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Best Knee Surgeon In Melbourne – Mr. Roshan graduated from Monash University with an Honors Medical Degree in 2005 and completed postgraduate studies in Surgical Anatomy at the University of Melbourne. Selected for a six-month pediatric internship at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, as a registrar.

Sasha completed her orthopedic training in NSW and in 2014 became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in Orthopedic Surgery. He returned to Melbourne in early 2014 and was appointed as an Orthopedic Traumatologist at Western Medical Centre. In the same year, Sasha completed a fellowship in foot and ankle rehabilitation at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital before completing an international training in 2015.

Best Knee Surgeon In Melbourne

Sasha trained with Dr. Olivier Laffenetre, a pioneer in foot surgery, in Bordeaux, France. This work focuses on corrective foot surgery using minimally invasive techniques to reduce surgical risk and improve clinical outcomes in selected patients. Sascha’s efforts helped lay the groundwork for the recognition of a formal partnership program between France and Australia.

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Sasha then completed a six-month fellowship in hip and knee reconstructive surgery at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Canada, focusing on complex joint replacements as well as procedural innovation.

Focusing on minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques, Sasha treats all foot and ankle conditions. He has a special interest in forefoot rehabilitation, foot and ankle deformity repair, and soft tissue repair techniques for acute and chronic injuries.

Sasha approaches each case with a personalized treatment plan that puts patient care at the forefront of her practice. This will provide a balanced assessment and realistic expectations for any proposed surgery.

In addition to clinical work, Sasha is continuously involved in teaching and research published in high impact journals, international presentations, supervision and training of orthopedic trainees.

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Warning: This is not an emergency service. If you need urgent treatment, contact the nearest emergency department. Otis is an internationally trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot, ankle and knee surgery in Melbourne, Australia. He has special interests in sports injuries, arthroscopic ankle surgery, tendon and syndesmosis rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and foot repair, and Achilles tendinitis. Otis strives to provide the highest level of patient care and the best possible outcomes.

Brett is an internationally trained Australian orthopedic surgeon. His special interests are in arthroscopic techniques for sports-related injuries and arthroplasty of the knee, hip, and shoulder. Brett strives to provide comprehensive and individualized orthopedic care to all of his patients.

De Juan is an Australian and internationally trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements, sports knee injuries and orthopedic injuries (fractures and dislocations). It puts patient care first and strives to achieve the best management and best outcomes for all patients using evidence-based medicine and the latest medical technology.

Sasha is an internationally trained Australian orthopedic surgeon. Sasha specializes in lower extremity rehabilitation, focusing on foot and ankle surgery, including deformity correction, and traditional and minimally invasive treatment of acute and chronic injuries. Combining high professional standards with the latest technology, Sasha strives to achieve the best results for all patients.

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Kemble is an orthopedic surgeon based in Australia and the United States. Specializing in shoulder/elbow/hand rehabilitation for adults, teenagers and children. He has a special interest in sports injuries of the upper extremity, as well as “locking” or arthroscopic treatment of upper extremity problems. After receiving specialized training at the Harvard University Medical System in Boston, Kemble combines cutting-edge technology with patient-centered care. Provides friendly and professional treatment to patients and their families and works to solve all their problems. Wang studied medicine at the University of Melbourne in 1998, completed his orthopedic surgery training in Victoria, and was awarded a fellowship in orthopedic surgery at the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 2006. Later, he participated in an international scholarship program in Cambridge and Bristol, England. , specializing in foot, ankle and knee surgery.

During these meetings, Mr. Wang regularly collaborated with prominent figures in sports such as cricket, football and rugby. Mr. Wang has specialized training in many areas of joint surgery, or “major” surgery.

In addition, he has worked with well-known orthopedic doctors throughout Europe, such as prof. Van Dyck in Amsterdam. He is Dr. And Baruch in Bordeaux is the man behind the international Scarf Akin osteotomy.

His interests and expertise span all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, including sports injuries, elite or weekend warriors, degenerative and rehabilitative conditions.

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It offers a friendly and professional service with an emphasis on open communication and the highest standards of surgical practice. He specializes in sports and foot, ankle and knee surgery.

Mr. Wang will listen carefully when you explain your situation. He will examine you and explain possible diseases. A special scan, such as an MRI or CT scan, may be required. He will provide you with a balanced and comprehensive explanation of the pros and cons of the proposed orthopedic surgery, including details of recovery and possible side effects. He is committed to solving all your problems and meeting your expectations, and he works with a professional team of physiotherapists, paediatricians and orthodontists to offer you the best service, treatment and, above all, the right orthopedic advice.

Mr. Wang is grateful for the training of international and foreign partners. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact MOS at [email protected]

Warning: This is not an emergency service. If you need urgent treatment, go to the nearest emergency department.Dr. Ikram Nizam is a leading orthopedic surgeon with over 15 years of orthopedic experience in Melbourne, having studied in Oxford, Leicester and London before moving to Australia. He currently consults at his main office at 1356 High Street, Malvern. Consulting and working:

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Dr. Nizam is an internationally recognized professor of surgery and trainer of hip replacement techniques to surgeons around the world.

He regularly visits international centers around the world to teach this minimally invasive technique and attends meetings/conferences/international surgeons to lecture/supervise hip and knee surgery procedures for best results.

After completing her BST, she worked for a year in a major orthopedic clinic in London, working with the renowned Miss Sarah K Muirhead-Allwood (the Queen Mother’s orthopedic surgeon), before moving to Australia and briefly working as a registrar in Melbourne.

Dr. Nizam completed Part 1 and 2 at MZN (UK) and completed his Master’s degree at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

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Dr. Nizam heads the Research and Development team working with national and international orthopedic organizations and companies to develop new techniques and technologies for minimally invasive hip and knee surgery, especially anterior hip replacement. Bikini and knee replacement for patients.

It has a full-time Orthopedic staff (accredited by the Australian Orthopedic Association) who are actively involved in orthopedic research, patient outcomes and the evaluation of orthopedic best practice, so that it can access the latest techniques and technology for its patients.

In Sydney (Surgical and Orthopedic Research Laboratory – Prince of Wales Hospital and Joint Orthopedic Centre, Bondi) conducted several years of research in wound healing, synthetic bone grafting, joint replacement, hip reconstruction and metal hip replacement. (Press release, presentation)

Dr. Nizam completed his fellowship in Sydney before moving to Melbourne to train as an orthopedic surgeon. During his time with Professor L. Kohan, he learned about anterior minimally invasive surgery (AMIS), hip resurfacing techniques, total knee arthroplasty/reconstruction, and joint reconstruction.

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For more than six years, Dr. Nizam worked closely with the team that developed the phase replacement LIA technique in Sydney. The team was led by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. D. Kerr and Professor L. Cohan. Dr. achieved good results. Nizam allows for early mobilization and discharge after a one-night hospital stay after joint replacement, hip replacement, reconstructive surgery, and other orthopedic procedures, reducing postoperative complications.

Dr. Nizam completed his sub-specialist fellowship training at University College Hospital, London, UK (Professor Fares Haddad). It is a tertiary care center for total hip and knee replacement, hip and knee reconstructive and reconstructive surgery, oval and joint arthrodesis, and sports surgery. This intense environment prepared him for the world of orthopedic surgery in Melbourne.

Dr. Nizam is also a scientific reviewer for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS-Br) and Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Its goal is to offer its patients the most up-to-date information and practices of orthopedic surgeons in line with the latest advances in the field.

Read more about the character of Dr. Ikram Nizam is an educator, professional development coordinator and a leader among orthopedic surgeons in Melbourne and across Australia.

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