Best Hotels In Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Best Hotels In Lake Atitlan Guatemala – It’s time for me to write about the last 3 days of my recent trip. We learned that Guatemala’s famous “Lago Atitlan” is a recommended resort, but what we do not know is that it is just an unknown paradise. Better yet, we have to use it at the best hotel in San Pedro La Laguna, Hotel Mikaso.

I’m sure I will not be able to find true justice for the tranquility, comfort and convenience of this hotel, but I will try. After a few nights of insect bites on the bus and insects roaming the streets of San Pedro La Laguna, we reached the end of the road to our hotel for the next 3 nights of the Mikaso Hotel. From the moment we walked down the aisle to the hotel, we knew this was a special place. Start with a personal welcome in bed in our room!

Best Hotels In Lake Atitlan Guatemala

As in San Pedro La Laguna, the Mikaso Hotel overlooks Lago Atitlan. It is located above the lake which gives you a view of the area around the lake. Sunset, morning, night, day. You have to stay in the lake!

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16 Reasons Why I Love Mikaso Hotel And I Believe It Is The Best Hotel In San Pedro La Laguna.

I put this place first because we usually do the laundry ourselves, but Hotel Mikaso wants to get rid of germs and insects from our clothes, so we asked Hotel Mikaso staff to do the laundry. They washed all our clothes by hand and in the lake for 50 Quetzals! These are my most beautiful clothes in years!

Mikaso Restaurant upstairs has Happy Hour from 2-5 p.m. For me, this is the best time to sit outside in the sun loungers and relax with a cold Gallo beer. Two cases of beer for 25 Quetzal cost over $ 1.50 US per bottle!

Yes, hot tub, but not old, hot tub! Take a bath and look at the lake! I have never had a more relaxed jacuzzi in my life.

Laguna Lodge, Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lago De Atitlan, Guatemala

The selling point of the Mikaso Hotel is its location. It floats in the lake. Beauty Lago Atitlan. You can make your friends jealous with Facebook lake photos with cold beer.

We went up to Cape India to watch the sunrise while staying at the Mikaso Hotel and it was beautifully arranged by Guatemala Sur Mesure run by Elmer and Laurence Guatemala Sur Mesure.

If you want to play pool – there is a free pool table for use in the TV room!

For 2 of 3 nights we were in the upstairs bar and entertaining guests listening to local music and adding to the great sound in the bar. There is a live music video in the video at the end of this post.

Visiting Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

On our last day here, we did not have to get out of bed to watch the sunrise! We opened the curtains and doors of our one room (room 10) at 6am and watched the sun rise over us across the lake. It’s amazing!

The restaurant above has a wood-burning pot and the pot is also big, we share! On Saturday night they have all you can get pizza for 60 Quetzal!

Like I said, we pick a lot of insects and bugs in the last few nights to find a room that is comfortable, clean, comfortable and germ-free is really fun!

The staff at Mikaso Hotel can speak Spanish and English and some of them can speak French. Staff make sure you like to sit at the bar by the pool or on the balcony.

A Guide To Lake Atitlán In Guatemala

The Mikaso Hotel crosses the lake and you can see yourself diving. A lot of people thought it was a little dirty, but I dipped it and it didn’t. In fact, it is beautiful that local women bathe in the lake every day near the hotel. Every time I walk by, I see some without tops (!!) while the girls here take a shower and do not be ashamed. I got involved in this activity as well, maybe another place for my top nude site.

As travel bloggers, we all need to have internet when we travel and that means good Wifi. The Mikaso Hotel has three different Wi-Fi hotspots, so even if one does not work (which happens in Guatemala), there are two more. The upstairs bar and restaurant has its own wifi which means I can type everything over beer!

If you do not want to eat out, a fully equipped kitchen means you can cook for yourself Yes. We make our own breakfast every day.

There are many cozy hammocks on the balcony so you can spend the afternoon in the tranquility of this paradise.

Where To Stay In Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Mikaso Hotel has double rooms, single rooms and families, so no matter what your budget, you can stay here. We save a bit on a double room for 3 nights, but the bed is very cheap, only 50 Quetzals (under $ 7 per night), including full access to the hot tub, kitchen table, etc.

That’s human rights – if you stay in San Pedro La Laguna, be sure to stay at the Mikaso Hotel – you will love it and you will not be disappointed. I think we won the gold medal here and in the end we did not want to leave!

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Wondering where to stay in Lake Atitlan when planning your trip to this beautiful area of ​​Guatemala?

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel Guide

For those who travel on a budget, there are some expensive hotels and hostels that offer simple but comfortable accommodation.

You can also choose a guesthouse or lodge for a unique feeling during your stay.

To help you choose, I have compiled a list of our top 10 hotels in the area.

For the best prices on hotels in Lake Atitlan, visit or Agoda. We would like to use one of these places to book our rooms not only in Lake Atitlan but also in other parts of Central America and even on other continents.

The Best Dock Photography Spots Around Lake Atitlán has a wide range of hotels, motels and guesthouses to choose from. You will not miss anything in your shopping area there. The wide selection means that there are different types of accommodation with different features to suit your preferences.

Also, if you find a hotel listing any cheaper places on, they will refund you. How interesting is it? Another benefit of using is that the more you use them, the better off they will be. You can become a member of Genius and therefore be eligible for other great rewards including great discounts.

Also, Agoda is a great, easy-to-use website. They also offer some of the best prices and a wide selection of products to choose from.

They also offer Agoda Cash, which provides cash back on certain terms that allow you to save in the future!

Porta Hotel Del Lago

Luckily for you, we have included links to and Agoda in our list below. Just click on each one to check out the best shares.

As a luxury hotel in Lake Atitlan, the stay here is amazing. The large room has such a large bed. There is seating so you can relax in the house. And as a bonus, you also get a hammock in the room.

There is a solar roof outside each room. The landlord strives to make this place the best place to stay on Lake Atitlan for couples. You can make reservations for a special dinner and dinner will be served on your terrace with candles to create that romantic atmosphere. Just imagine the magnificent views of the lakes and mountains. Pure faith.

Guests can also enjoy a relaxing massage or yoga at Anzan Atitlan. Other activities include boating, cycling and horseback riding. Just minutes away are the markets and villages of Mayan that you can visit and visit. Remember to buy souvenirs to take home.

The Best Lake Atitlan Hotels To Stay In 2022

Standing on a large beautiful location with lush gardens and spectacular views, this is one of the best 5 star hotels on Lake Atitlan. This hotel offers a great place to relax. Imagine a beautiful view of the lake from your bed or bath while relaxing on a warm afternoon. Here are some great experiences that guests can enjoy while staying at Casa Prana Hotel.

The staff is amazing.

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