Best Laser Tag In Dallas

Best Laser Tag In Dallas – The Star and Strikes featured area is a two-story laser tag arena. If you’ve never tried it, you’ve never experienced the safe thrill of challenging your friends through two levels of obstacles and hideouts. Climb ramps, flip obstacles and challenge your friends for high-energy fun. With music, smoke machines, black lights and lasers, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world. There’s no challenge like having a laser tag birthday party or grabbing your hat after work. With more than a dozen locations in Georgia and throughout the South, if you’re looking for “laser near me” fun, Stars and Strikes is your place.

This isn’t the laser tag you remember from childhood all updated with real laser targets and equipment that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into an action movie. Before you put on your gear and head out, get descent and safety instructions in the recovery room. It’s a clean, modern, safe alternative to mainstream laser fun. We pride ourselves on offering the best laser tag experience around! Call it laser tag or laser tag – it’s one and the same: fun!

Best Laser Tag In Dallas

Laser Tag Price 2 Story Laser Tag (Available in Cummings, Dallas, Stone Mountain, Cadstock, Huntsville, Columbus, Augusta, Smyrna, Summerville, Irmo, Raleigh and Concord)

Mike’s Combat Games

Did you know that many of our kids birthday party packages include a laser tag session? Our birthday parties are child friendly and easy to book at Stars & Strikes, we ensure every child has the birthday party of their life and our personal party hosts add to the excitement as soon as they enter our centre.

Laser tag isn’t just for kids, adults join in the fun as a Sunday break or as a team building challenge. If you’re tired of the same old corporate events and team building activities, break out laser tag. Along with a cold beer, a game or two of laser tag releases stress and gets people laughing and flowing in a safe, fun environment. Our guests tell us that once they try laser tag, they can’t get enough, and can’t remember having this much fun in years. Find Your Inner Warrior You’ll be surprised how much fun you have following your friends and hiding from them.

Augusta, GA, Columbus, GA, Concord, NC, Cummings, GA, Dacula/Lawrenceville, GA, Dallas, GA, Huntsville, IL, Irmo, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC, Raleigh, NC, Smyrna, TN, Stone Mountain, GA, Summerville, SC, Woodstock, GA In our laser tag arena, you’ll find yourself in a virtual war zone where it’s every man for himself while scoring points for the team.

Avoid your opponent’s laser beams in our obstacle course filled with fog, glowing poles and adrenaline-pumping music. Find out what you and your friends are made of as you compete with other teams for the most points in this exciting laser game. Laser tag isn’t just a game… it’s an adventure!

Aiming For Fun Trends At Laser Tag Centers

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a team-building event, laser tag is the perfect indoor activity, kids and adults alike will enjoy racing to the goal or hiding from your enemies as you work as a team to get those points. are doing , you can score points by disabling the opposing team’s home base! It may take a few rounds to pick up all the tricks, but laser tag will soon become an attraction in your favorite game room. Don’t forget to become a Premium Pex Member so you’ll get $25 in game credits on your big day!

Serves the Austin and DFW metroplex including Plano, Frisco, Dallas, The Colony, Allen, McKinney, Addison, Richardson, Las Colinas, Irving, Grapevine, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and San Antonio. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there will always be some activity that will bring out the kid in you and laser tag will be one of them! This family-friendly activity offers a wonderful way to while away a few hours of intense romance. Whether you’re looking for a unique rainy day activity or you just feel like having a lot of fun, you’ll find that this recreation center is the place to do it. Considered the largest and best laser range in Northern California, nothing can beat it.

Located in Rocklin, Extreme Craze is a family entertainment center that certainly lives up to its name, with over 18,000 square feet of endless fun, including 7,000 in their multi-level laser tag area, this place will be a great time that you will never forget. .

Extreme Craze is home to all kinds of fun-loving attractions, from giant inflatable bounce house rooms to state-of-the-art play areas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Bowling, Arcade Plano

However, laser tag is by far the most popular attraction, and for good reason! This may be the largest and best laser experience in Northern California, if not the entire state. This is definitely a far cry from the laser arena you remember growing up.

The Hmongs Arena covers two full levels and has enough space to accommodate 46 players in a session. A great game of laser tag! Filled with luminous pillars, arches, tracks and circles, the arena will transport you to a different world.

Combining hide and seek elements, marking and capturing the flag, each round laser tag is bound to keep you engrossed in excitement. Check your score at the end of the round to see who you tagged and who tagged you!

You will definitely get your money’s worth in each session. A session lasts 40 minutes, with only a short training video at the beginning. In addition, laser tag obstacles are available and open to any player aged 7 and above.

Best Laser Tag Near Me In The Southeast

After you’ve had your fill of futuristic fun, you can head to the arcade where you can win prizes or the Xtreme Reality tickets where you can participate in single or multiplayer virtual reality games.

Whether you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special birthday or you just want to have some family fun, Extreme Craze is the place to do it. Home to the most epic laser experience in the state, this place is sure to bring out your inner child.

Have you visited Northern California’s largest laser tag arena yet? Now, that’s easy fun that the whole family will enjoy! For another unique family attraction, check out Northern California’s massive four-story indoor playground. Who said laser tag is just for kids? In Ontario, adults can join the fun at a unique arena that brings the next generation of laser tag.

Area 51 in Vaughan is a laser tag facility that has a 5,000 square foot advanced stage. The venue is built with two bases that allow for many variations in competitive team play, and their high-tech equipment will make you feel like you’re in an epic Star Wars battle.

Mobile Laser Tag

Each player will be given a microblaster that will provide weapon upgrades as you redeem your credits from each tag. Light clothing also makes it easier for players to move around the field so you don’t get too tired during your matches.

The facility offers drop-in play ($21 for three 20-minute sessions), though if you have a group of friends to play with, you can book the entire field yourself!

The Midnight Lockout option will allow you and 20 of your friends to join the arena between 11:00 and 03:00. There will also be a large party room for you, and the staff will make party size pizzas and bowls of water! Imagine – it’s the 90s, you’re at your little brother’s laser birthday party, everyone. Ready and Ready to Go A couple in lasers at a birthday party aren’t bragging about how awesome they are, they’re going to kick everyone’s ass. You walk into the dark arena, your eyes fixate on these two proud bozos and get excited as the countdown to action begins. Now, to be honest, you’re not very good at laser tag, but who cares, there’s fifteen minutes to go – take cover, look around corners, defend home base, and of course, fire the laser beam until you get hit. fire sign. Listen and then it’s over for the moment of truth – the numbers are once proud people are there first, and they’re one-upping each other to get higher marks but what’s that? Anyone with a high score? And it’s a girl?! You smile with the boys and say: “Better next time.”

True story – and aside from an awesome line at the end, I’m pretty sure my laser suit isn’t registering hits properly, so my score is probably selling out. But this did not happen

Laser Tag Celebrates 30 Years During Laurel Event

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