Best Island In French Polynesia For Honeymoon

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Best Island In French Polynesia For Honeymoon

If you’re thinking of a honeymoon in Tahiti, it’s a great choice if you ask us. A short seven-hour flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco, French Polynesia is an easy place to reach and love. Known for its blue-to-be-real lagoons and popular honeymoon islands like Bora Bora and Morea, the country consists of over 150 islands and a host of exotic hot spots. These beautiful islands in the South Pacific are truly a dream honeymoon.

Honeymoon: Pacific Paradise Bora Bora

The ocean (pronounced “Moana” in Tahitian) plays an important role in everything from culture to food to hobbies in Tahiti. This makes it a good place for newlyweds who want to spend more time in a swimsuit than sneakers on their honeymoon. Overwater bungalows, jet skis, sunset catamaran tours and any water activity you can imagine are found in the islands of Tahiti. But if you want to be healthy, you will also have the opportunity to go hiking, mountain climbing and even cave exploring in French Polynesia. This is a wonderful honeymoon for couples who want a fun getaway with more than just a day of sunbathing on the beach.

Remember: when you are planning, the country is technically called “French Polynesia”, although many people use the name “Tahiti” for the whole country. However, Tahiti is actually the name of the main island (where you will only find the international airport and more services). When planning, make a note of which island your hotel and activities are located on.

Tahiti is easy to get to, at least compared to most tropical destinations. Departure from San Francisco or Los Angeles will take about seven hours on a direct flight. When you land at Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, you can catch a connection to another island or just hang out on the island of Tahiti.

It is also very interesting. Of course you can dress up, but local people often leave shoes and clothes on. This is a “no shoes, no shirt, yes maid” kind of place. Sundresses and elegant dresses can be fun for a casual dinner, but they are definitely not required.

Bora Bora: Honeymoon In French Polynesia (part 2)

Exciting newlyweds can do many things. If you want to snorkel all day while your partner reads a book in the hammock, you will find your dream. In addition, the sea is beautiful. Lagoons have clean water that is almost always warm, and the seas are healthy and full of marine life. It is a good place for water sports.

Let’s be clear: Tahiti is very expensive. You can actually stay in local guesthouses and hotels (called guest houses) to save money, but most of the restaurants and activities here will cost more than anywhere else.

The place can be hot and crowded. You will enjoy the breeze on the beach. If you go inland to hike or enjoy sightseeing, you can find temperatures in the low 90s with about 90 percent. Skip summer travel if you hate the heat.

Tahiti has what most people would consider wonderful weather all year round. The temperature does not change much throughout the year. In fact, each month has an average temperature between 80 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which also makes the sea warm enough to swim and swim all year round.

Best Things To Do On Maupiti, French Polynesia

There are better times than others for this, especially if you want to be selective. Summer in Tahiti (which is winter in North America) can be very hot. Temperatures from November to April are usually between 80 and 90 degrees. And while Tahiti’s winter season (around May to October) is not as cold, it is less humid, making these months the best time to visit when the weather is nice. There is also less rainfall between May and October, making you more likely to have sunny days and calm, clear water.

However, since most travelers prefer to visit North America in the summer, the prices are higher and the islands are more crowded. Most of the hotels and resorts are where you will see the big jump; Prices can be two or three times higher for a house on the water in Tahiti winter than in Tahiti summer. If you don’t mind the sky being a little overcast, consider visiting “off-season” to save money. You can also aim for the short seasons (around the months of May and October), when you can have good weather and the resorts are a little cheaper than during the peak season.

French Polynesia has about 120 islands, not all of which are inhabited. They are divided into five groups of islands: the Society Islands (which most people visit), the Marquesas Islands (the furthest from the island of Tahiti), the Tuamtus (which also has beautiful island resorts and is famous). for snorkeling and diving), the Gambier and Austral Islands.

If you are looking for a luxurious, romantic honeymoon, Bora Bora is the place to be. Book an overwater bungalow, go snorkeling from the famous lake and admire the spectacular views of Mount Otemanu while having a two-course dinner under the stars. Bora Bora is a quick flight from Tahiti.

Maldives Vs Bora Bora, Where Will You Have The Best Vacation?

The Marquesas Islands are far from Tahiti – a three-hour plane ride – but it’s well worth the trip, especially if you have more time in the countryside. You can visit the old house of artist Paul Gauguin on Hiva Oa, go horseback riding while surfing in Nuka Hiva, or go into the mountains in Fatu Hiva. If you don’t want to fly an extra 13 days, check out the Aranui 5, a cruise ship that sails to remote islands several times a year.

Newlyweds often fly into Faa’a airport and immediately take a flight to a small island, but Tahiti is worth a few days to explore during your honeymoon. Take a 30-minute boat ride to explore Moorea, take a walk around the island, or spend an evening exploring the food trucks and markets in town.

Avoid the crowds on small and charming Rangiroa. Kia Ora Resort & Spa has water villas with glass floors on the lake, TopDive Rangiroa organizes easy water trips for underwater dolphin watching, and you can find black pearls through picking oysters at Gauguin’s Pearl Farm. Air Tahiti flies there directly from Tahiti and Bora Bora.

If you’ve never tried diving or snorkeling, the warm, clear waters surrounding French Polynesia are a great place to try the water. Divers should head to Rangiroa to dive with dolphins or Fakarava to dive with whales. You probably see sea turtles, manta rays and stingrays at every dive site in the country. Beginners can get certificates at any of the smallest lodges on the main islands.

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Do you want to go snorkeling? Take a tour of the lagoon in Bora Bora or spend the day on the white sands of Tema Beach in Moorea, which has one of the healthiest beaches in the Society Islands. TopDive runs specialist dive shops around the various islands and many resorts can recommend local dives.

French Polynesia is not only for sports – it is a good place to try something new, especially if you want to spend part of your honeymoon on the sea. If you want to take a trip down the lake, try a boat ride (also known as a water ride) on Moora Island. You will be wearing what looks like an old fashioned marine helmet attached to the air source at the top as you literally walk on the beach on the ocean. The tour takes about 30 minutes. You can also try SNBA, which is more or less the same, without the helmet.

Other water sports on a French Polynesia vacation include jet ski tours in Bora Bora or jet ski rentals in Tahiti. You can also learn to sail a waa (inflated boat) or set sail on a sunset cruise.

Of course, the white beaches of French Polynesia are nothing to sneeze at. But if you can get away from the country parks and treat yourself to a little adventure, head inland. On Moorea, you can take a guided tour to a private waterfall in the jungle or cycle through a pineapple plantation. Tahiti offers several miles of forest parks, and most resorts can rent bikes to explore the island’s trails and small towns. Taha’a is famous for its vanilla plantations, while archaeological sites surround many of the smaller islands. Bring lots of water (and maybe some insects

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