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Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the availability of Pioneer Telephone Associates at this address. Call a representative at (888) 782-2667 to confirm.

Best Internet Provider In Enid Ok

The telephone company operates at the address “Pioneer”. Check out the plans below or call (888) 782-2667 to get started.

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

These are just a few of the plans we found for Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. To see more Pioneer Telephone Cooperative deals and offers in your area, enter your zip code above.

Are you a current or former Pioneer Telephone Cooperative customer in the Pioneer Telephone Cooperative service area of ​​Enid, Ada or Edmond? Share your experience to help other users.

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Unstable, insecure rural internet. It is cut randomly. I told support that I wasn’t getting what I paid for so they asked me to downgrade. This does not solve the problem. They are now using LTE towers for internet in rural areas and cannot accommodate all customers due to bandwidth issues.

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Whether Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is your ISP or you use another provider, the speed test below can reveal key statistics about your Internet connection.

This speed test will test the strength of your internet connection whether you use Pioneer Internet or another provider. These modules will display download speed and download performance results. These indicators are the main indicators of the performance of the Internet connection. As of January 2022, Pioneer Internet’s average download speed is 214.7 Mbps. Across the coverage area, the average latency in Pioneer’s internet speed tests is -1ms. In context, terrestrial connections typically exhibit delays in the range of 5-70 ms. Satellite broadband connections are often in the 500-800ms range.

Get an accurate reading of your speed in real time with this simple test, it can measure your connection performance regardless of who your current ISP is. The team advises customers to check their internet performance regularly as it fluctuates regularly and can identify when you need help or when your family’s usage exceeds the capacity of your current plan.

Note: This speed test can be used to test any ISP, not just Pioneer Telephone Cooperative.

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If your Pioneer Telephone Cooperative speed test results are below expectations, try resetting your router or call Pioneer Telephone Cooperative customer service for further assistance.

In this graph, we have calculated the average speed of the 10% fastest users who have speed tested on a Pioneer Telephone Cooperative connection in the last 12 months.

In this chart, we show the average download speed for all 12,235 users who took Pioneer Telephone Cooperative’s Internet Speed ​​Test over the past 12 months.

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Customer In Enid Discovers The Dobson Difference — Dobson Fiber

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative provides Internet service in the state of Oklahoma. Pioneer Telephone Cooperative’s mobile broadband Internet access is available to approximately 526,000 people, making it the 14th largest mobile broadband provider in the US by coverage area.

Apart from mobile broadband, Pioneer Internet also offers mobile broadband, fixed wireless, DSL and fiber optic internet services. Mobile broadband services are available to approximately 526,000 people, making it the 14th largest mobile broadband provider in the US. Fixed wireless service is available to approximately 109,000 people. DSL service is available to approximately 100,000 people, making it the 36th largest DSL broadband provider in the US by coverage area. Its fiber service is available to about 18,000 people

By clicking “Get My Free Offer” above, I agree to receive telemarketing calls from and on behalf of the User at any time using robocalls or past registrations, email and SMS text messages, for which wireless charges may apply. , at the number shown above. I understand that consent is not a condition of purchase. The frequency of SMS text messages varies and you can opt out at any time by replying to STOP and HELP for help. Representatives from Dobson Fiber, OG&E, the City of Enid and the Enid Chamber of Commerce gathered on Thursday, August 5, 2021 for a groundbreaking ceremony for a multi-million dollar fiber-to-fiber internet expansion for Enid residents.

Clark added that the company “has the entire city covered and planned,” but she did not have a timeline for completing the work.

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Representatives from Dobson Fiber, OG&E, the City of Enid and the Enid Chamber of Commerce gathered on Thursday, August 5, 2021 for a groundbreaking ceremony for a multi-million dollar fiber internet service for Enid residents. Photo provided

WENID, Okla. — Dobson Fiber broke ground Thursday in Enid, announcing a multimillion-dollar fiber optic expansion for Enid businesses and residents.

Ali Clark, director of marketing for Dobson, said the plan is to build the “latest and greatest” fiber optic network in Internet service throughout the city of Enid.

The work will be part of a joint venture with OG&E to jointly build and operate about 350 miles of fiber in Oklahoma and Arkansas as the utility “builds the flexibility and capacity of its grid automation network,” said Everett Dobson, executive chairman. . through a Dobsonian fiber.

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“Enid is the first of many communities to benefit from this fiber infrastructure partnership. It’s always exciting to be able to offer the latest technology and fastest internet speeds that only fiber can bring to residential areas,” said Dobson.

“We are very excited to play an important role in improving electric service and broadband infrastructure for the residents of Enid,” said Sean Troschke, Chairman of the Board of OGE Energy Corporation. Energy, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“In particular, the feedback we received from Enid residents, with the support of city officials, allowed Dobson to develop a plan to build our 100 percent fiber network to most Enid homes,” he said. “Fiber will be built in many areas of Enid so that we can install and build homes once that area is complete.”

She said it was not known if all services would be operational by then. Once an area is completed, services will be available to residents and businesses in that area.

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She urged those interested in the plans to go to and provide information about the company’s address. This information will be used to proactively contact customers when their area is connected to see if they are interested in plans offered by Dobson.

She said housing prices start at $55 for 100 megabytes and $85 for 1 gigabyte. She said customers will get the same download and upload speeds, which is a big difference from other competitors.

Dobson offers the latest optical glass technology, which is faster, more reliable and weather independent, she said.

On Thursday, the fiber optic network project broke ground, and Clark said she was unsure about plans to build physical offices in the city.

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While Dobson announced the intent of the service Thursday, the city of Enid announced earlier this week that it is negotiating a franchise agreement with a new broadband company that will build a fiber-optic cable system.

If Enid city commissioners approve the exclusive contract with Bluepeak, the Denver-based company will design, engineer and build 135 miles of overhead fiber distribution and 98 miles of underground fiber network to more than 17,000 homes and businesses within Enid city limits.

BluePeak spokeswoman Desi Stoops told commissioners Tuesday that the company wants to invest $20 million to $30 million in construction in the city, including every business within city limits.

Stoops said expanding into northern Oklahoma would allow BluePeak to compete with SuddenLink, whose non-exclusive franchise agreement with the city of Enid expired last year.

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