Best Hotels In Tromso Norway

Best Hotels In Tromso Norway – Where to Stay in Tromso, Norway – The best places to stay in Tromso and accommodation guide By Maria Wolf Hauglan Last Updated on Nov 3, 2021 | 26 comments

Tromsø, my home town for most of my life, is a small city of 75,000 people located inside the Arctic Circle. It is the most famous city in northern Norway and the fifth largest city in Norway. It has become more popular as a tourist destination in the last decade, as there is so much to see and do in and around Tromso.

Best Hotels In Tromso Norway

In winter, people from different countries come here to see the Northern Lights. In summer, the midnight sun shines at night and the untouched nature and wild animals are the main attractions. Getting to Tromsø is easy, with direct flights from many European cities such as Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, London and Frankfurt, as well as many cities in Norway.

Tromsø: Where To Eat And Stay

The increase in tourist numbers has led to an increase in accommodation in Tromsø, and visitors can now consider more options when choosing where to stay in Tromsø.

In this article, we give you an overview of the best places to stay in Tromso, as well as some hotel and accommodation recommendations for every budget.

For us, a good accommodation in Tromso would have a large room to store all our things and still have room to move around. We really liked the big spacious bed so we could sleep well. Of course, free and fast Wi-Fi is a must! Fortunately, most hotels in Tromsø meet these requirements and are of high quality.

Accommodation in Norway is expensive, and Tromsø is no exception. Here we’ve found the best accommodation in Tromso to suit every budget. So whether you’re looking for a luxury boutique hotel, a unique experience in a wilderness lodge, or a budget-friendly restaurant, this article is for you.

Experience The Northern Lights In Tromso

Although most visitors to Tromso live in the city center, those who live outside the city are looking to get closer to nature for skiing, hiking, fishing or hunting for the Northern Lights. That’s why we’ve found accommodation in popular areas outside Tromso – Sommaroy Island, Senja Island, and the Lyngen Alps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: None of the hotels listed here are sponsored, nor do they support our blog in any way. I have worked in the hotel industry in Tromso so I know a lot of hotels in Tromso. Our friends and guests have also been on many of these projects and provided valuable feedback. If you bookmark any of our links, we will pay you a small fee at no additional cost to you. It helps keep our site running – thanks in advance for your help!

In this guide to where to stay in Tromso (our hometown), we bring you our favorite neighborhoods and hotels. Here you will find a list of Tromso accommodation options to suit every budget.

Most tourists stay on the island of Tromsoia (red area above). This is the main island of Tromso, where you can find Tromso Airport and the city center of Tromso with shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and museums. There are many ways to stay in Tromsoya, most of them near the harbor or the main pedestrian street, Sorgata.

Tromsø Travel Guide

Tromsøya Island is only 22.8 kilometers (8.8 square miles) and is located between the mainland (Tromsdalen, yellow area above) and Kvaloya Island (Whale Island in English, blue area above). I’m in the middle of where I grew up.

Kvaloya, Tromsøya and Tromsdalen are connected by bridges and tunnels and together form the city of Tromsø. Kvaloa is only 10 minutes by car from the center of Tromsø and 5 minutes from the center of Tromsdalen.

Tromso is easily accessible by foot, bicycle, car, taxi or bus. Everything in the center of Tromso is within walking distance. Tromso has no railways or trains.

If you want to explore the area around Tromsø, such as the islands of Sommarøy (purple above), Senja (green) and the Lyngen Alps (black), I recommend renting a car. Once you leave Tromsø city centre, public transport is limited.

Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromso, Tromsø

They all have amazing views of the sea, Tromsø Bridge, Tromsdalen mountain and mountains (Tromsdalen), the electric car and Tromsø’s most famous landmark, the Arctic Cathedral. In winter, you can see the Northern Lights from your hotel window.

4 Best Hotels in Tromso Harbor Area – Hotel Ndi, Hotel Aurora, The Edge Hotel, Scandic Ishawhotel

Hotel With, as it is known locally, is a 4-star hotel in a great location overlooking the sea, in front of Tromso Harbour, with a view of the Arctic Cathedral, Tromso Bridge, Tromsdalstam mountain climbing and the Great view of Fjellhausen.

If you choose to stay at this hotel you will be in the middle of everything and it is very close to all the restaurants and shops in the city.

The 10 Best Hotels In Tromso For 2022 (from £37)

An added bonus to this hotel is that you get free coffee/tea and Norwegian waffles (15-18) and a free lunch of sour cream, jam and brown cheese (Aspen’s favorite!) . Evening (from 18h to 21h). This makes the hotel more expensive because the food is more expensive.

The Edge (4 star hotel) is the new “star” of hotels in Tromso. This is the newest hotel in Tromsø (opened in 2014) and has an excellent bar and restaurant, very popular with Tromso locals. You must try the hamburger; that’s great!

The Edge Hotel is located near the port, but further south than the hotels above. Across the street from The Edge,”

“, which is also called “Prostneset” – the port of Tromso. Here you will find shops, restaurants, Hertz and Europcar car rental, as well as tourist information. Visit Tromso. The starting point for running in Ness and many other places in Northern Norway

Amazing Winter Adventure Activities In Tromso, Norway

Next to Clarion Collection Hotel With is its modern hotel, Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora (4 star hotel). This is a newer hotel than Vith, which is also on the waterfront with great views of the harbor.

The hotel also includes free muffins at lunch and dinner. This is one of the few hotels in the city center that has parking.

An added bonus of this hotel is the rooftop jacuzzi and sauna! In the evening you can relax here and watch the Northern Lights from the hot tub. It was a lot of fun if you ask me!

Ishawhotel has a beautiful location on the marina, and the rooms have the best views of the sea. They just renovated all the rooms a few years ago to make everything new and modern.

Enter Tromsø Amalie Hotel

They are often given. Hurtigruten docks outside the hotel. The open space between the Ishawhotel and the Radisson Blu Hotel is a popular tourist destination in Tromso.

It’s a great place to stay if you’re planning to book a guided tour such as a dog sled, Northern Lights tour, fjord cruise or game drive.

The pedestrian street Storegata runs through the center of Tromso. Hotels in the streets around Storegata, the main pedestrian street, are cheaper than hotels near the port.

The hotels in this area don’t have the spectacular scenery of the port hotels, but they are centrally located and everything is within walking distance.

Clarion Collection Hotel With, Tromso Norway

5 best hotels in Tromso city center (near Sorgata): Radisson Blu Hotel, Hotel Saga, Enter City Hotel & Apartments, Amalie Hotel, Express Hotel

I used to work here on weekends while studying computer science at the University of Tromso. This is a large modern 4 star hotel in the middle of everything. The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the harbor (free for all guests), which was great for a cold night watching the northern lights.

The hotel has a reservation desk that can provide information and book tours such as dog sledding, reindeer safaris and Northern Lights safaris. Radisson Blu is an open space outside the hotel’s entrance and is the leading point of many guides in and around Tromso.

The hotel is a popular conference hotel and is often booked by the University of Tromsø for major conferences. It can be fully booked if they have a big conference, so make sure you book this hotel in advance if you want to stay here.

Accommodation Options In Norway — Nordic Backyard

The hotel also houses the pizzeria Jonas Pizzeria (try their special taco pizza) and Norway’s most famous bar, Rorbua. a famous Norwegian

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