Best Hotels In Huaraz Peru

Best Hotels In Huaraz Peru – Huaraz is a famous town located in the middle of the famous Andes Mountains in Peru. Huaraz attracts people from all over the world with its cosmopolitan culture, hiking, biking and more! We’ve researched the best hotels in and around Huaraz and made a list for you. Find comfort and hospitality in the natural setting of this city.

Hotel El Abuelo is a comfortable, scenic three-star hotel. A short 25-minute drive from Huaraz, this will be your quiet place without going into town. As the hotel is located at an altitude of 2,650 meters (8,694 feet) above sea level, it is the perfect refuge to acclimatize before going cycling or hiking in the area. Its world-class restaurants serve top quality international and local cuisine. Enjoy local, organic flavors and flavors you’ll want to take home.

Best Hotels In Huaraz Peru

Great service, great location and warm atmosphere… What more could you ask for from a hotel? Hotel Suiza Peruana is just steps away from Huaraz’s main square, making it easy to go into town to shop, bank or dine. With the variety of rooms available, your group will find the one that suits your needs. Each room has LCD TV, cable, private bathroom and 24/7 hot water.

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Hotel Andino feels like a home away from home. Located in the Pedregal mountains in Huaraz province, visitors can enjoy the view of the White Mountains. The beauty of this place, complete with its inner and outer gardens, will blow you away. Resources are endless. Guests can enjoy the on-site lounge, games room, bar and massage parlor. With free parking, laundry services, Wi-Fi, flat screen TV and cable, it will be hard to get out of the hotel! Although Huaraz’s main square is far away, you’re sure to discover a thriving cultural city.

From bright colors to magnificent nature, lush gardens and friendly staff… Los Nogales has it all. This comfortable, eco-friendly hotel is made of adobe stone and local tiles. The restaurant serves a delicious breakfast, perfect to start the day. Feeling tired after a long day of travel? Los Nogales has you covered. Order room service and enjoy your meal in your spacious room. This impressive garden contains more than 300 plant species, including medicinal herbs from Peru that have been used for centuries. This is the quaint little hotel you expect.

In the heart of Huaraz you will find Paraiso De Las Magnolias. Its central location provides easy access to everything from grocery stores to shops. Their amazing breakfasts will be the perfect fuel before starting your travels. Guests can enjoy the warm, crackling fireplace. A great way to relax after a tiring day of hiking or sightseeing. Want to meet other travelers and beat the cold? Go to the bar! Las Magnolias is a great place to stay – whoever you are!Karen Catchpole, CWO (Editor) 2019-05-14T12:40:57-04:00January 8, 2018 &nbsp || &nbsp Posted in: Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia – Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Best…, Best Destinations, Luxury Travel || &nbsp

Two wonders of a boutique hotel in Bolivia, a dangerous tree in the mountains of Peru, a popular beach in Chile, and many hotels in South America. Welcome to the second part of our Best in Travel 2017 series, our guide to the Best Accommodations of the Year. Part 1 covers the Best Travel Events of 2017, Part 3 covers the Best Food and Drinks of the year, and Part 4 tells you about our Best Travel Gear of the year.

Top Hotels In Huaraz From $6

Best bed with a view: book a yellow room at the Cuesta Serena Boutique Hotel, a beautiful and relaxing place near Huaraz, Peru. With large windows on either side, this room offers spectacular views of the various Cordillera Blanca mountains, including Huascarán, Peru’s highest mountain, and Huascarán, the Western Hemisphere’s fourth highest mountain at 22,205 feet (6,768 meters).

Best hotel in La Paz, Bolivia: Bolivia’s capital city just got its first boutique hotel, the Hotel Atix (although a larger 53-room hotel).

Means “who does well” in Quechua) opened in La Paz in 2017. While the wooden cabins, bottled water and universal lighting are nice, the rooms are a little less than you might expect. The public space is filled with contemporary art by Bolivian artist Gastón Ugalde, the rooftop pool is gorgeous (though mostly for show) and the hotel restaurant has big ambitions. When you book directly through the hotel’s website, part of the price goes to the Alalay Foundation.

Best hotel in Santa Cruz, Bolivia: If the Atix in La Paz surprised us, the Inboccalupo in Santa Cruz surprised us too. Also opened in 2017, the hotel completes the presentation of a boutique hotel: a passionate owner with a vision of style and function of the space, playing fearlessly, with all the comforts. All twenty rooms have a different theme, including six suites that look like small rooms (National Geographic, A Clockwork Orange, The Beatles, etc.).

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Best Beach Hotel: It’s been a while since a hotel gave us a cool California beach vibe, but that’s exactly what you get at the Hotel Apacheta in Arica, Chile, with 18 rooms (all with ocean views) next to the Pacific Ocean. Revolving around the foundation, this hotel, opened in 2015, features simple pine wood, wooden furniture, unchanging colors and strong corners that together form many summer houses.

Best local hotel: Cabañas Umajalanta is 15 minutes from the Bolivian town of Totoro, the entrance to Totoro National Park. Opened in 2014, it is a public project run by the Swiss NGO Tupiza Tours. It offers three rooms with two bedrooms that can sleep three people, including private bathrooms, bright spaces that create warmth, good views, and comfortable beds (240Bs, about $35 with breakfast). Locals built the place and all the furniture and only locals are employed, which benefits many local families. Even if you don’t stay here, you’ll pass by here on your way to the Ciudad Itas area of ​​the park, so stop by for a delicious lunch (30Bs, about $4.50).

Best room from 1779: Estancia Las Carreras, part of a 22,240-acre (9,000-hectare) working dairy farm in Tafí de Valle, Argentina, has only 10 rooms. Room 10 is in a building built by the Jesuits in 1779. It has bamboo, thatched and thatched roofs, original tiled floors and thick walls, but is far from cloistered. Estancia Las Carreras has been owned by the same family for 10 generations and its current owners have ensured that even this historic home has a modern bathroom and fireplace.

Estancia el Bordeaux de las Lanzas near Salta was built in 1609 and is one of the oldest.

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Best room since 1609: Estancia el Bordeaux de las Lanzas, near Salta, in the north of Argentina, is one of the oldest rooms.

(farms) in Argentina. Parts of the building date back to 1609, and the rooms here are part museum, part hotel, but not boring thanks to the cheerful and modern family who run the place. Preserving history, they welcome the best guests with good food and generous service.

Best break: Located between Samaipata and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Refugio Los Volcanes Eco Lodge is located near Amboro National Park in a setting that reminds us of Yosemite Valley. All these sun retreats are so remote that there is no phone or WiFi service. Get outside and hit the trails, look for vultures, swim in waterfalls, and enjoy good, honest food served by longtime workers from a nearby village.

Despite its recent arrival, Hotel B in Lima is still the most luxurious hotel in Peru.

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Best Hotel in Peru: The variety and quality of hotels in Peru continues to improve, and we stayed at some of the best hotels in the country during our nearly 18-month trip in Peru. Despite the increasing competition, Hotel B, which opened in Lima in 2013, maintains its top position. The building is full of craftsmanship and craftsmanship, and the craftsmanship cannot be beat. It is also a Relais & Chateaux facility and its passion for food can even be seen in the breakfast bar. Search for new rooms and amenities, including a pool, starting in 2018.

Best value for money: You can find cheap digs in Huaraz, Peru. However, we doubt you’ll find better value than Villa Valencia Hotel and Bungalows. They are 10 minutes from the center of Huaraz.

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