Best Hotels In Guadalupe Valley

Best Hotels In Guadalupe Valley – Valle de Guadalupe has recently been on our radar thanks to its unique hotels, amazing restaurants and endless wineries. A short 45-minute inland drive from Ensenada or a 2-hour drive south of San Diego, Valle de Guadalupe is an easy drive (by yourself or a car service) and enjoys a mild year-round climate. Visit in August for the grape harvest festival, October for warm days and cool nights, or January and February for cooler temperatures and smaller crowds.

The 22-story Encuentro Guadalupe building is located in the heart of the Guadalupe Valley. The view of the mountains and vineyards is a complete contrast to this modern, minimalist building. Enjoy a glass of wine as you return to the natural grounds of Encuentro Guadalupe.

Best Hotels In Guadalupe Valley

Relax in Broome, a hotel in harmony with nature. Enter a winery built around a 300-year-old oak tree designed by renowned wine designer Mexican architect Alejandro D’Acosta.

Hotel Boutique Valle De Guadalupe Ensenada Updated 2022 Room Price Reviews & Deals

Finca La Carrodilla has a vegetable garden, four cows, six sheep, two dozen chickens and forty thousand vines. They make four varieties of wine under the direction of winemaker Gustavo González. As a certified organic vineyard, Finca La Carrodilla produces wine using biodynamic agriculture and agricultural sustainability. Enjoy a glass of Chenin Blanc and enjoy the view of the valley.

This bridge hotel reinvents the art of camping. Call one of their ten bridges on the weekend and surround yourself with the vineyards of the region. Each bridge is equipped with a private bathroom and a full-size bed, which takes luxury to the next level.

A 45-minute drive from Valledan, Corazon de Tierra offers fresh local cuisine, which means the menu changes depending on the availability of ingredients from their garden and small local producers. Rustic, eclectic and modern decor blends with the natural environment.

Farm La Lomita was built by moving stones from one place to another. All their wines are made from their own grapes, giving you that quality. With seven different wines, Hacienda La Lomita gives you the ultimate wine tasting experience. After exploring their collection, enjoy their wooden service.

Valle De Guadalupe Is The Napa Valley Of Mexico

Make yourself at home in this rustic-style hotel perched on a hill in the Guadalupe Valley. 70 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, rows of lavender and mountains will allow you to immerse yourself in nature in luxury. With only six rooms, you can experience wine country in private.

Decantos Vinicola has 50 hectares of dry-farmed Carignan vineyards, which means you can enjoy wine tasting while enjoying panoramic views of the valley. Enjoy their three wine lines (Young, Reserve and Premium), modern architecture, two lakes and an underground wine cellar with 360 barrels.

This wine is more than just wine. Designed by architect Alejandro D’Acosta, Clos de Tres Cantos features walls made of concrete, recycled furniture and used wine bottles. For those who appreciate good design aesthetics, drink wine creatively.

Come for the tacos, stay for the grapevine view. One of four Baja Med restaurants, this Guadalupe Valley restaurant features original and fresh ingredients.

Places You Must Stay In Valle De Guadalupe And Ensenada

The ranch is located under a 100 year old oak tree with a wonderful view of the wine country. Chef Oscar Torres, who has worked under Michelin-starred chefs, draws global inspiration from his work, including Mediterranean, Indian and Middle Eastern influences.

Enjoy fresh food from Viña de Frannes wine. With three distinct wine lines, Douz, Legat and Pater, this winery is developed under the direction of Michel Rolland. Don’t forget to check out their shop where you can take home one of their wines or their specialty olive oil and olives.

Enjoy Mexican cuisine at Fauna Restaurant in Bruma. Chef David Castro Hesson and baker Maribel Aldaco Silva make up the duo of this culinary place. Enjoy china, sandwiches and chocolate dessert.

Finca Altozano is home to famous Mexican chef Javier Placencia. The menu is faithful to the Guadalupe Valley, with dishes sourced from local ingredients from the garden, the sea and nearby farms. We recommend starting with the ahi tostada and the octopus.

Desert Hotels For Your Vacation Bucket List

Finca La Divina is designed to live in harmony with nature. Each of the three bedrooms has a living room with fireplace, terrace, kitchen, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

This seasonal menu offers four to eight courses of fresh foods that complement the Baja California region. All ingredients are sourced from local farms and Laja’s garden. One of the most popular dishes is Vuelve al la Vida: sea urchin, lime, coriander, cucumber and smoked corn.

Hailed as “Mexico’s premier winery,” Vena Cava provides a complete wine experience. Become part of their wine club and get access to their pre-release wines, invite to exclusive tastings and buy special project wines before they are released to the public. A true wine dream.

The boutique hotel is located in the heart of Baja Wine Country. Their four modern rustic rooms are sustainably designed and overlook the valley. Enjoy a relaxing massage or sample regional wines.

An Unexpected Wine Sanctuary In Baja California

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Cabañas Valle De Guadalupe, La Amplación

Decorated in a modern style, the rooms have a minimalist interior and a balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the valley. The accommodation is not accessible by car. The air-conditioned rooms have a seating area and an iPod docking station. The private bathrooms have a shower and towels.

Encuentro Guadalupe guests will be transported in private vehicles. Bath and massage services are also available. Friendly staff can provide information on nearby tourist attractions.

The Domecq vineyards are 2 km from Encuentro Guadalupe, and the Museum of Wine and Environment is 10 minutes away.

Decorated in a modern style, this room has a minimalist interior, a seating area, a balcony with floor-to-ceiling windows and a private bathroom with a shower. This includes a music system.

Top Hotels In Valle De Guadalupe From $66

Reservation and prepayment policies vary by room type. Please enter the length of your stay and check which conditions apply to the room you require.

Please note that weekend bookings require a minimum stay of 2 nights. Guests must show a photo ID and credit card upon check-in. Please note that all special requests are subject to additional charges.

Best price guarantee on our website. When you arrive at Hotel Encuentro Guadalupe, make your reservation here. If you find a better price on sites like, Expedia or, contact us via the Contact tab on our page and we will increase the rate by 10%.

If you have any questions about the facilities or services offered at Hotel Encuentro Guadalupe, please contact our Guest Services Department prior to making your reservation, where an agent will be happy to answer any questions.

Top 5 Best Hotel Valle De Guadalupe

Great location Amazing views Very quiet and peaceful Enjoyed the free wine tasting. The pool was great The food was delicious and not expensive Excellent service Very unique ride in the minibus and use of the station

I want to be very careful with the comments, because this facility can meet the expectations of a certain customer who is looking for a solo vacation in an official foreign ecological reserve. To get to our “pod” location (Chapter 16), we had to climb a steep mountain for about a kilometer and then take six (six!) detours on a rough, somewhat treacherous dirt road. before reaching our department. You can only move in the dark with a strong light source, and then there is still the risk of tripping and falling. You should always have a flashlight with you when you are there. When we first entered the unit at 5pm, we had to keep our coats on as the temperature dropped significantly in the early March evening and the only source of heat was a small rotary heater. . We never got a chance to test drive the van. The floor is bare concrete, the bathroom is small and the only source of communication is a cell phone

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