Best Hotels In The 11th Arrondissement Paris

Best Hotels In The 11th Arrondissement Paris – Explore the 11th arrondissement of Paris, including a guide to top attractions, bars, restaurants, accommodation and more.

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Best Hotels In The 11th Arrondissement Paris

If you’re looking for an artistic neighborhood in Paris full of trendy Parisians from the 30s, you’ll want to head to the 11eme district in Paris.

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Stretching from the Place de la Bastille to the stretch of Canal Saint Martin, this is an area that is not necessarily full of museums, but has many bars, cafes and restaurants.

Note that you will find relatively few tourists visiting here. This is where locals and locals hang out, so put on your best Parisian je ne sais quoi and enjoy.

The center of the French Revolution, the Place de la Bastille was home to an old prison called the Bastille Saint-Antoine before it was demolished. Seeing a busy roundabout these days, you’d never know it was there.

No ruins of the prison remain to this day, which was dismantled during the revolution. Some stones were used for construction

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Leading from the Place of the Concord, the place of the execution of the French Royal Family, to the Assemblée Nationale, is the French Chamber of Deputies.

If you’re interested in the times, join my self-guided Walking Revolution tour that starts at Place de la Bastille.

At the other end of the 11th arrondissement is Quartier Oberkampf, another lively neighborhood with bars and restaurants. The area used to be a relatively poor part of Paris, but the recent renewal of the area meant that a young bourgeoisie moved in and transformed the neighborhood.

Jardin du Port d’Arsenal, a beautiful park on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin, just before the Canal joins the river Seine.

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For shopping in Paris and in the 11th arrondissement, there are many charming shops around the 11th arrondissement. Take your guts and walk around.

If you’re looking for an outdoor farmers market, head to the Marché Bastille at the corner of Place de la Bastille and Boulevard Richard Lenoir in the 11th arrondissement.

Located on the Place de la Bastille at the edge of the Marais, this food market might never have existed, without its edgy 19th-century craftsmanship.

And that’s because it was originally the Canal Saint Martin line, now in operation

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The canal was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 to provide clean water and prevent disease to Paris. By the time his nephew Emperor Napoleon III ascended the throne in the 1850s-1860s, his engineer Baron Haussmann had other ideas.

The area is historically significant, having been the scene of the Bastille prison uprising, where the French Revolution began, which later brought Bonapartes to power. Haussmann remodeled Paris, and decided to close the canal just before it emptied into the Seine.

Today, the market in the Bastille sits directly above the sheltered section of the Canal Saint Martin (which you can visit with a boat trip). The market has many food stalls and is frequented by locals living in the area. Marché Bastille is open on Thursdays and Sundays from 07:00 to 13:30.

Located a few meters from the Place de la République, the Marché Popincourt is a traditional farmers’ market selling everything from fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and flowers.

A Local’s Guide To The 11th Arrondissement In Paris

Other stalls offer souvenirs such as perfumed soaps, botanicals or jams. It’s a lively area, so if you’re looking for hustle and bustle, this is the place to be

The Marché Popincourt is quite large with over 50 vendors and is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7am to 1pm.

District 11 gives you a wide choice of restaurants, so it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just a few. Some local favorites are:

In the Oberkampf and Menilmontant section of the 11th arrondissement so you can always enter the area and see where you feel inspired.

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Another popular area is right next to the Marais, there are many bars and restaurants around the Bastille.

Has been somewhat taken over by tourists, but it’s easier to order your drinks in English.

If you’re looking for a lively environment where hipsters and bobo people converge, you can’t miss the 11eme district in Paris. Some recommended hotels in this area are:

If you enjoyed the article, you may want to read more about the nearby 10, 12 and 20 districts. The most visited city in the most visited country by tourists has room to experiment when it comes to hotels – with everything from the elegant industry in new and upcoming establishments to the largest dam.

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This French city is “always a good idea”, according to Audrey Hepburn. The City of Lights has all the stunning views you’d expect from one of Europe’s ancient capitals: the Eiffel Tower, the Marais and the romance of the Louvre at sunset. What the comic version of Paris lacks is an even livelier and more animated side: escape to the gardens of Buttes-Chaumont on the 19th for a wonderful view of the city; to Oberkampf for a party; or to Pigalle the sand became mortar. This is the place to stay when you do it all.

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Since opening in 1835 in its wonderful location overlooking the Tuileries Park, Le Meurice has regularly made history: hosting Queen Victoria and Salvador Dalí among many others, and being the first. in Paris there are telephones and private bathrooms for guests. The bar and restaurant were recently designed by Alain Ducasse in charge of cuisine and designed by Philippe Starck. It’s Versailles with a 21st-century twist, at the right price – with a whimsical surreal twist as a tribute to the eccentric, mustachioed Spanish artist who is a regular.

A classic Parisian café located on a tree-lined boulevard, this establishment of the Experimental Group made its debut in Paris as a club dedicated to the cocktail profession. Designer Dorothée Meilichzon has come up with a signature look that combines the elegant curves of an art deco finish with a draped bed that hints at the building’s 18th-century origins. The friendly staff can advise on the location, halfway between Montmartre and Notre Dame, but given the hotel’s original mission — and warm evenings — the temptation might be to relax on cushions at the upstairs bar.

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From its trendy location in the 11th arrondissement to its botanical wall as you walk in, La Nouvelle République is a hotel in the heart of Paris. Fortunately, however, the price is still proportionate. There’s a lot to like here: medieval armchairs in the living room; also invented the breakfast buffet; and a restaurant that is constantly changing, with a different resident chef every three months. The area is rarely visited by tourists (except for the Père-Lachaise Cemetery, which is a 15-minute walk away) but is full of interesting shops, art and bars.

Hold your breath and dig deep into your pockets if you want to reserve one of the rooms and suites at this luxury hotel. Congratulations, you are now almost standing next to the president of France. Once at Le Bristol, look for the hotel’s resident cat, Socrates, as you stroll through the marble halls. Think about dining in a picnic restaurant with three Michelin stars, or relaxing in a brasserie with only one. And, as you lap in the pool on the sixth floor, imagine yourself on a wooden yacht gliding across the rooftops of Paris.

The gilded letters on the antique shop windows read “Boulangerie”, but inside something has changed. The former bakery across the street near the Marais is now a boutique hotel consisting of 16 rooms and a suite, published by fashion designer Christian Lacroix. From Arabic decor to zebra motifs, through candy stripes and toile de jouy fabrics for a rustic look, the decor is a combustible combination that probably doesn’t exist in a comfortable space. Get spa access at local sister hotel Le Pavillon de la Reine and, yes, you still get a delicious croissant for your breakfast.

Just off the long, sloping Rue de Belleville, the heart of working-class Paris in its Piaf days as well as the city’s main Chinatown, Hotel Scarlett is a 3-star choice with plenty of sophisticated design. Used furniture and objects give an eclectic look to the ground floor, while

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