Best Ib Schools In Sydney

Best Ib Schools In Sydney – Newington College educates K-12 boys across three campuses and attracts students from Sydney and regional areas, the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Set in 25 hectares of gardens and grounds, Newington College is an oasis of learning in the heart of a thriving international city – just ten minutes from Sydney International Airport and Central Station and five minutes from the University of Sydney.

Best Ib Schools In Sydney

Newington is committed to providing students with a prestigious international education in an environment where they have access to the best teachers, facilities and opportunities.

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In line with the IB philosophy, boys at Newington are encouraged to develop a wider understanding of the world and delve deeper into their particular interest. They are encouraged to approach education with openness to different opinions and perspectives.

Newington’s five distinctive pillars describe the learning priorities that make up Newington’s holistic education – learning and teaching; welfare, character and service; spirituality, values ​​and ethics; Cooperation and community in partnership.

The Newington International Baccalaureate program for boys is second to none. Lindfield Preparatory School offers an Early Years program and is the only mainstream public school in Sydney to offer a choice between the Senior National Certificate and IB Diploma programs. The popularity of the Newington IB Diploma is growing rapidly. In 2017, 28.5% of high school graduates decided to complete the IB Diploma.

Newington College opened in 1863 with a liberal admissions policy that declared the college “open to all children”. An incredibly strong sense of community is part of Newington’s culture, which emphasizes service to others, a liberal outlook and the development of strong, lasting relationships. The teaching staff is committed to making every member of the school community feel accepted, respected and valued.

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As a United Church school, Christian values ​​build the college community and shape the way it teaches its students. This includes accepting students and families of all faiths and cultures. By actively participating in society, boys develop a sense of social responsibility and justice.

Newington College is committed to supporting and encouraging all boys to explore their passions through participation in co-curricular activities. These opportunities are a big part of what sets a school like Newington College apart. Boys combine academic life with sports, arts, outdoor education and practical learning activities.

Lindfield works with the PYP to provide a holistic, values-based education that uses best practice to help boys learn to engage critically and effectively with the world around them. The PYP provides the foundation for NSW Research Council curriculum solutions with significant professional learning experience in religious education, arts, music, languages ​​(Mandarin) and health and physical education. The French subjects at the heart of the PYP help teachers integrate local and global issues into the curriculum and enable students to look beyond the boundaries of one subject. Students engage in broad, in-depth and long-term inquiries that cover a range of key topics, improving and deepening their skills and understanding. Some of the many benefits of partnering with the IB include access to excellent resources, the ability to connect with other schools around the world, a variety of professional development opportunities for staff and ongoing support from consultants, conferences and access to the latest research. .

Giving older boys choices about what they learn is an important part of helping them achieve academic success. Whether studying for the NSW HSC or IB Diploma, Newington’s aim to develop learners through independence, inquiry and a global approach to learning is key to Newington’s diversity and student-centred learning. Offered in more than 4,000 schools worldwide, the degree program provides a pathway to universities in Australia and overseas, promoting holistic learning that balances rigorous and critical thinking with active citizenship and civic engagement. “IB looks beyond high school and prepares you for university thinking and research. It’s a challenge because there’s nothing you do in school,” said Jeremy Campez (ON 2016). There are 3 key elements to understanding IB education for Year 11 and 12 students at Newington. 1. Students are central to the learning process and are expected to develop a range of skills that enable them to take an active role in making decisions about their own learning. 2. Teaching and learning is inquiry-based, focused on conceptual understanding, developed in local and global contexts, focused on effective teamwork and interaction, differentiated to meet the needs of all learners, and informed by assessment. 3. Newington’s degree program is designed to build and strengthen basic learning skills in all subjects. King’s School is the oldest independent school in Australia, founded in 1831 by King William IV of England. Set in over 300 acres of beautiful parkland in Parramatta, Sydney’s population centre, The Royal School offers all the benefits of city life with plenty of space for outdoor learning.

Ib School Sydney

The Royal College is a pioneer in education and is known for its significant contributions to academic and social discourse, particularly in the areas of boys’ education, leadership development and education. It is one of the leading sports and performing arts schools and is a member of the Great Public Schools (GPS) Association. King’s promotes academic excellence through character development, and those values ​​are consistent with a caring Christian community. As Australia’s oldest independent school, King’s has a strong sense of its heritage, but prides itself on innovation and always strives to be at the forefront of learning.

The Royal School has established itself as a leading national specialty in boys’ education. At Kings, we understand boys. We harness their energy to create a vibrant and rewarding community. Through the school’s unique fathers’ community and high proportion of male staff, boys have a strong sense of healthy male role models in and out of the classroom.

King’s Preparatory School offers boys the best possible start to their schooling with specialist teaching, state-of-the-art resources and facilities and a curriculum designed specifically for their needs. As a leading Christian school and using the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP), The King’s School Preparatory School provides a learning experience designed to encourage personal growth and develop the whole student – ​​mind, body and spirit.

King’s School prides itself on open and honest communication and believes that parents and teachers are partners in boys’ education. Through this strong partnership, King’s is able to provide an ideal environment for all boys to realize their academic and character opportunities with the values ​​of a Christian community.

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King’s School has been a PYP accredited school since 2009. The PYP framework represents educational best practice and enables us to address all national and state curriculum requirements in a cross-disciplinary model. King’s is a Christian school that aims to make an extraordinary impact on the community. In our PYP units of study, relevant NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority) outcomes are identified, developed and effectively integrated. As such, NESA’s needs are at the center of our international focus. All students learn Mandarin through a cultural lens with an emphasis on Chinese stories and traditions. King’s is committed to lifelong learning and we strive to be exceptional in the quality of our teaching and learning. Australia’s Course Gap allows private school students to gain a place on the country’s favorite university courses.

Alternative school courses in Australia allow students from elite private schools to gain a place on some of the country’s most prestigious university courses.

A select few Australian private schools have been accused of “gaming the system” to lure their students into the country’s most popular university courses.

A small number of wealthy independent schools offer Year 12 students the International Baccalaureate (IB) as an alternative to the standard state curriculum, such as the Higher School Certificate (HSC) or Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

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Recognized by leading universities in Australia and around the world, the IB is marketed as a more internationally oriented program that “prepares students for an increasingly global environment”.

Importantly, it is not subject to the same rigorous scaling process as the HSC or its interstate partners. This gap favors IB students because they are not ranked among the majority of students and the number of outstanding ATARs awarded to this small group is unlimited.

Australian Teachers’ Association chief executive and University of Technology Sydney lecturer Mohan Dal said IB schools were “taking full advantage” of the benefits from this unique ranking process.

“The philanthropic reason for choosing IB is its international credential. It will enable those who have the idea of ​​studying abroad to join foreign universities,” he said.

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“But the real and tangible reason why teachers choose their children in an IB school is because the schools themselves encourage it.

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