Best Hotels In Rosario Islands

Best Hotels In Rosario Islands – Visiting the Rosario Islands is a must on your trip to Cartagena! A day cruise or spending a day at a hotel or club is a great way to treat yourself. However, it can be a special place to spend one night, and it is even better to spend several nights! Read on to see tips for planning your stay and my picks for the best hotels in Rosario Island!

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Best Hotels In Rosario Islands

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Rosario Islands Cartagena: The Best Secret Paradise For You

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One of the biggest benefits of staying in an Isla del Rosario hotel is enjoying a beautiful sunset!

I think there are many advantages to living on the islands. Most of the eco lodges are less crowded than the famous beach clubs and the big ones are very clear after a day people go home and you have a nice beach and clear water to yourself.

One of the downsides of day trips is that the boats have to return to Cartagena before sunset. The boat usually returns between 2 and 3, and the day goes faster than you think. Plus, you miss the amazing sunset on the islands!

What To Do In Cartagena In 2 Days? Travel Guide And Tips

So, why do you say that it depends on whether it is enough? I would say it depends on three things: 1) the time you have, 2) your budget, and 3) what you want.

The islands are a 90 minute boat ride from the city. You won’t be able to spend the night at the Islas del Rosario hotel and explore the city during the day. This is strictly good old fashioned vacation and beach vacation.

So don’t plan to stay all the time in the islands, because you won’t find anything else to do in Cartagena. For most travelers, I don’t recommend staying in the islands unless you have at least 4 nights or more in Cartagena.

As for the city, the islands come for beach fun, so if you are not in Cartagena at least 4 nights, I would advise against staying in a hotel Islas del Rosario.

Best Rosario Islands Day Trips From Cartagena

Unless you get early, your first night will not be worth going to the islands because you will not have a whole day, and if there is a boat later. Just like your last day. Unless you have a very late flight, I recommend staying in the islands on your last night.

At least you should give yourself a full day to explore the city. You will need at least one night to enjoy the best restaurants in Cartagena and maybe even a night out on the town.

So at least three nights in the city. I recommend that anyone stay 3-5 nights just in the city, maybe at one of the places in my list of the best hotels in Cartagena, and do a day trip to the islands below here instead of living. . at a Rosario Island hotel.

If you stay more than 5 nights, you hit the sweet spot where a night or two on the islands is mixed with time in the city. If you stay for a week or more, I recommend that you visit the San Bernardo Islands, which are famous in the south, which are very beautiful.

Sunsets Del Rosario

While you can find more details about day trips in my full guide to the islands, here are some great day trip suggestions as an alternative to staying in one of Isla del Rosario hotels:

Taking a private boat for a day trip is in my opinion the #1 way to enjoy the islands, but it is not very expensive unless you have a large group. If you have the time, staying in a Rosario Islands hotel is a great treat!

This is the second most important factor when deciding whether a stay at one of Rosario Island’s hotels is right for you.

There are no two ways about it, living in the Rosary Islands is expensive. Prices vary, but you’ll usually pay a good peso here. I have included a hostel that is cheaper but still cheaper than the hostels in town.

Top Hotels In Rosario Islands From $70

The cost of travel is also a very important factor to consider. Some places include the ferry fee to the islands in their area, but many do not. They will help you prepare it but it costs extra. When comparing prices on sites, be sure to keep that in mind.

If you’re on a tight budget, taking another day trip and staying in a cheap place like one of Cartagena’s central hostels can be quite expensive. On a tighter budget, consider a trip to Playa Blanca instead. I think the islands are worth the extra cost, but White Beach could do for less.

The clear waters and clean beaches mean that Rosario Island hotels can be expensive, but if you’re on a budget, they’re totally worth it! (Spoiler: this picture was taken from #3 on the list!).

The Rosario Islands are small islands that do not have good water or electricity. Most of the eco-lodges and bungalows have wells or water tanks and generators, but you shouldn’t expect 5-star accommodation here.

Best Hotels In Islas Del Rosario. Hotels From $9/night

Number 2 and 3 of the places below offer something close to the experience of the Rosario Islands with modern amenities, but most of the places are rustic style eco-lodges and cabins. That’s not to say they’re like the little shacks you’d find in Playa Blanca, but they’re no Hilton either.

I just bring this up to make sure you know what to do. I think all of these places have great opportunities to get out of them all, and everyone on this list has great places to stay. However, you won’t be staying in a luxury hotel with a large pool, good wifi and lots of interior space. If you want something like this, choose option 2 or 3 or just stay in the city in a luxury hotel in Cartagena and take a day trip.

This is in our beach hut at #1 on the list of the best hotels in Rosario. Number 2 and 3 on this list are similar to Rosario resort, but most will have this kind of accommodation.

In addition to a little knowledge of what is happening, I will make the following recommendations to enjoy your stay in Rosario hotel:

The Rosario Islands Oceanarium

Ok, now that we got everything out of the way, let’s go to the list of the best hotels in Rosario Islands!

This is the top 11 because, all made 10 top, 11 have a special importance in Cartagena since it declared its independence on November 11, 1811 ( 11/11/11), and I think you deserve just a little.

We’ve been to many places on this list, and IslaBela is our favorite. In my opinion it is the best combination of quality and price of all hotels in Rosary. You can read my full review and see some pictures here, but what we like about it is the large beach area, it’s very big and not nearly as rocky as most of the beaches of the islands. The bungalows are beautiful and each has its own small water area. If you are looking for a beautiful home away from home or family, this is the place for it. As I said above, it can take a day here.

Las Islands is one of those places that we have never been to, but man, I want to go here. This is the most popular beach in all of Cartagena. Technically Barú, near Cholón, and not on the islands themselves but very close. They have bungalows, some with private beach access, many with small pools/jacuzzi, and some deep in the mangroves. It is the perfect balance of rustic and luxury. It is also very expensive, so keep that in mind. However, if you can manage to fit in a night or two here

Best Isla Grande Hotels, Colombia (from $20)

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