Best In Show Pet

Best In Show Pet – After receiving over 1,200 entries, we narrowed it down to six dogs before actor John O’Hurley (of “Seinfeld” fame) and professional judge David Frey announced the winner: a beautiful 3.5 pound Yorkshire terrier named Vinny!

The dogs were judged on three main criteria: their companionship, their “wow” factor and their special tricks or skills.

Best In Show Pet

Winnie beat runner-up Lola, an English bulldog, and a fan-favorite bear, the Alaskan Malamute, who was the largest dog in the competition at over 150 pounds.

Meet Cj Westminster Dog Show’s Best In Show

Winnie and her owner, Johnny Acampora of Miamisburg, Ohio, received free airfare and hotel accommodations courtesy of Purina to attend the Feb. 29-March 1 Beverly Hills Dog Show co-starring Frey and O’Hurley. co-hosted by Mary Carillo.

Björn – This giant fleece lives up to its name! His owner, Roseanne Maine, jokes that they should have called him Tiny.

“He loves to greet and hug everyone,” his human wrote. “You have to meet him to experience the love and beautiful spirit of this special giant ball.”

“Daisy must be a cat because she cries, purrs and purrs when she is loved,” her owner wrote.

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Daisy – She’s just a small town girl from Iowa! Daisy will soon be 4 years old and always with a smile on her face! When he served as the dog of honor at his human parent’s wedding, he made saying yes very easy.

“Daisy’s not a pet, she’s family,” said owner Austin Summers. “He is a godsend and has saved my life more than he knows!”

Dixie – This pug loves to match clothes with his human owner Rusty Foster. When you’re not taking pictures, you can find him staring at a pizza box! The 18 pound pug lives in Leesburg, Virginia.

Dixie is a consultant for her father’s company, Bow Tie Strategies, and is responsible for the theme of their annual cards!

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Lola – Florida’s fashion diva always dresses to impress! This English Bulldog has his own wardrobe.

She’s also always up for a fundraiser and has raised $65,000 for bulldog rescues across the country over the past four years.

“Lola, along with a small group of friendly bulldogs, help other puppies through fundraising, training and shelters,” her mother, Maureen Berardo, wrote. “When I realized how many bulldog rescues there were around the country, I decided to help the less fortunate pups.”

“What got me through the hard and tired moments was the smile that never left his face and made me want to continue studying or at least control myself,” Ellick wrote in his message.

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The Australian Shepherd loves to be rewarded with belly rubs and will even hold your hand if you’re looking for a co-pilot. Max lives in North Chesterfield, Virginia.

Winnie – Small but mighty, this Yorkshire Terrier is known for giving his owner endless kisses. The 3.5-pound puppy is making a home in Miamisburg, Ohio.

He entered the family’s life nine months ago after losing his mother-in-law, Johnny Acampora, and their first puppy, 16-year-old Ren.

“Vinny came into our lives at 1.2 pounds and really helped our family heal and laugh again,” Acampora said. “When I brought him home to meet the family, it was in a Solo Cup.” Percayakan gehidung hewan wa pada produk Best in Show. The best products in Show makanan hewan terpercaya. Discover the difference you can see and feel in your pet.

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