Best Hotels In The Black Forest

Best Hotels In The Black Forest – The Black Forest is not only the home of the old cuckoo clock and the setting of many Grimm’s fairy tales. The Black Forest, as the Germans call it, is famous for its beautiful lakes and pine forests. You can dream of ancient castles and beautiful towns and villages and even spend a day in one of Europe’s largest parks.

Most of the famous places in the Black Forest are far away, and we are all between the eastern banks of the Rhine and the foothills of the Swiss Alps. A week’s visit does not cover everyone. But here are some of the best things to do and try in the Black Forest, so you can plan, choose and get the most out of your visit to this beautiful place in southwest Germany.

Best Hotels In The Black Forest

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Black Forest, Lake Titisee, is worth a visit all year round. In spring and summer, swim in its waters, sail or rent a rowing boat from €10/hour. However, a lot is observed in the summer season. In winter, the ice surface of this old glacial lake becomes a popular outdoor ice skating spot. The main way to get to Titisee is from Freiburg, about two hours by train ICE (Inter City Express) from Frankfurt.

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Located in the middle of the Black Forest, you can get to Triberg Falls by following the forest path uphill from the town station of the same name. Gutach river water cascades down 7 waterfalls even in winter – be careful when walking as the frozen observation deck can be slippery. Triberg Falls is lit up with colors until around 10pm, and an evening walk offers great views. Admission from €3.

The museum is located around a well-preserved 17th-century building. Vogtsbauernhof with its blooming gardens and fields where cows and horses graze. In the afternoon, traditional handicrafts are presented by workers dressed in colorful costumes from the Gutach period. Who loves an outdoor playground and an attic full of heirloom toys. Tickets for adults cost around 10 euros, for children – half. The Ortenau S-Bahn stops in front of the museum.

It is one of the most impressive castles near the Black Forest, built on the hill of the same name. Hohenzollern is about an hour northeast of Triberg Falls and is worth the trip for its spectacular view and its art galleries and exhibitions. It’s a real glimpse into the Prussian royal family, with a tour of the royal castle and a tour of the royal estates. Entrance fee for adults from €12.

The spa town of Baden-Baden can be a relaxing part of your visit to the Black Forest. There are natural springs here that were known to the Romans in ancient times. Discover the Trinkhalle pump station with its wonderful statues. Drink from his well – the water has healing properties. Try Roman-style thermal baths, such as Caracalla Therme (access to a spa day from €23). If you want to shop, try the luxurious cobbled Old Town or the unique Sophienstraße.

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For more fun and family fun, head to Europa-Park with a wide range of attractions. Most of them are roller coasters, as well as various indoor exhibits and interactive science exhibits. There are also more than 50 recreational areas, including an outdoor playground for children. The park is located about half an hour north of Freiburg. Arrive in time to enjoy your vacation without the sometimes long and chaotic queues. Tickets from €50 per person.

This beautiful 12th-century Gothic Freiburg is an hour’s drive west of the Titisee River. You can admire the facade of the Romanesque church with realistic panels and high souls and admire the colorful stained glass windows. Admission costs from €2, while concerts, such as its member quartets, cost from €8. At noon, climb the 116-meter steel tower not only for the view but also for the unique experience of hearing the long chimes of 19 ancient bells.

Book: Monday-Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday and public meetings 13:00-19:00.

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald (Schwarzwald Tree Lat Path) is a place where you can walk a 1250 meter long path and enjoy the best views of the forest. Enjoy the walk through the canopy of beeches, spruces and firs until you reach the top with a spectacular view, 20 meters above the forest floor. Beautiful all year round – in winter, pine trees covered in snow add magic to your photos. Entrance fee from €10 per adult. You can get delicious tubes for an additional fee of 2 euros.

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A carefully carved cuckoo clock can be one of the best souvenirs of your visit to the Black Forest. Cuckoo shops can be found in almost every city, but Triberg is one of the best. Popular shops here include House of 1000 Clocks in front of the Triberg waterfall entrance and Oli’s Schnitzstube in front of it. Prices vary from 75 euros for a small piece to 700 euros for a luxury house model 20 inches. Check the authenticity of the VDS (Black Forest Clock Association) certificate.

This route, about 280 kilometers long, runs through the German Baden wine-growing region between Heelberg and Konstanz. The Baden Wine Road takes you on a beautiful forest journey with many stops at old wineries in beautiful villages with a long history of viticulture. Many of the signs are located next to the so-called Badische Weinstraße bear signs, making it easy to stop at the vineyard. Many offer wine tasting as samples before purchase and at no extra charge. Spätburgunder pinot noir is one of the highlights of the region, starting at €23/bottle.

Located in the pine-covered Nagold Valley, Calw is a 2-hour drive south of Frankfurt or an hour’s train ride west of Stuttgart. Half-timbered medieval houses line the city center – perfect for photography. The birthplace of the German writer and Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse is located near the West Bank of Nagold. The best places to explore are Hirsau in the 11th century. monastery ruins and Hirsau Schloss castle (free entry).

A visit to the Black Forest is not complete without trying its famous cherry pie, which is also one of Germany’s most popular desserts. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, is sold in almost every restaurant in every village in the region. In the city of Triberg, you can find delicious cafes that prepare traditional desserts according to original recipes. One of them is Café Schaefer, which has an authentic Kirschtorte (around €4 per slice) with layers of chocolate and a sponge filled with kirsch (cherry brandy).

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You may also want to know about Harga Rahasia and write more important information. Kumpulkan 10 stempel, dapatkan 1 malam pay*You can go to Sweden for a massage or Finland for a sauna, but the spa culture of Southwest Germany focuses more on warm baths. The mineral water, which flows thousands of meters below the Black Forest, was first discovered around 2,000 years ago by the Romans in search of “well-being through water”. When diving into these healing pools eased aches and pains, these early health seekers knew they had found what they were looking for.

Swimming has long been a religion in German cities such as Baden-Baden and Bad Wildbad. Here, your body is sacred and the spa its temple—a word that applies to luxurious outdoor spaces with heated tubs. Guests spend as much time in the pools as they do in the tranquil atmosphere, leaving deeply refreshed and with skin as smooth as silk.

Are you ready to experience the centuries-old tradition of swimming in the Black Forest? Head to these three charming cities in southwestern Germany this summer.

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Few spa towns have a spa area as famous as Baden-Baden. In this town on the edge of the Black Forest, people have been drinking water for thousands of years. Visitors continue this old tradition in the famous Friedrichsbad and see where it all began in the well-preserved ruins of the Roman baths. This unique part of local culture could earn Baden-Baden a UNESCO World Heritage Site later this year at the request of Great European Resorts.

While you might expect a discount town of leisure, Baden-Baden is anything but. The “summer capital of Europe” has lively beer gardens, a pulsating casino and outdoor dancing on the first night of summer – all part of its timeless charm.

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