Best Hotels In La Fortuna

Best Hotels In La Fortuna – La Fortuna in northern Costa Rica is home to one of the country’s most powerful volcanoes, Arenal. Where there are volcanoes, there are hot springs. An entire industry has been built here around hot springs, ecotourism and outdoor excursions, and many hotels have hot springs and hot springs on site. Here are the best hot spring hotels in the area, from simple yoga under the volcano to hot springs on the island.

Tabacón was the first hot spring in the region and the only one with natural hot springs. There are many other hot springs in the area that rely on pumps to heat or heat the water mechanically, but the 18 hot springs here flow into the well by gravity and temperatures range from 25 to 50 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). to 122 degrees F. ). ‘ change. degrees F). Upper springs are warmer because they are closer to the source. Yes, you will have to wear a stupid bra like you are going to your first concert, but for the adventurous, it is a small price to pay for the many waterfalls, hot springs and the labyrinth (which abounds in Edenic. Gardens) rt hectares of forest trails that take you back to hidden waterfalls and hot springs. Remember to use the free hotel service on the way to the stream.

Best Hotels In La Fortuna

The Springs Resort and Spa in Arenal is one of the area’s top luxury picks, but the atmosphere remains laid-back and romantic. However, it’s a place for adventurous, well-dressed families, though couples can still find a place here, according to Beyoncé and Jay-Z events. The crown of spring is the huge area of ​​Club Rio, on the river, with a climbing wall, rafts and pipes inside, carriages, a zoo, and 22 different animals (you can enter the house). prison). sloths and earthlings) and several forest trails that lead to hot springs and waterfalls. Of course, the hot springs are among the highlights, with 18 hot springs ranging from 83 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where To Stay In Costa Rica

An adults-only paradise for honeymooners and celebrities seeking seclusion, Nayara Springs is packed with North American tourists lounging by the pool, in the bathroom, restaurant or in their own mansion. The 16 houses, 1,500 square meters each, are secluded retreats thanks to the clever use of vegetation and steep paths. Guests have access to in-room laundry services, limited storage (free wine and spirits), indoor and outdoor showers, and overnight parking. But the highlight is the large deck with fish roe and the swimming pool powered by hot springs. Guests may enjoy private hot springs in their cabins, but there’s an infinity pool for all guests overlooking the forest.

For a small hotel, this 54-room boutique hotel has a lot going for it: The beautiful spa has three large pools with several hot springs, some with decorative waterfalls, all filled with hot spring water. Other highlights include a beautiful pool, an outdoor bar and terrace, and an upstairs restaurant. The Royal Corin isn’t the most luxurious hotel in the area, but for the price it’s a good choice. And on clear days, the views from all the baths and parlors of the (very) nearby Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica’s most famous attraction, are breathtaking. However, the home has a slightly more modern and rustic feel than other homes in the area. Those who want to be surrounded by nature will want to stay elsewhere.

If views are your thing, the 53-room Arenal Kioro Suites and Spa is hard to beat. The hotel builders used lasers to prepare each room with the volcano, so there is no bad view in the building. Even better, there’s no chance of a future ruined view, as the hotel is located near Arenal Volcano National Park. Within the grounds, cobblestone streets lead to lush landscapes, where waterfalls connect to seven small pools filled with hot water. The main outdoor terrace combines an infinity pool, several hot springs, an all-day restaurant and bar – with panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano. This is the hotel’s main social hub, and the atmosphere is buzzing day and night, but it doesn’t always feel like a party. The nearby Royal Corin Thermal Water Spa & Resort has similar facilities and a nicer heated swimming pool, but it’s hard to beat the natural setting and volcanic views – one of the best and closest.

There are many different large and small pools, the hot springs in El Silencio del Campo are very hot, not the warm bathing water like in other springs in the area. (Plus, you won’t have to wear those silly gloves that many other hot springs require.) This tree-lined, 20-room cabin appeals to families with young children and North American retreats. Costa Rica long weekend for families and groups. Bungalows are simpler, more stylish bungalows and offer a surprising amount of privacy due to careful living. In addition to the hot springs, the hotel’s bar opens later than many nearby places, so the prices are expensive.

Nayara Springs — Hotel Review

The breath of Arenal Springs is its hot springs, a man-made waterfall with a landing where the flowing water massages your head and shoulders; large U-shaped wet counter for shower; and an affiliated sushi restaurant. The pools also have multiple floors above the main pool, allowing for different views and levels of privacy. All 90 beautiful rooms have terraces and views of the volcano, and the Master Suites feature large stone fireplaces. The hotel is centrally located between La Fortuna and the entrance to Arenal National Park, which is popular for tour buses, but less local than Hotel El Silencio.

This 11-acre 68-room resort is 10 minutes north of town at the entrance to Arenal National Park. It’s worth upgrading to the Grand Thermal Room or Junior Suite to experience one of Volcano Lodge’s biggest selling points: a private outdoor pool that guests can enjoy in their own private pool in the garden, surrounded by greenery, hot springs. . (Premium suites have terraces, but no pools.) There are hot springs and a small natural spring pool with a children’s pool and a bar right next to the restaurant leading to the restaurant. Underground hot springs are also available (instead of hot springs).

Popular with families in Costa Rica year-round, the 98-room, 1,050-acre resort water park is full of the world’s little ticos and ticos, their parents and grandparents, and the family of the world. You’ll see kids of all ages running from pool to pool (there are many pools and hot springs), and jumping off a bridge with their noses into the freezing pool, rushing into the pools. Separate hot springs, dare to beat each other. water film. There is also a cable car around the property and across the pools, including a cable car designed for young children.

This medium-sized, 66-room building resembles a city, with narrow streets and tight clusters of houses (but residents live on their own). Hot springs are the main attraction here; it has a hole for volcanic ash, but some visitors complain that the temperature is just warm, not hot (El Silencio del Campo has hot springs). The outdoor pool includes a poolside bar, an adjoining children’s pool, and landscaped areas. It has an indoor hot tub and large windows. The hotel has six treatment rooms and a sauna; Guests are offered a special spa treatment to receive all the health benefits of volcanic mud and mineral water.

The Best Hotels In Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica, For Every Traveller

The 27 hectare area is as big as the city itself, and the dairy farm operation is vital – it supplies milk to hotels and guests who appreciate milk. Freshwater and hot springs are the main and big event area – not as good as the offerings in Tabacon, but bigger in Arenal Quiro (although some are environmentally better). Hot springs in Arenal Kioro). The pools here look like they belong in a tropical resort – and with many events in warmer parts of the world, the poolside bars are a popular gathering spot. The 82-story single-story buildings lack local character, but offer plenty of privacy.

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