Best Indian Food In Sacramento

Best Indian Food In Sacramento – Indian Restaurants in Sacramento – Sacramento is located on the banks of the Sacramento River. It is the capital of the US state of California. The city is known for its agricultural products and the Railway Museum (one of the oldest museums depicting the construction of the transcontinental railroad). Sacramento is the sixth largest city in California and the ninth largest in the United States. The town is surrounded by large farms, many tourist attractions and has many traditional Indian restaurants.

So, if you want authentic Indian food, you can visit the Indian restaurants in Sacramento mentioned below:

Best Indian Food In Sacramento

Designed with exquisite interiors influenced by Indian culture, Junoon Flavors of India is among the best Indian restaurants in Sacramento. It offers delicious dishes prepared with rich Indian spices and fresh ingredients. The restaurant offers home delivery and indoor seating.

Curry Corner Sacramento| Indian Restaurant Menu

It has a wide variety of Indian dishes, both veg and non-veg. You can also try the unique drinks and delicious desserts offered in the restaurant. Some of the popular dishes offered by the restaurant are tandoori hot wings, roadside Tava kebab, Bombay tandoori prawns, paneer achar vala, chicken do pyaza and fish fry masala. So wait no longer and indulge your taste buds at this Indian restaurant in Sacramento.

Madar Restaurant is built with beautiful interiors that provide a pleasant ambience and serves a variety of Indian and Mediterranean dishes. It is also known for its delicious desserts. This Indian restaurant in Sacramento offers home delivery, takeout, dine-in and curbside pickup. Some of the restaurant’s popular dishes include Krispy chicken sandwich, chapli burger, chicken kebab and Afghani kathama.

Enjoy delicious dishes influenced by Indian cuisine at the Curry Club restaurant. This Sacramento Indian restaurant specializes in tandoori dishes. It also offers veg, non-veg and seafood dishes. You can also taste unique and exotic drinks. The restaurant offers home delivery services in addition to dine-in options. Some popular dishes you can try at the restaurant are chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, lamb vindaloo and chicken 65.

Do you want to try authentic and delicious Indian food? If yes, Bombay Bar & Grill can be added to the top of your go-to list. Freshly prepared and special drinks are offered here.

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Some of the most popular Indian dishes at this Sacramento Indian restaurant include paneer tikka masala, chicken vindaloo, tandoori chicken, chicken makhani and traditional lamb curry. The restaurant offers home delivery and takeout. You can also go and eat in the restaurant. It has outdoor seating.

With services like outdoor dining, indoor dining, home delivery and takeout, Tandoori Grill Restaurant is a great place to visit with your family and try authentic Indian cuisine. This Indian restaurant in Sacramento serves fresh food made with Indian spices and delicate ingredients. In addition to food, you can also delight your taste buds with new and unique drinks. Tandoori Grill is among Sacramento’s best and cheapest Indian restaurants.

Offering delicious Indian cuisine, Haveli Grill is a must-try restaurant in Sacramento. This Indian restaurant in Sacramento is open for home delivery and takeout due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

But after the pandemic, the restaurant will reopen for dinner. Some of the restaurant’s popular dishes include chicken tikka masala, Haleem, mutton biryani, samosa Sholay chaat and vegetable biryani.

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We hope you enjoyed our Top 6 Indian Restaurants in Sacramento. For more lifestyle information follow our blog, .Are you here because you are looking for Indian restaurants in Sacramento, CA? I’m assuming you went to the search engine of your choice and searched for something like “Sacramento Indian restaurants” or “Indian restaurants Sacramento” or maybe “best Indian places in Sacramento”. Or maybe not so. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how you get here. I guess the internet has taken you wherever you want. So don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. You really didn’t think Google would trick you or mislead you? Of course, this is the place you are looking for!

Whether you or a loved one live in Sacramento, or are just visiting for an evening, this list will include some of the best Sacramento Indian restaurants you can find. This list contains the best reviewed Indian restaurants in Sacramento on the internet. There will be something on the list that piques your interest, or at least whets your appetite. And whenever you see what’s on, I provide links to (almost) every restaurant menu so you can decide what you want ahead of time. We’ll also let you know if an Indian restaurant in Sacramento accepts the convenient and quality GiftYa digital gift card.

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Carmelita’s Mexican Restaurant

Indian Chaat is at the top of our list today for several reasons. The first reason is that it got its humble beginnings in 2015, and since then it has been a huge success among Sacramento’s Indian restaurant connoisseurs. They have a passion for Indian flavors and spices. And it shows in the four and a half star rating with nearly 600 reviews on Yelp. There is nothing better than coming to a restaurant that leaves a good impression on everyone who eats there.

In addition to being a huge success, Indian Chaat tops the list of best Indian cuisine in Sacramento because they are committed to meeting the new and growing expectations of health-conscious consumers. When customers talk, they really listen and take it on board and work to improve their business. That cannot be said about every restaurant. So it’s reassuring to know that even a well-received restaurant is open to new and changing customer needs. Not only do they strive to provide the healthy options that customers demand, but they also ensure that healthy meals are prepared using the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

“I have been to the buffet twice. The food is spot on! Everything is delicious. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is atmospheric. I plan to come back from time to time and enjoy it. Butter chicken is my favorite though!” – reviews on Yelp

Chaat of India is one of thousands of restaurants that accept GiftYa digital gift cards, but it’s also one of Sacramento’s top-rated Indian restaurants!

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Bombay Bar & Grill is number two on today’s list for a few reasons. The first reason is that they offer something new and innovative that not every Indian restaurant in Sacramento can ever achieve. Known for its modern interpretations of Indian classics, Bombay Bar & Grill is a hit with Sacramento locals. This is how they managed to keep their four stars despite over 1500 reviews. And believe me when I say, no one holds such a high rating with so much criticism. I write articles every week about the best restaurants in different cities. So I come across many restaurants, and I don’t see that they are so claimed to hold a high rating.

But it’s easy to see

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