Best Lawyer In Nova Scotia

Best Lawyer In Nova Scotia – Highlander Law Group provides legal services in the areas of civil litigation, business/commercial matters, wills (including probate), probate, real estate, financial rehabilitation, security, employment law, family disputes such as divorce and separation agreements, and more. Highlander Law Group Group is a law firm specializing in Tantalon, Hammonds Plains, St. Margaret’s Bay, Hubbards, Timberlea, Chester, Peggy’s Cove and Hubley. Both law firms are from Antigoniš and will also serve clients in the area.

At Highlander Law Group, a law firm with offices in Tantalon (outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia), we embody the hallmarks of the Scottish Highlands: hard work, integrity and honesty are considered successful. Highlander’s founder, Diana Riwaj, hails from Antigonish, Nova Scotia – a MacDonald from the heart of Highland, Nova Scotia. Like many new Scottish families of Scottish descent, the McDonalds have strong ties to their Scottish culture.

Best Lawyer In Nova Scotia

Scottish Highlanders are a hardworking and loyal bunch. Their lives were not easy, but they were armed with a passion born from a deep conviction that what they were fighting for was necessary. At Highlander, our attorneys handle every case with equal passion.

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Diana Riwaj, founder of Highlander Law Group, is also a ‘mom’ to three young children and a large dog. He understands that there are often not enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank. He is always open and honest about the benefits and costs. Diana’s clients will tell you that she takes the time to really understand your goals and then goes out of her way to achieve them. He goes out of his way to make sure you understand the whole process and doesn’t use legalism.

In addition to her law degree, Diana holds a business degree from Bishop’s University and an MBA from Dalhousie University. His business background allows him to put himself in the shoes of his fellow small business owners. He works with his clients to find solutions, because sometimes the ‘ideal’ solution is simply not possible.

As a lawyer in Halifax, Diana has appeared before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, Superior Court (Criminal), Small Claims Court, Tribunal, Court of Appeal, Traffic Court and the Nova Scotia Labor Board.

Brianna Avney focuses on her practice. He grew up in Bedford, Nova Scotia and has family in Halifax and the Annapolis Valley. It has strong ties to Nova Scotia and may be of interest to anyone looking to become a home province.

Valent Legal Featured In Best Lawyers 2021

He is also a long-time member of the Nova Scotia equestrian community. Playing competitive sports taught him that hard work pays off. In addition, balancing a busy schedule between sports and work has taught him that time is important and that it is best spent doing what you love. As your lawyer, he will efficiently solve your problems, reducing the time you spend on solving legal problems.

John is a native of Tantalon/St. Margaret’s Bay area and dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals.

Current practice includes corporate and commercial law, property, administrative and health law. He advises on financial investments, negotiations and preparation of contracts, loan agreements and insurance. We negotiate and prepare contracts, collective agreements and other commercial agreements and assist clients in various business and commercial matters, including the distribution and sale of real estate. Along with general corporate issues including debt recovery and operational and corporate governance issues.

Vicky is the friendly voice or smiling face that will greet you when you call Highlander Law Group.

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To ensure our team has the time to support you, we embrace technology. During office hours, unless your attorney is in a meeting or in court, our support staff can reach him. All of our files can be accessed remotely, so if something needs to be done quickly, it can be dealt with quickly even when your attorney is not in the office. We are happy to do business by email and you can pay your bill online if you prefer. Our system also allows us to organize meetings with clients at a location other than our office – we can come to you. And our ‘electronic’ office is a great environment as we don’t have to print nearly as much!

No lawyer is an expert in all areas of the law (and if you see someone who says they are; the truth comes out). At Highlander, we’re more concerned with helping our clients get the best service available than with quickly handling every case that comes through our doors. That is why we have established relationships with lawyers in Halifax who focus their practice on certain specific areas of law. If, after meeting with you, we feel that you would benefit from working with one of these attorneys, we will help you transfer your case to one of them. Valeant Legal is proud to be named a “Best Law Firm 2021” by Best Lawyers. Magazine This honor is actually in the corporate gifts category. Just last year, the publication recognized two of the firm’s lawyers – Mike Dull and Charles Ford – as two of Canada’s best lawyers.

Being authorized by Best Lawyers as a law firm or attorney means that lawyers across the country agree that these professionals provide certain legal services. The supreme law of the land.

The Best Lawyers rating system is based on peer review in selecting reputable lawyers and firms. Employment attorneys submit nominations for these awards based on the attorney’s individual outstanding service on specific assignments and outstanding work in a specific area.

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The Best Lawyers award is the most recent honor Valeant Legal and the firm’s business lawyers have received. Residents of Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia have also nominated Valiant Legal for a Consumer Choice Award as the best personal injury law firm. The company also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the highest rating given by the respected organization.

These awards demonstrate that the entire team at Valeant Legal not only provides legal expertise, but also serves clients and the community as a whole with compassion and care.

Valeant Legal founder Mike Dull, attorney Chuck Ford, Lisandra Naranjo Hernandez, Phil Moreira, Tom Champion and the rest of the firm’s entire legal team regularly donate their time and resources.

In addition to these broad recognitions, attorneys at Valeant Legal are also regularly recognized for their outstanding contributions.

Jessica Lyle, Tep

Since 2014, Best Lawyers has honored Charles “Chuck” Ford for his outstanding work in insurance and personal injury law and his dedication to helping victims and their families. Much of his work comes from referrals from other attorneys and firms, which shows how respected Chuck is throughout the profession.

Similarly, Best Lawyers recognized Mike Dull for his industry-leading work in class action, medical negligence and personal injury – and his reputation among friends and clients across Canada.

Mike is also recognized as one of the best personal injury lawyers in Halifax. Some of the accolades this respected attorney has received include being recognized by the Public Justice and LeExpert Directories, as well as peer referrals and appearances based on his leadership skills. Leadership in personal injury and class action law.

This recognition reflects the positive testimonials from Valeant Legal’s clients, who appreciate the firm’s care and the attorneys’ dedication to doing their best.

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Previous clients have praised the way Valeant’s legal team helped them achieve the best possible outcome in their case, but treated them as a priority, answering all their questions and providing them with the support they needed in the midst of a crisis. . .

Some of the services we offer in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island include serious accident legal services such as:

Car Accidents – Our lawyers know how to handle even the most serious car, truck and motorcycle accidents and help victims get the most money for their injuries.

Slips and falls – These situations are a common cause of serious injury, Valeant Legal works to hold property owners, employees and businesses accountable for their negligence or carelessness.

Halifax Disability Lawyers

Long Term Disability – Our skilled attorneys can help you fight for the benefits you are entitled to when you are unable to return to work due to a serious illness or injury.

Poor medical care – When you go to the doctor, you expect him to take good care of you. The negligence of doctors, medical staff and medical institutions often leaves patients with fatal and long-term consequences. Valeant Legal can do this

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