand set aside for beach volleyball.

Sir. Snyder explains that the ceiling appeals to those who usually like to go out on the town. Many people miss the socializing of bars and restaurants, he notes, and a new resident may be someone who wants to experience that atmosphere in their own home.

A dense mesh cut into the mezzanine allows light to penetrate through the skylights, providing extra space for lounging or sleeping. Cole Neophyte

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Mr. Snyder added an 11-by-20-foot platform to create a second mezzanine, accessible from the master bedroom via a metal bridge.

Mr. Snyder didn’t want to block light from the kitchen and living room below, so he cut a rectangle of hardwood to enclose a heavy netting that doubles as a hammock for lounging or an extra bedroom for guests. The design was based on a tree he visited in Mexico.

“It’s fun — you’re pushing boundaries, and I like that,” she says. “It’s great to be able to travel and take inspiration from other walks of life and bring it back to your hometown.”

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Anyone looking to buy a loft for sale at 326 Carlaw Avenue in Toronto needs to save up. This three-story, brand new home is listed for $2.2 million.

The condo is in an i-zone that was “boarded up, run down and horrible to live in in the 1990s,” says broker Artie Basinski of Century 21 Regal Realty Inc Brokerage, who is listing the property with agent Chris. I would shoot

Family-owned Atria has purchased several abandoned factories and turned them into workspaces in the Leslieville area.

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But this house has unique features, including a music video by Dream Killer Productions (Joey Harlem and Oscar Osman) and music by Michel De Quevedo.

Basinski appears in a video inspired by Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice music video. Basinski says he works as Christopher Walken at his best.

This isn’t his first music video for a home promotion – he shoots a video for any client who wants one. It’s a way to make his job more fun, he says.

It can be a great place to live if you can afford it, and the fact that it has its own video is an added bonus. Interest in loft living in Toronto has been growing for almost two decades. Thus, minimalism and simplicity have become an attractive lifestyle for Torontonians. Perhaps this is why lofts have become a popular property choice and exciting new developments that expand our perception of life.

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Depending on your personal preferences, there are two main types of penthouses to buy. A hard ceiling is the “traditional” ceiling that most people think of when they think of an attic. A rigid bridge is the conversion of old historic buildings, such as factories or warehouses, into living spaces. Their trademark is “hard edges,” which consist of concrete or bare brick, as well as the original columns, beams, and floors that were in the space when it was built. Builders continue to push the boundaries of innovation as old churches, breweries and schools are converted into lofts.

A soft ceiling is a ceiling that is designed specifically for living, but is designed to create high ceilings.

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