Best Location To Stay In Granada Spain

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The city of the Alhambra is full of history and wonder. Within this historic city there are many neighborhoods, each with its own character. Check out our list of the best neighborhoods and places to stay in our list of places to stay in Granada

Best Location To Stay In Granada Spain

Pro tip: There’s a lot to see in Granada, as you’ll find in our list of fun things to do. When you visit the Alhambra, don’t forget to check out the best restaurants!

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Like the four sides of the compass, there are four main districts in central Granada. To the north are the white buildings of the Moorish quarter: the Albaicín. To the east is the Alhambra hill tower and its lush forest. To the south are the labyrinthine streets of the Jewish quarter: the Realejo. And to the west is the beautiful mall of Centro Sagrario.

In addition to the center of its flamenco is the gypsy neighborhood of Sacromonte. So why not follow me to the four corners of Granada and beyond to find your perfect place to stay. Yes!

If you are new to Granada, go to Plaza Isabel La Católica. There, over the center of the square, is a statue of Isabel I of Castile. That Catholic king was in charge of unifying all of Spain. At his feet was Christopher Columbus begging him to finance the journey that would eventually lead to the discovery of America.

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It’s a great place to start your own journey of discovery after you’ve decided where to stay in Granada and discover all that this city has to offer.

The Albaicín neighborhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and still preserves the Moorish character of the Middle Ages. The narrow black and white streets lead you to spectacular views of the Alhambra fortress. This area has a spectacular view of the ten thousand foot mountains of the Sierra Nevada, with the twinkling lights of the bustling city below.

You will find many types of tapas bars and restaurants with beautiful views. But also many small shops and a hippie atmosphere. As you walk you will be seduced by the well-lit and fragrant jasmine that will transport you to another time. Then you need Google Maps to find your way back home!

Most of the houses retain the Moorish architecture of rooms arranged with a central courtyard. And the best house is the best preserved or the best restored. There are many hotels and apartments to choose from and they are usually very affordable. Here are the best places to stay in Albaicín, Granada.

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This is a good example of a typical Moorish house from the Albaicín with rooms revolving around a covered central coffer. The panoramic terrace has a small pool and a beautiful view of the Alhambra Castle. All for a very reasonable price!

It is an entire building outside the main square, Praza Larga, in the heart of the Albaicín. Enjoy the busy morning market there, buy fruits and vegetables and cook at home. Before going to sleep, you can enjoy the arabesque jacuzzi.

Hidden in the streets and near the river at the bottom of the Albaicín is this gem of a hotel in a 16th century building. Superior rooms offer views of the Alhambra, just a short walk from the Alhambra Forest or a short taxi ride away.

This is another beautiful natural Arabic building with rooms around a central courtyard. The hotel’s stone floors, arabesque arches, wood paneling and coffered ceilings (with all the constellations) will make you dream of 1001 Arabian Nights.

Where To Stay In Granada: The Best Hotels And Neighborhoods

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The Alhambra fortress is the last Andalusian dominated by the Arabs and is the best example of ancient Moorish architecture in Europe. This area is special in the Realejo neighborhood, but it is a special place, so we are proud of the place and its own neighborhood name.

Just inside the city walls, and outside, there are a number of stunning hotels that make visiting the mountaintop a breeze. Things are important in this part of town! An ideal place to stay in Granada if you want an unforgettable stay.

This 4-star hotel is a renovated 15th-century convent in the heart of the castle. Enjoy all the luxury of clean and modern rooms, a quiet courtyard, a popular restaurant and a café located in the gardens of the Alhambra. In addition, you will sleep soundly and wake up to take a day off to visit the monument at the front door.

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This grand hotel is probably the oldest 5-star hotel in Spain and the first steel-framed building in all of Andalusia. This is where the rich and famous stay when they want to visit the Alhambra. But everyone can enjoy the colorful and beautiful arabesque decoration, full concierge service and easy access to the Alhambra tower.

If you are looking for modern comfort in a modern business, with a pool to relax at the end of the day, this hotel is the right choice. It is located below the Alhambra’s main entrance in the Alhambra Forest.

It is everything you would expect from a modern hotel: reasonable prices, warm, clean and comfortable rooms, helpful staff and a great location. Located at the entrance to the Alhambra Forest, the hotel also offers easy access to the rest of Granada on foot.

It is not only the old Jewish quarter, but the highest residential area on the other side of the forest of the Alhambra. You will find narrow, black and white streets, such as the Albaicín, and many nice bars and restaurants. It offers plenty of budget accommodation and great street art. Meet Realejo!

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Some of the most beautiful hotels in Granada have exactly what you need after a hot and sweaty day in the city: an outdoor pool! As you cool off in the water and lie down in the shade of some lemon trees, you’ll be glad you booked this wonderful B&B in the heart of Realejo.

If you are looking to socialize and meet people, this hotel in Granada is ideal. In addition to the colorful double and triple rooms, there is a small roof garden with mountain views, an entertainment bar, dining room, social area, rocking chair, tree, deep sofa and book exchange. wow

This is a converted 17th century hospital with individual touches of modern style. Enjoy spacious rooms with high ceilings and an excellent location in the most beautiful part of Realejo. At 5pm they offer afternoon tea and cake so you can have a welcome break before hitting the road again!

Centro Sagrario is the true center of Granada. A modern Catholic city with a ruined medina and a good shopping area. First, you will find the beautiful Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, and an endless series of beautiful shopping streets and squares with fountains.

A Traveler’s Guide To Granada, Spain

Then there are plenty of gold-adorned churches to visit, and as many tapas bars and restaurants as you can shake a palm at! Read on to find out where to stay in central Granada.

A pleasant hotel with very well designed rooms and beautiful views over the small square towards the beautiful facade of the church. The owners also run an excellent cafe and tapas bar in the square and offer discounts to hotel guests.

This converted 19th century building has a beautiful little garden, comfortable rooms, a health center and all the services you would expect from a 4-star hotel in the city center. You will also appreciate that the top chef serves a delicious tasting menu in the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a cheap bed in the center of Granada but are afraid of ending up in a bad hostel, you’ll really appreciate Hostel Nut. Super clean, new and modern, this hostel is located away from the main shopping street. Best of all, double and quadruple rooms are available.

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This neighborhood of Granada is like no other on the planet. Located in the Paraíso Valley with spectacular views of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains, it is a village almost full of caves and flamenco discotheques dug into the mountain.

In addition, the gypsies who pioneered the art of flamenco (which made it world famous and a symbol of Spain’s cultural fusion) still live here. They offer evening shows and guitar and dance courses for those who want something more

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