Best Lawyers In Valdosta Ga

Best Lawyers In Valdosta Ga – Jason A. Smith Converse Bright was named Best Criminal Defense: General Practice and Best Criminal Defense: White Attorney in the area in 2017 by the Valdosta Daily Times.

Jason A. Smith Valdosta Daily Times The Converse Bright gun case is in his office as are the records of previous cases.

Best Lawyers In Valdosta Ga

VALDOSTA – Attorney Converse Bright has been named Best Criminal Defense: General Practice and Criminal Defense: Macon Area White Attorney by Best Lawyers magazine.

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For 30 years, Best Lawyers has been helping citizens identify the most qualified attorneys to represent them in remote locations or unfamiliar professions, according to a press release. Lists of the best lawyers are published in leading local, regional and national publications around the world.

First, he had to be stopped. A lawyer can be a candidate himself, according to the best lawyers. Second, respected lawyers today comment on the quality of the candidate’s work. The results are collated and feedback from voters is evaluated.

Applicants are then certified in good standing by their local bar associations. Finally, the results are made public.

Bright began his legal career in an unexpected way – while still at school.

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Before graduating from the University of Georgia in 1965, Bright took the bar exam, the exam that allows one to become a lawyer, in 1964 and passed, he said. Students must now pass the bar exam before taking it.

He opened his first practice in February 1965 in Savannah, he said. In 1967 he returned to his hometown of Valdosta.

“My desire to become a lawyer grew in law school,” he said. “I couldn’t put my finger on anything specific. It was interesting and I thought it was something I could do.”

Although Bright has been named Best Criminal Defense: General Practice and Criminal Defense: White Attorney in the area, he has done more than that over the years.

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He represented railroad companies, prosecuted the county commission and the sheriff’s department, handled over 100 murders, over 200 felonies and over 50 felonies; Civil lawsuits are covered and personal injury lawsuits are covered.

As long as I do this – what I want to do – is to write and write all my cases,” said Bright.

He has a file in his office with five firearms from court cases where his clients were acquitted, he said.

Each gun has its own story. One was for domestic violence and the other was for drug trafficking.

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Bright shared the blame when a boy opened a bottle of Coke and the cap exploded, injuring him.

He expected the boy to use all the money in a few years to buy cars and other things.

Instead of spending that money on misery, the boy used that money to go to flight school and become a successful commercial pilot.

She also keeps a folder of thank you notes she has received over the years. He puts them in a big red folder and the letters are piled a few inches high.

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“These are very important – thank you notes,” Bright said, sorting through the top row of letters.

“Since I can contribute and help people, I will continue to do it,” he said.

Bright is a member of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers and the American Academy of Trial Lawyers. Both parties are by invitation only. With roots in Valdosta since 1960, The Bennett Law Firm, LLP enjoys a well-deserved reputation among our clients for our legal work, expertise and strategic representation. Our lawyers bring to each case the practical knowledge and skills gained from their more than 100 years of experience. Our mission is to establish and develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing exceptional customer service and results-oriented solutions.

At the Bennett Law Firm, your peace of mind, growth and success are our top priorities. We are passionate lawyers who believe that every client deserves professional and reliable legal advice and representation. Managing partner at the firm of Mike S. Bennett, Sr. stands out among his peers for the professionalism and ethics he has demonstrated over the past 40+ years of law enforcement, and these qualities have been passed down to his sons, Michael S. Bennett, Jr. and Jim T. Bennett.

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Jim T. Bennett, Jr. (1920-2006) founded the company in 1960. Bennett has a reputation for aggressively representing his clients’ interests and ensuring that their rights are protected. Mr. Bennett devoted a lifetime of service to his country and community. He was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War and retired as a colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve in 1975. Bennett also served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1975-1966. When Mr. Bennett retired from a successful legal career in 1995, leaving a substantial legacy. The son of Mr. Bennett, Mike S. Bennett, Sr., joined the company in 1977. Mike’s son, Michael S. Bennett, Jr., joined the company in 1993. Mike’s second son, Jim T. Bennett, joined in 1998. Together, Mike. his sons are the managers of the company. The Bennett Law Firm has the distinction of being the only three-generation law firm in the history of the state of Georgia to successfully litigate a case in the Georgia Supreme Court. We have been granted a certificate from the Supreme Court of Georgia recognizing this achievement.

We use the extensive knowledge base and experience of our attorneys to provide you with a wide range of services that meet your legal needs. We often handle cases including:

The Bennett Law Firm looks forward to serving your needs for generations to come. Schedule a free initial consultation with a Valdosta South Georgia attorney today. The Bennett Law Firm is ready to provide you with effective and efficient representation. Call or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Lawyers In Valdosta, Ga

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